A Sex Doll That Looks Like Short-Haired Katy Perry

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A Sex Doll That Looks Like Short-haired Katy Perry

No one would disagree with the statement that Katy Perry is among the most popular singers today. That’s because it is a fact. At the time of this writing, she is number 14 on songkicker.com’s most famous singer in the world right now – celebrity list. She is also number 14 on raker.com’s list. Ask anyone from this generation who sang Firework, Teenage Dream, or Dark Horse, and they will surely know the answer.  

Katy Perry’s talent in singing captured the attention of the people. But that isn’t the only thing that made people fall in love with her. This pop-rock singer is also very attractive.

Her stunning looks make her fanboys want to see her naked in their bed. Sadly, the gap between a regular guy and Katy Perry is as wide as the gap between the land and the sky. She is way out of reach. 

But don’t get disheartened yet, because there is one thing you can do to fulfill your sex-with-Katy-Perry-fantasies. You can buy a sex doll that looks almost like her. Unfortunately, because of ethical reasons, there aren’t any real Katy Perry sex dolls. But, there are ones that have a striking resemblance to the artist. With a little bit of customization and a sprinkle of imagination, you can make one look like the popular singer. Yes, even after that, the love doll is still not Katy Perry. But sometimes, we just have to make do with what we can get. Just think about this. The sex doll will make you feel like you are having sex with the artist better than your hands or fleshlight can. 

Here are two sex dolls that look like short-haired Katy Perry. Among the thousands of sex doll models out there, they are your best choices.


A Sex Doll That Looks Like Short-haired Katy Perry

Get a picture of Katy Perry with short hair, then put that picture and the picture of this sex doll side to side. They look very similar. Amazing, right?

This sex doll looks like she was made to be in center stage, just like Katy Perry. She has alluring eyes, a lovely nose, and kissable lips. Her face shape is nice too. And that’s not all. Below Gilly’s neck, there is nothing but sexiness. 

Gilly has a glorious pair of E-cup breasts. These breasts aren’t too big nor too flat; they’re perfectly sized. That means they are the right size according to her hip and waist size – they don’t look unnatural. And if you look at Katy Perry’s breasts, they are actually like that. Your eyes, palms, and even your mouth will surely love them. 

Traversing further down her body, you’ll find her cute pussy. It looks so good and realistic that you would want to discover how being inside it feels ASAP. And since it is realistic both from the outside and the inside, you will not be disappointed. This short-haired Katy Perry sex doll’s vagina is 7 inches deep. Also, it is as tight as the real thing. There is no negative thing you can say about it. All that would come from you are praises for how great and satisfied it makes you feel. 

Now, if you turn your Gilly around, you will see her fine and defined ass. It will make you want to enter her from there. And that, you can do as this Katy Perry look-alike sex doll has anal sex capabilities. Her anal cavity is 6 inches deep. As with real people, the internal structure of this hole is different from the internal structure of Gilly’s vagina. They aren’t the same orifices put in different spots of the sex doll’s body. So, you can expect realistic anal sex experiences.

How about her mouth? Does it have an orifice you can use too? Yes, it does, and it is 5.1 inches deep. 

With this sex doll, you can have fantastic sex with Katy Perry. Yes, it is play pretend, but it is the closest thing to the real thing you can get. 


A Sex Doll That Looks Like Short-haired Katy Perry

This petite blonde sex doll is like a mini Katy Perry – she looks very similar to her, except she’s smaller. With Blaire’s youthful looks, you can consider her the younger version of the singer. 

Blaire is really, really pretty. Her face and body are like art; one can’t help but appreciate them. And appreciate her – maybe even worship her, you will.

This 5 foot 1 inch tall Katy Perry look-alike sex doll can please you with her vagina, mouth, and anus. She will sing you a song using your penis as the mic. You will love the music you two will be making. 

And speaking of sounds, you will find great satisfaction from the noise that will come out from spanking her fine ass. And, of course, the sound generated from the slapping of your bodies will excite you too. Combined with her anus and vagina, which are both 6.7 inches deep, these things will make you very high on pleasure. 

Has it been mentioned that this sex doll is skinny? Do you know what that means? It means that she is lightweight. Blaire is only 26 kilograms, in fact. With that weight, you can easily put her into different positions. So, dominating Katy Perry in doggy style or having her ride and bounce on you is easily achievable. Her articulated steel skeleton also contributes to making that possible. 

The material Blair is made of is also worth a mention. This A-cup Katy Perry-looking sex doll is a TPE sex doll. That is why her skin is as soft and supple as human skin. It will make you forget that you are not with an actual person but with a sex doll. So, imagining Blaire as Katy Perry is super easy. She just feels so much like a real woman. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take this sex doll home so that you can make Katy Perry your Valentine every February.

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