Andy Dwyer Look-alike Love Dolls

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Andy Dwyer Look-alike Love Dolls

Andy Dwyer is a fictional character played by Chris Pratt in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. Andy was originally intended to be a one-off character, but he proved to be so popular that producers wanted Pratt to return as a series regular. He first appears as Ann Perkins’ jobless, lazy boyfriend in the first season, then obtains work as a shoe-shiner at Pawnee City Hall in the second season.

Andy Dwyer is Ann Perkins’s boyfriend at the start of the series. They’d been residing together for three years, but Ann grew faster than Andy, and although Ann pursued a nursing career, Andy remained lazy and spoiled.

Andy subsequently married April Ludgate and worked as Leslie Knope’s assistant. Despite appearing in every episode of the first season, Pratt was listed as a guest star; he has been a member of the main actors for every season since.

Despite her girlfriend’s comments, Andy is still a struggling artist. He’s been part of the band Mouse Rat since its inception, yet they’ve never made it outside the indie circuit. Think of having someone who can perform and play instruments; that is the ideal boyfriend fantasy.

We all know it wasn’t difficult to fall in love with a musically-minded guy like Andy, just like April. Andy may appear soft on the outside, but he has a superb physique that can quickly arouse you.

Rather than just playing the guitar, he can play with you with his finger and believe you are a guitar; that would be a pleasant sensation. However, Andy Dwyer is a fictitious figure, and the possibility of having sex with him is hazy.

But, to be explicit, you can have sex with a man who looks like Andy Dwyer and not bother about the other girls like Ann and April because he will be all yours.

So here’s the deal: you can use an Andy Dwyer look-alike love doll whenever you want, not just once or twice – you can use it till it breaks, and you don’t have to persuade it. You can purchase the following Andy Dwyer look-alike love dolls.

Robert – 175cm (5ft9′) Sexy, Matured Male with Silicone Head Doll Model

Andy Dwyer Look-alike Love Dolls

Robert is a stunningly gorgeous, mature man who exudes sophistication. Robert, like Andy, has a beard on his face. That’s another reason to consider Robert a possible Andy Dwyer love doll.

Robert stands 5 feet 9 inches tall, while Chris Pratt, who played Andy Dwyer, stands 6 feet tall. Their heights are similar. Robert’s figure is smaller than Andy’s; his chest measures 35 inches, his waist 40 inches, and his hips 39 inches. Andy has physical measurements of 44-34-16. As a result, this love doll is considerably slimmer than Andy.

Robert’s weight is lighter than Andy’s, which is a plus for you. He has a panty-dropping figure in addition to a great face. Robert has a little hairy chest, powerful abs, and a 6-pack. He also has massive biceps.

If that already got you sweaty, facts about Robert’s penis will cause it to pour down there. You have two penis sizes to choose from; the smaller one is 6 inches long, which is ordinary but not particularly little. And the other is 9.8 inches long, which is ideal if you believe Andy is a monster in bed.

Drew – 176cm (5ft9′) Steaming Hot Silicone Male Sex Doll. 

Andy Dwyer Look-alike Love Dolls

Drew, like Andy, is a hot-bearded guy. He has the perfect pear-shaped face to resemble your favorite character. Their hair quality and color, however, vary. Drew has black, straightened hair parted diagonally, but Andy has curly brown hair that is a little unkempt but looks great on him. Nonetheless, you can arrange Drew’s hair in whichever you wish or mimic Andy’s appealing hairstyle.

They both appear to be mature. You can see that they both have a commanding presence, but Drew is not an actor. He is one of the best pilots; thus, his physique is something to lust after. Drew’s chest is 38.6 inches, his waist is 33.5 inches, and his hips are 39 inches. Their sizes are close enough to say he looks like Andy Dwyer.

Drew is also a large love doll, weighing 56 kg. To transport him about the house, you’d need big muscles. It will be quite beneficial if you have somebody to accompany you.

Drew’s penis, like Robert’s, can be customized in size. You can choose between 6 and 9.8 inches in length. Both are believable and make you feel like Andy Dwyer is inside of you.

Smexy – 170cm (5ft7′) Realistic Love Doll for Woman

Andy Dwyer Look-alike Love Dolls

Smexy is a guy sex doll with different sizes of penis. Smexy looks casual, like Andy, who dresses whenever he wants. Furthermore, Andy and Smexy have the same hair color but not the same quality. Nonetheless, he exudes the same captivating air as Andy Dwyer.

The key distinction is that Smexy has merely stubble, but Andy Dwyer has a full-grown beard. Smexy also appears to be at least 5 years younger. In that scenario, consider this doll a younger version of Andy Dwyer.

Smexy stands 5’7″ tall and weighs 48 kilos. As a result, he is not difficult to utilize or carry over. However, if that is too heavy for you, working out or having someone help you carry him would help. However, it is not an alternative for most individuals because it indicates that you employ a love doll. Although there is nothing inappropriate with that, some individuals believe there is. So, in most cases, you can only call for aid if you have a threesome, with Smexy as the third person, which could spice up your sexual intercourse!

So, how much fun would it be to have sex with Smexy? His penis, like the first two dolls, can be small or large. It measures 19 cm for small and 23 cm for large. He can deliver you to heaven in any size you choose, even if you’re lying in your bed.

Don’t hesitate to purchase these Andy Dwyer look-alike love dolls and make your sexcapades more amazing than before.

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