A Categorized List of the Best Male Sex Toys

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A Categorized List for the Best Male Sex Toys

When sex toys are first introduced in the market, most of the products are targeted towards men. And even when sex toys for women grew in popularity, the development of new toys for big boys did not stop. The non-stop research and production caused the abundance of such products in the market. Some products make self-pleasuring sessions more fun, and some help to make sex with a partner more exciting. There are also toys for non-heteronormative men. 

The problem with this is, as there are so many to choose from, it is harder to make a choice. Do not worry! Here is a list of the best male sex toys on the market. The products are also categorized depending o their purpose, so searching for the product for you will be easier. If the featured product does not suit you, do not fret. Alternatives are also provided on this list. 

With that out of the way, let’s get the list started.

Best Non-Vibrating Male Masturbator

Let us start with the most straightforward products. Artificial vaginas are products made to increase pleasure during solo play. As the name suggests, they are models after real vagina, mimicking how it feels to be in them. While products that vibrate are generally more popular because of the added sensation, some men prefer to keep things as close to the natural experience as possible. If you are one of those men, then here is the product for you.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

A Categorized List for the Best Male Sex Toys

Ask any guy about what sex toy they would recommend, and they will tell you Fleshlight. Even those who are not into sex toys have heard the name. Fleshlight has the reputation of making quality products that make men feel good.

The Stamina Training Unit is one of their best-selling products. It is designed to replicate the intense sensation of intercourse. They imitate the tightness and texture of a real vagina. When it comes to masturbators, this product will bring you an experience as close to sex as it can be. You can use STU to practice your love-making techniques. Moreover, as the product’s name implies, it helps you last longer in bed. – which, let us admit it, is a common problem for men. That said, do not use it if you want a quick session.

While the Stamina Training Unit cannot give you quick release, it guarantees you a very pleasurable experience. It also helps you gain more confidence when it comes to sex, which only a few other toys do.

Tenga Flip Hole

A Categorized List for the Best Male Sex Toys

Maybe you do not want a masturbator that purposely makes the session longer. In that case, Tenga Flip Hole could be the best for you. They are the world’s first flip-open reusable pleasure item that meets hygiene needs for a product used for masturbation. Cleaning them is very easy. 

However, the most interesting feature of the Tenga Flip Hole is the three buttons that it has. This can throw you off but do not worry, Flip Hole is not powered, and it does not vibrate. What these buttons do is they let you control the vacuum pressure, which leads to more stimulation.

Best Modern Masturbator

These are artificial vaginas with additional features, like vibrators, to bring forth new sexual sensations for the user. 

Pulse SOLO Essential

A Categorized List for the Best Male Sex Toys

This product from Hot Octopus is the best toy to use for a hands-free orgasm. It uses their PulsePlate Technology™ to deliver powerful, high-amplitude oscillations that are sure to entertain you. The best thing is, you can even use Pulse Solo even when you are flaccid. It makes it perfect for men who have trouble getting or keeping an erection. 

You can choose from six different vibration settings. The vibrations focus on the frenulum, which is the sensitive underside of the penis behind the head. It leads to an intense orgasm. No other male masturbator does this. 

If you don’t feel like doing the work yourself, you can add lube and use Pulse Solo as a regular masturbator.

Satisfyer Men Heat and Vibration Masturbator

A Categorized List for the Best Male Sex Toys

The Satisfyer is a unique toy that uses heat and vibration to deliver sexual gratification. Unlike other masturbators, which you use through stroking, it sits over the head of the penis. Then, through its selection of 3 heat settings and 70 vibration functions, it will give you the pleasure that can make you close your eyes and grunt in delight. 

Best Prostate Massager

Prostate Massagers are insertables that stimulate the “male G-spot” or the “P-spot.” to achieve a stronger orgasm. 

Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager

A Categorized List for the Best Male Sex Toys

If you are into P-spot stimulation, this toy may be best for you. Be warned, however, that this is not a toy for beginners.

The Duke has three sections that stimulate the prostate gland, the inner walls on the anus, and the perineum all at once. These are all highly-sensitive erogenous zones. So, simultaneous stimulation will bring you nothing but heavenly pleasure. 

Svakom Vick Neo 

A Categorized List for the Best Male Sex Toys

This toy is more starter-friendly than the first option. Svakom Vick Neo is simpler in design and easier to use. It stimulates both the prostate and the perineum, so intense orgasms are achieved. The ergonomic design of the product lets it adopt your anatomy. This means that you can insert the toy more comfortably since they fit perfectly. Moreover, the Vick Neo has a remote control which means you can adjust the settings without losing much time for your pleasure session. 

Best Blowjob Machines/Masturbators

In the past, companies had trouble recreating oral sex experiences. But thanks to advancements in technology, toys that mimic the sensation are now available in the market.

Autoblow AI

A Categorized List for the Best Male Sex Toys

This toy is highly regarded as the best blowjob machine. The Autoblow is a sex toy that uses Artificial Intelligence to recreate the sensation of oral sex. Its AI was made to analyze 1000 hours of blowjob videos to understand the movements that occur during the process. With that, they were able to recreate ten different blowjob experiences with ten different speeds for each. And if that is not impressive for you yet, the tenth setting uses machine learning. With it, you will never get the same experience twice. 

It is still not an exact mimicry of the authentic experience, but it is the closest to achieving that.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

A Categorized List for the Best Male Sex Toys

This is similar to a regular fleshlight, but instead of replicating a vagina, it copies the mouth. There are three sections that represent the lips, the tongue, and the throat. The lips and the tongue parts hold to your penis snugly. Meanwhile, the throat part is narrower than the first two entrances. Use this feature to recreate the sensation of being deep-throated. You can play with these three entrances however you want to. 

Sex toys add a lot to sexual activities. They can be used in both partnered and solo play to make the experience even better. Whatever you may need, there will be at least one sex toy that is right for you. 

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