A Sex Doll Version of OnlyFans Superstar Belle Delphine Exists

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A Sex Doll Version of OnlyFans Superstar Belle Delphine Exist

Yes. You read that right! A sex doll that looks similar to Belle Delphine exists. It is unclear if she gave consent for its creation, but the “Silicon Wives Exclusive” tag on the dolls page may indicate that that is the case. Anyway, she earns money from people paying to see her do erotic things. She will likely not mind.

If you want to learn more about her sex doll replica, then hop on! This blog will tell you all the information you need.

A Sex Doll Version of OnlyFans Superstar Belle Delphine Exist

OnlyFans as a Platform for Sex Workers

The platform OnlyFans serves as an avenue for content creators to earn money. They can post all sorts of photos and videos on the platform, and only those who paid for the subscription get to access them. 

In a way, the platform is similar to Youtube – a social media network where creators can also monetize their content. The difference is, OnlyFans is more private and less strict. This nature of OnlyFans made it a popular choice for sex workers. Then unlike in pornography sites, sex workers can succeed in OnlyFans even without the help of a professional studio.

Another advantage of OnlyFans over porn sites is that it allows content creators and fans to connect. Subscribers can send messages and requests to their idols and expect a response. So, they have input on the content of the page. There is a higher possibility that they will see what they want to see. 

Think of Bella Delphine. Will she be as successful as she is right now if she did not have the ability to talk to her fans? Probably, yes, but it would take a lot of time before that happens. Considering that she would be competing with a ton of already known porn actresses, her rise to fame would be slower. It highlights the importance of the ability to interact with the fans. 

Now, enough of that. You are not here to learn more about OnlyFans. Rather, you are here for Belle and the sex toy that looks like her. So, let us proceed.

Belle Delphine

A lot happened in her career before she found her place in Only fans. She had Youtube and Tiktok accounts, but they were terminated due to multiple violations of the platforms’ policies. 

A Sex Doll Version of OnlyFans Superstar Belle Delphine Exist

For a time, Belle also teased her fans with clickbait videos. In an Instagram post she made in June 2019, she announced that if she can reach one million likes, she will create a Pornhub account. Pornhub rejoiced after hearing this, saying it is the best news they ever had in that year. Her IG post quickly reached the 1 million mark, and as promised, she made a Pornhub account. She even became the most searched celebrity on the platform.

Belle uploaded 12 videos on her account. However, except for the video titles, nothing is sexual about her videos. They are all misleading, which made fans disappointed. The videos were very poorly received, that the number of dislikes heavily outweighed the number of likes. 

It seems like Belle learned about her mistake. She also saw her potential as a sex worker. So, after a break, she started posting explicit content on her Twitter account. Then, on Christmas of 2020, as a present to her OnlyFans subscribers, she went all out and released a hardcore porn video with her boyfriend. 

Since then, she has been posting Not Safe For Work content, and she is succeeding at it. In a video with Youtube celebrity Logan Paul, she revealed that she has been earning 1 million dollars a month through the platform. According to other earners in OnlyFans, that is twice as much as average. 

With the number of people that fancy her, the demand for sex dolls that look like her is understandably high. With that out of the way, we can finally proceed to the part you are most excited for.

Silicon Wives Belle: OnlyFans Sex Doll Review

There are many sex dolls in the market that looks like Belle Delphine. Silicon Wives version is among one of, if not the best. 

The name Belle and the tag OnlyFans Sex Doll scream that it is actually an imitation of the star. How often would those two things, along with a pink-haired girl, associate with each other? We cannot find a statement or a post where Belle talked about the sex doll, though it is safe to assume she is okay with its existence. 

Controversies and possible lawsuits aside, the sex doll is almost an exact copy. For starters, the doll has the same cute facial feature and the sly smile that the real Belle possesses. She even wears cat ears in her photos. That could be a direct reference to the “weird elf kitty girl” aesthetic Belle Delphine is going for.

Body Proportions/ Measurements

Next, the sex doll’s proportions are almost identical to the real thing. The Belle doll is listed to have a bust size of 32 inches, a waist of 21 inches, and hips of 34 inches. Meanwhile, according to the biography posted by Celebmezzo.com, the real Belle has bust, waist, and hips measurements of 33 inches, 24 inches, and 34 inches, respectively. If that was still not enough proof, both Belles have a B-cup bra size.

 Last, the human Belle has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches while her doll counterpart stands at 5 feet and four inches. The slight difference in size makes the sex doll a life-size, true-to-life version of the OnlyFans celebrity. It makes it the most realistic of them all, which is ideal for men who want to have sex with Belle Delphine.

A Sex Doll Version of OnlyFans Superstar Belle Delphine Exist

Hole Depths

The Belle doll can be penetrated through three different entryways. She is capable of oral, vaginal, and anal sex. So whether you fantasize about Belle with your genitals in the mouth or accessed from the back, the doll will be able to satisfy your desires.

Additional Features

If you thought this doll could not get any better, you have never been more wrong. You can opt for your Belle sex doll to have the add-ons that Silicon Wives offer. You can pick which one you like, or choose them all. Just know that each add-on will cost you a little bit of money. 

To help you decide, here are the different add-ons and what they do.

Body Heating

This built-in body function will allow you to preheat your Belle to the desired temperature. The heating will run throughout the torso, the anus, and the vagina. Set the temperature and then leave the doll for 15 to 30 minutes for it to get warm. Do not get impatient cause it will be worth the wait. Why don’t you take a bath first or something? Sex feels better when you are in good condition. Then, with this function, you are bound to have steamy sex with your personal Belle Delphine.

Evo Skeleton

This option will add extra joints to the shoulders of your Belle doll. Why is that important, you may ask. The extra joints will allow the shoulders to be moved up and down in a shrugging manner. That capability will allow you to position Belle in more realistic positions. Through the Evo Skeleton, more sex positions are possible.

Enhanced Mouth

The Belle doll already offers oral sex, so why not make it as lifelike as you can? By purchasing this add-on, Silicon Wives will add a tongue to the mouth of your Belle. On top of that, more realistic textures will be put in. With this, the oral sex experience you will get from Belle will feel no different from an authentic blowjob.

Moaning Sound

Don’t you love it when your sex partner moans in pleasure as you thrust in them? It is such a huge turn-on. With this add-on, you can have your Belle moan when using her. It will make you feel like you are having sex with the real Belle Delphine instead of a doll version of her. The sounds will make you believe that the social media star accompanies you, and it will make sessions with her a lot livelier.

Softer Texture

TPE sex dolls are already soft, and their skins feel real to the touch. Still, you can improve it by opting for extra jiggly TPE. It will maximize the fun you will have while playing with her body, especially her breasts. 


You can purchase an attachable penis to make the doll a shemale. Though Belle Delphine is a female, so it is unnecessary. However, if that is what you desire, then go on. No one will judge you.

Speaking of unneeded actions, the Belle doll is already a replica of the famous celebrity. So changing her hair and skin color is unnecessary. 

Price and Shipping

The Belle doll costs $1,999.00 without add-ons. Then with all add-ons, except the penis attachment, she will cost $2,524.00. The shipping is free, and you can expect it to arrive after three weeks.

The Belle sex doll is the closest you can get to having spending intimate time with the Erotic Model / Cosplayer. The only thing that stands between you is your hesitance. Do not be ashamed, forget about that, and know that you deserve to get the pleasure that you need. Get your love doll now!

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