A Manufacturer’s Attempt To Replace Sex Dolls’ Shady Image

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A Manufacturer’s Attempt To Replace Sex Dolls’ Shady Image

Sex doll users are often judged as sex-craved people. In reality, love dolls are also admired for other purposes other than sex.

Japan’s oldest active manufacturer of blowup dolls, the Orient Industry, is on a journey to help sex dolls be appreciated for their aesthetic value. Looking at their beauty can help people understand why some users are so into them. There are many more stories about Orient Industry and their products than just the sexual bits.

A Manufacturer’s Attempt To Replace Sex Dolls’ Shady Image

Everything You Need To Know About Orient Industry

Three years prior, in an exhibition of the Orient Industry in celebration of their 40th anniversary, 10,000 visitors came up to witness the products’ splendor. Sex dolls are not normalized in society as of the moment, but they sure are already popular. However, for the oldest sex doll brand in Japan, things were difficult and pressed

The 40-year Long History

Roughly about 43 years ago, in 1977, Hideo Tsuchiya established the sex doll brand Orient Industry. The company is based in Tokyo’s Ueno district, and it has a factory in Katsushika Ward. As of the moment, the team is composed of talented makeup artists and face sculptors, and most of the staff are art school graduates.

Tsuchiya was initially a sex shop owner before Orient Industry was established. However, he did not stay as a supplier for long. What changed his mind are countless complaints from his customers. According to them, the inflatable latex sex dolls are not durable enough and gets punctured easily. He took the demands for a sturdier product as an opportunity to set up his own business. Therefore, he sold his shop to build what is now known as Japan’s oldest sex doll brand, and the rest is history.

Prices and Sales

Annually, Orient Industry gets around 2,000 orders in the country. Just like the majority of the latest sex dolls in the worldwide market, their products are made of high-quality silicone that feels soft rather than stiff like plastic or some other cheap material. The joints are fully flexible, making the doll infinitely posable. Details such as the hair and lashes are carefully placed to imitate the appearance of an actual person. They also come with removable heads and genitals. With the exemplary quality that the company promises, it is not shocking that the price ranges from ¥262,440 to ¥685,000.

Diversity in Costumers

Back then, in February of 2017, the Japan Family Planning Association surveyed to get data on the state of married couples in the country. It was revealed that almost 50% have not engaged with their partners sexually for more than a month. It was also disclosed that sexlessness in Japan is continually rising.

For men, 35.2% indicated stress and exhaustion from their professional life as the top reasons for their indifference to sex. Meanwhile, 22.3% of women regarded lovemaking as a bother, and thus, they oftentimes refuse to do the deed. As a result, even married couples purchase love dolls to satisfy their needs that are not met due to their lover’s lack of interest in sex.

A Manufacturer’s Attempt To Replace Sex Dolls’ Shady Image

In terms of age, there is quite a vast scope, as well. The majority of the customers are over 40 years old that are seeking more intimacy and warmth. Some clients are already in their 70s or 80s. They are mostly widows that feel lonely after losing their lifelong partners. However, some are merely in their 20s.

Although the majority buy sex dolls for obvious reasons, there are still people that merely want to admire the aesthetic value of the product. They are purchased by people who would like to capture their beauty in a photo. Some go through an extra step and make blogs about how life is with a sex doll. Some customers buy the product to display them in their shops.

The Renowned Beauty of Products

Back when Orient Industry just started the business, the dolls look nothing more than mannequins. Their products are indeed relatively more attractive after they started making use of silicone in 2001, but not much effort is dedicated to aesthetic purposes. Now, the company boasts several employees that are skilled in molding and grooming faces. By using materials of better quality as well, they were able to manufacture sex dolls that are barely recognizable from actual humans.

Orient Industry is known for its proficiency in creating their gorgeous masterpieces. It has come to the point that their products have been subjects in photobooks and exhibits. Noted photographers have reached out, such as Laurie Simmons and Kishin Shinoyama, among many. This validation of sex dolls from the art world has also helped shift the opinions of other people into a positive note.

Involvements in Controversies

As the oldest manufacturer of sex dolls in Japan, it is no wonder that they have faced numerous criticisms, especially in this kind of industry. They were targeted after releasing a range of dolls that have a child-like appearance. They are 136 cm tall and are dressed the way kids are, like school gym gear, for instance.

A Manufacturer’s Attempt To Replace Sex Dolls’ Shady Image

In their defense, the customers that are attracted to kids should only be arrested if they have done anything to harm actual children. After all, acting upon sexual desires towards minors is considered illegal in Japan and everywhere else in the world. According to them, their products can even be their outlet and can, at some point, act as a restriction. However, there are counterarguments to that as well. After all, assault towards children is a crime, and practicing it on a doll that looks like one is probably not going to help at all.


Despite being Japan-based, Orient Industry caters to customers worldwide. They have an English website where people overseas can browse their offers. Due to that, the firm is also included in the globally competitive market, and artificial intelligence (AI) is its most recent advancement. However, they prefer to stick to their expertise, which is creating dolls that are well-known for looking unbelievably realistic.

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