AI-Tech Sex Robot Version 4.2: The Future of Sex Doll Simulation

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AI-Tech Sex Robot Version 4.2: The Future of Sex Doll Simulation

Imagine this. You are surfing for some sex doll online when you saw this phrase, “A sex doll that can talk, moan, and warm you up. Get it now!” Well, this is not that shocking because of the all-new AI-Tech Sex Robot Version 4.2! This is the fourth generation of the new AI sex robots developed with artificial intelligence. This sex robot offers a new set of unique features that are not available on previous versions of any other sex toys. It instantly gains popularity in the market because of its human-like abilities. Sex dolls are already close to the feeling of a real human but a doll that can moan and talk? It is phenomenal! We are now one step closer to making doll sexing feel as close as the real one.

AI-Tech Sex Robot Version 4.2: The Future of Sex Doll Simulation

AI Technology

Seriously, who would have thought to infuse sex dolls with technology? We know sex dolls as inanimate objects with no lives and do not know how to interact. But, with artificial intelligence, robots nowadays have become more capable than doing simple tasks. Not only do they carry out the basic roles of a sex doll, but it also provides a new array of options for the user. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now possible.

But what is AI technology? Artificial technology is a machine that is programmed to think and move like a human. Some of them are even made to learn and understand the human brain.

This new technology is now associated with sex dolls which makes it more exciting. With the new AI technology, sex robots are now more realistic and more stimulating than ever.

Sex Robots

Also known as AI sexbots, sex robots are sex dolls infused with AI technology. This means that they can perform several behaviors similar to a human. It is also built with smart sensors all over its body that are sensitive to any physical touch and sound. Whenever activated, these sensors send signals and respond to a certain action. Unlike any other sex toys, they can stimulate the user more with their exclusive features. It can also mimic how a human act during sexual intercourse thus providing the same experience.

Before, the application of artificial intelligence applied only to industrial and medical use. It has never been used for any personal desires nor any sexual satisfaction. Now, it became the trend in the world of sex toy production. Many individuals, as well as couples, are now hooked on using it.

5 New features of AI Sex Robots

Most sex doll robots with AIs have high-quality materials and excellent components. It also has the durability for any long-term use. They are also guaranteed safe for any data privacy threats and such. Now, let us witness how amazing this upgraded sex doll its newly added features.

Full body heating system

You do not want to perform any sexual intercourse with a cold body, do you? Without the heat coming from intense intimacy, any sexual interaction is no fun. Honestly, it is like going out with a corpse. But do not worry because this AI sex robot has a full-body heating system. It also lets you feel the warmth of actual intercourse. On other sex dolls, you have to buy an extra gadget like an electronic warmer and install it inside. In the AI Tech Sex Robot, it is already built-in! You do not have to spend extra money just for the pleasure of true sex. Heat it up before you do anything, and you are good to go.

Facial expressions

Another aspect that makes humans authentic is their ability to express their feelings. We all know that robots do not these features but that is not the case with AI sex robots. Their faces also have sensors that retract to portray a particular feeling. Because of the new program, their winks and smiles became smoother and wrinkle-free. They also make it more natural and less scripted.

AI-Tech Sex Robot Version 4.2: The Future of Sex Doll Simulation

The facial expression of people shows what they are feeling after all. To some individuals, it is important to feel aroused and stimulated. If they see that their partner is enjoying the sex, they can also be more motivated.

Programmable background

As one of the added features in this sex doll, background sounds are now programmable. This means that you can insert a particular tune or voice of your choice and program it to your doll. The process is simple. You will just upload a text or MP3 file to the user program and let it analyze it for the next use. The options can vary. From setting up a response to a particular question, playing sexy sounds, and many more.

Moaning system

Moans are low sounds expressed by a person experiencing sexual pleasure. In a lot of sexual intercourse, moans are always present and serve as an expression. When someone is moaning during intercourse, it means that he/she is having a good time. Sometimes, it can also arouse your partner. But now, robots can do it too!

The moaning system is one of the highlights of this sex doll robot. It is also integrated with a programmable background feature like before. By integrating sexy moans into your sexual intercourse, it can provide more stimulation. You can also install several moans from the program and enjoy them while having a blast.

Talking system

Speech is probably the most sought-after attribute of AI dolls. Because of artificial intelligence, it now has a speech response to a certain language. So far, it can understand American English and Chinese. But, the developers are working right now to expand the options. Nonetheless, this is a highly advanced feature for sex robots. The ability of speech is unique for humans and never seen from any robot. Thanks to AI technology, users have now the freedom to program their sex doll’s speech. Another impressive feat of this system is that it can learn more from interactions. This means that they get smarter over time. As you perform intercourses more often, the more polished the doll’s responses can be.

AI-Tech Sex Robot Version 4.2: The Future of Sex Doll Simulation

Is it worth the money or not?

If you do not have any sexual relationship with others, or someone without a lover, this AI Tech sex robot is worth a try. Yet, if you have a partner or access to any sexual intercourse, you can stick with it. The pleasure brought by these AIs and actual sex is almost the same anyway. With the addition of the newest technology, sex robots became closer to the feeling of a human. If you happen to buy one, make sure to satisfy yourself to the fullest. You can now enjoy the pleasure brought by the new AI-Tech Sex Robot Version 4.2.

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