A Customer’s Guide in Choosing the Right Sex Dolls

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A Customer's Guide in Choosing the Right Sex Dolls

Recently, one of the most controversial topics that have gained increasing attention is the undeniable increase in the demands for sex dolls. According to surveys from its users, these sex dolls are said to be more than outlets for sex. Aside from giving great sexual satisfaction, they also offer companionship, friendship, and love with their so-called “doll lovers,” who are mostly aged men. 

Of course, there are tons of reasons why sex dolls are being popular in the industry. It is already given that sex dolls are meant to spice up those lonely cold nights. But for some users, sex dolls can also help in dealing with their mental health problems. Apparently, there are some men who fear having a personal relationship with real women because they are afraid of rejections and all. This is mostly true for men who have insecurities with how they look. They tend to choose sex dolls because they feel more secured and, at the same time, sexually gratified.

Different Types of Sex Dolls You Shouldn’t Miss

Along with the current technology advancement, sex doll makers continue to develop units that go on with trends. Besides, the demands for sex dolls have diversified over the years. Hence, factories consistently work on producing different types of sex dolls to satisfy the overall needs of the customers. 

Lifelike Sex Dolls

When looking for close to real features of a woman, lifelike sex dolls are a great choice. What’s even more amazing is that this type of doll can smile, speak, moan, and it can also remember your birthday. A recent study says that lifelike dolls became highly-demanded during the spread of COVID-19, where quarantines and social distancing are being implemented. 

Mini Size Sex Dolls

These tiny dolls are meant for those who prefer smaller and easy to use sex partners. Also, these are commonly purchased by most men who want to keep their fondness of sex dolls from their real-life partners and relatives. They can be conveniently stored in small spaces like cabinets and even under your bed.

Sex Doll Storsos

These sex dolls looks like a lifelike sex doll but without arms and legs. But this doesn’t mean that it won’t give you an intense sex experience because it is still equipped with the important parts, including a real-like vagina. Thus, they can totally give you that oozing sexual feeling you always wanted.

Anime Sex Dolls

Perfect for all the anime lovers out there, these sex dolls will not just save your boring nights, but it can also satisfy your love for your favorite anime characters. These are made with silicone materials that completely resemble the looks of your ultimate anime crush, giving you that fever pitch erotic feels!

Male Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are not just for men! So why settle for a typical dildo when you can get yourself a lifelike doll. Male sex dolls are perfect for women who crave a penis while being away from their partners. This horny gratifying sex doll can surely take your sex experience to the highest level possible, and that would be heaven, right?

Sex Dolls for Couples

Plunge into a new world of sexual pleasure with your partner by adding a sex doll in your every sex. These sex dolls come in an incredible array of quality you’d love forever! This type of dildo is perfect for couples who wish to level up their sexual experience as it features a real-like body of a human. Surely, every single part of your newest favorite sex doll is a promise of ultimate sexual pleasure with your partner!

AI Sex Dolls

There’s nothing more intimate and satisfying by having a responsive and heavenly sex companion, right? Thanks to modern technological advancements, the coming years will be filled with AI sex dolls for those who want to enjoy a more realistic, personal, and delightful experience than with typical sex dolls. These AI dolls come with responsive head, eyes, mouth, and lip movements that you can forget that they are dolls.

Things You Need to Consider in Getting a Quality Sex Doll

When looking for a sex doll, considering a lot of things is important. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on poor quality, right? So make sure that you completely understand what an authentic sex doll should be so you can avoid any regrets in the end. Aside from that, you should trust a store that has been known to provide authentic and safe sex dolls. 

The first thing to consider is you need to determine your budget. As sex dolls vary in models and materials, they also vary in prices. Hence, you need to consider your bank account before you p[roceed with shopping for your new sex doll. For instance, if you want a full-bodied sex toy, you need to be ready with a more pricey amount. On the other hand, if you only have a limited budget, you can go for a torso doll or a small size sex doll.

The next thing to do is to spend some time on researching the different types of sex dolls like the ones mentioned above. With that, you can determine what type is perfect for your needs, and you can already imagine yourself enjoying nights with your new sex partner. Also, you need to consider the size that you would like to acquire. Luckily, sex dolls are available in different sizes to satisfy everyone’s preferences. Aside from that, it is best if you consider the design and looks of your sex doll. You can choose from plain to ultra-realistic designs that feature more defined facial structures, skin color, and even real-life hair.

Additionally, whatever design or size you choose, it is very important to consider the maintenance of the sex doll. If you’re too lazy when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing the vagina part, make sure you get yourself a doll that does not require intensive labor. You can choose a doll with removable vaginas but remember, they are less realistic than those with built-in ones. 

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