4 Sexual Health and Wellness Apps That Women Should Know

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4 Sexual Health and Wellness Apps That Women Should Know

Up until recently, the importance of sexual health was often overlooked by people. It could be because the topic is quite sensitive and embarrassing, especially for conservative people. For instance, we have been using mobile apps to improve our health. However, most of these apps focus more on physical health. There are apps for tracking how much sleep or exercise you get or how much calories, vitamins, and minerals you intake. 

Now, things are different. The importance of sexual wellness is finally acknowledged. How you take care of your sex life no longer need to live in your deepest secrets. There is no shame in consuming or purchasing products like sex dolls and other sexual health care products, wherein those actions will guarantee weird looks before. 

This also led to the advent of sexual wellness apps. It cannot be done in the past, but now, smartphones can be used to keep better tabs on our sexual health. Some apps will make you enjoy sex better, while other apps can help solve your sexual problems.

Here are four useful sexual health apps that we found.


4 Sexual Health and Wellness Apps That Women Should Know

Let us start this list with a boom! Lioness is the world’s first and only smart vibrator. The sex toy connects to a mobile app that analyzes your orgasm. 

Reaching orgasm is the end goal of any sexual activity. It is the feeling of intense pleasure that brings people ecstasy. Orgasm is the epitome of satisfaction. The more intense the orgasm, the more enjoyable it is. 

Lioness helps you explore how to achieve your best orgasms by showing you what factors affect your level of sexual arousal. The vibrator syncs with the mobile app and displays data on an easy-to-read chart. The sensors retrieve these data by monitoring pelvic floor movements. The level of pressure is identified by the contracting and relaxing of vaginal and/or anal muscles. 

With the help of Lioness, you can self-experiment and discover things that you like. It will also help you identify if something like coffee or alcohol, for example, will make your climax better or worse. As Lioness’ tagline says, “Practice Makes Pleasure!”


4 Sexual Health and Wellness Apps That Women Should Know

Are you not fully satisfied with the sex you and your partner are having? Do you want to explore more? If your answer is yes, then can you say it to your partner? Probably not.

In a sexual relationship, it is essential that both party’s needs are met and fulfilled. However, telling your partner that you want more could be a little awkward. Thankfully, there is an app that you can use to see where your sexual desires overlap. 

XConfessions act like Tinder or any other dating app. You swipe right if you like what you are seeing, then swipe left if you do not. The difference is, you are not searching for a partner in XConfessions – you already have one. Instead, the app will show both of you different activities and fetishes. You browse through those, and whenever you and your partner swiped right on the same thing – a match, you will get notified. 

The app XConfessions serves as an avenue to give consent on what your partner can do to you while in bed – or the shower. The best thing is, they will never know about the things you disagreed on. Say, maybe you want to include a sex doll or a third member in your escapades. If you did not get a match notification for that activity, chances are, your partner is not in for it. This feature saves you from embarrassing conversations.

XConfessions helps you have a healthier sex life as a couple. 


4 Sexual Health and Wellness Apps That Women Should Know

Ruby is an overall sexual health tracker for women. It caters to women with questions about their sexuality and sexual health. Ruby discusses things like period cycles, birth control, sexual preferences and even flirting. Basically, everything a woman has to know about sex.

Furthermore, Ruby can be used to track sexual encounters and how satisfactory they are. This information is taken in relation to different factors like periods. 

Ruby also has a community tab filled with other women who are ready to answer any sexual and reproductive health questions you might have. For these reasons, Ruby by Glow is a must-have.


4 Sexual Health and Wellness Apps That Women Should Know

Dipsea is an app filled to the brim with erotic stories – both for straights and genderqueers.

 The purpose of this app is to help you tap into your sexual powers. What that means is it lets you explore things that turn you on. 

The 10 – 20 minute erotic audio stories are expertly crafted to give you arousal. These narratives are guaranteed to give you ideas of new things you can do the next time you have sex. They increase your libido and keep your sexual excitement going. 

You can also use the stories, which also include sound effects aside from character voice-overs, to enhance your self-pleasuring sessions. It keeps your “me time” more imaginative.

Aside from these sexually stimulating tales, Dipsea features an educational program. You can find guides on the app, which range from how to flirt to masturbation guides to fundamentals of sex to basics of BDSM. Dipsea also has an erotic body mapping feature you can use to find the spots in your body that will give you pleasure. Last but not least, there are games you and your partner can enjoy. These games will help you understand each other’s desires even more. 

Your sexual health is as crucial to your well-being as the physical, mental and emotional aspects. It is your responsibility to take good care of it. In doing so, you can use these useful mobile apps. They help you discover your desires and bring you mind-blowing pleasure. 

Though the apps are great, it is still highly encouraged that you visit sex coaches and therapists to have more active and personalized sexual health support. These people can be more effective in identifying and solving your sexual issues. 

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