Articulated Fingers Add-On For Sex Dolls

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Articulated Fingers Add-On For Sex Dolls

Day by day, sex toys, sex dolls, and sex robots keep on improving. During their early days, sex toys are made of metallic materials. Some also looked like torture devices – being steam-powered or hand-cracked and all. Then, French and Spanish sailors made the first sex doll in the seventeenth century. They called them dame de voyage and dama de viaje, respectively. These sex doll prototypes are made out of sewn cloth or old clothes tied to a piece of bamboo to resemble a woman. The sailors used these early sex dolls during long voyages. Their purpose is to provide companionship to the sailor to feel not as isolated as they would be without them. Of course, they also served as means for sexual gratification. 

Admittedly, the sex dolls the sailors used are ugly. They don’t really look like real humans at all. But, as time passed by, technology evolved. The advancements in technology and science led to the creation of better sex dolls. 

Articulated Fingers Add-On For Sex Dolls

Blow-up sex dolls were made and sold first. Though they look kind of hideous and funny, their appearance is more humanlike than their predecessors. Then, silicone sex dolls appeared. Now, they look like real humans. But the improvement did not stop there. The most popular material for sex dolls right now is thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This material feels somewhat like real human skin. Furthermore, it is safer than the other materials. 

TPE sex dolls are phenomenal. They are life-size, and sex with them feels realistic. Even so, TPE sex dolls, on their own, are still not the peak sex products. However, there are add-ons that will put them in that place.

What Are Sex Doll Add-Ons?

As said before, sex dolls are created to provide a human presence and be a source of sexual gratification. While regular sex dolls can do that without a problem, some people may look for more to spice things up. 

Sex doll manufacturers respond to that demand by introducing add-ons. Would-be sex doll owners could opt to add these features to their sex doll if they want to. But, of course, each add-on will cost money. 

Most sex dolls are not made in advance. Instead, they are made upon request. This allows customers to customize their dolls and manufacturers to provide for their needs. 

Articulated Fingers Add-On For Sex Dolls

A prime example of an add-on is an internal heating system. It warms the body of the sex doll so the sex will feel even more realistic. Other examples are moaning sounds and breasts that are more jiggly. Generally, sex dolls do not have any of these features. However, if a customer wants it, the manufacturers will happily oblige and add it to their doll.

What You Need To Know About Articulated Fingers

One of the most recent add-ons for sex dolls is the new and improved hand and fingers. 

Sex doll fingers have always been irritating to some. The metal wires coming out of the fingertips take away from the sense of realism that they want to achieve. The stiff hands do the same. You could argue that these are just small details. However, it could be a huge issue for those who want to have a synthetic partner that looks as real as possible. 

Thankfully, sex doll brands listen to the cries of their customers. Thus, the add-on Articulated Fingers is now available in the market.

Articulated Fingers Add-On For Sex Dolls

This hand upgrade is designed with a metallic skeleton and does not have copper wires. The strong metal joints protect fingers from breaking easily. It also features rounded tips, so there will be no metal poking out of the finger skin. Furthermore, the hand movement range is 95 percent similar to a human hand.

While the range of finger movement is almost the same as old wire hands, the new skeleton offers new things. Unlike before, outside and inside forearm rotation is now possible through articulated fingers. So, with this add-on, some hand gestures that were not achievable in the metal-wire models became possible. That is good news for sex doll enthusiasts – especially to owners of sex doll influencers. Unfortunately, the articulated fingers still cannot be tangled.

Availability and Compatibility of The Articulated Fingers Add-On

Sadly, this amazing add-on feature is not available for all sex dolls. In Sex Doll Genie’s sex doll selection, the upgrade is only available for models made by three specific brands. They are WM Doll, OR Doll, And YL Doll. Furthermore, only models that are taller than or are 140 cm or 4 ft and 7 inches can have articulated fingers. Another requirement is the sex doll model should be made of TPE. 

Moreover, the premium add-on is not compatible with old WM dolls. So, you cannot ask the brand to upgrade or modify the sex doll you already have. You have to order a new one if you want to get the upgraded skeleton.

Final Thoughts

You would not notice the fingers, and their imperfections, of a sex doll unless you closely inspect it. So, you can argue that this add-on is unnecessary. However, for the owner of the sex doll itself, who uses the doll often, that can consistently bother them. The case is especially true for those who keep a sex doll not just for sexual pleasure but also for emotional support. Those looking for companionship and a relationship with their sex dolls would want their partners to look real. So, tiny details like the sex doll’s finger matter. 

Besides, the add-on adds strength and durability to the hands of the sex doll. That will make maintenance of the love doll a lot easier. Thus, the add-on is not purely for aesthetics only. 

This new feature also opens up doors for sex robots to improve. The concept of sex robots is to create synthetic partners that can move, speak, and interact with its owner. It is the total realization of the essence of sex dolls, which is providing human presence. So, every new little thing that makes sex dolls feel and look more real is also a step for sex robots.

There are no cons for articulated fingers, so opt for its inclusion if you can. 

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