Artists Hosts Sex Doll Funerals, Says There was a Real Need

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Artists Hosts Sex Doll Funerals, Says There was a Real Need

Sex dolls or love dolls are a great thing to keep sound for people who are looking for company, and of course, sex. However, when it has already served its purpose and came to the end of its lifespan, the tricky part is to dispose of it. Most of the time, sex dolls that are inappropriately discarded scares those who see them. A lot of online forums have dedicated themselves to discussing the best method of throwing away a used sex doll without scaring the passers-by. 

In addition to that, there is the issue of emotional attachment to sex dolls. Owners find it difficult to say goodbye to the love doll that they have used for so long. 

In, Japan, one of the largest manufacturers of sex dolls, there has been a popular funeral service for sex dolls that are no longer useable. An enterprising Japanese artist is now catering to heartsick sex doll owners by holding funerals for the love dolls that have outlived their use. 

According to Leiya Arata, the founder of the Love Doll Funeral services located in Osaka many people love sex dolls as if they are real human beings and members of the family. For this reason, she decided to start servicing people who have sex dolls that have already outlived their use.

Love Doll Funeral’s Burial Services are Officiated By a Former Porn Star

For about $800, sex doll owners can have their synthetic companions placed in caskets. The package also comes with burial attire and garlands. The one who presides over the mannequin memorials is Lay Kato. She is a transgender porn actress who became a Buddhist monk. 

Arata describes Lady Kato as someone who has the foremost authority on sex dolls as well as their owners. She even added that no one can offer an appropriate ceremony than the porn actress-turned Buddhist monk. 

In addition, the funeral is complete with undertakers, candles, and even mourning sex dolls. In fact, the funerals that Arata services her clients with are so authentic that passers-by have called the police after mistaking the dolls for cadavers. 

Naturally, a lot of people find it weird to have a funeral for inanimate objects. However, Arata, an unconventional visionary put up the Love Doll Funeral because, according to her, “there was a real need.”

Arata added that many sex doll owners do not want their outlived love dolls to be shredded as garbage. She also said that there are owners who are in fear of being shamed for throwing their used sex dolls in the dumpster where they could be discovered. 

Apart from setting up burials for love dolls, the porn fantasy purveyor also has photoshoots where she dresses people as corpses. In addition, men can cosplay as female corpses as a part of pretend funerals. 

Ai Kaneko a 39-year-old single nurse was even able to realize that she dreams to be a sex doll herself. Talking about her makeover, the sex doll wannabe emphasized that she wanted to be loved and cherished the way sex dolls are. 

Kaneko’s past time might sound creepy. However, playing dead has literally saved her life. According to her, she has experienced suicidal thoughts for 15 years after she found the body of her boyfriend who hanged himself. Her experience at Love Doll Funeral made her forget those suicidal thoughts. 

Furthermore, Arata said that her patrons are great human beings who have very low self-esteem.

She also said that the desire of her clients to be accepted and loved is so strong. She then noted that Love Doll Funerals is the only place for many of those clients.  For this reason, she wanted to be there for those people.

Holding a Sex Doll Funeral is a Necessity for Love Doll Owners

It turns out that the demand for sex doll burials is a necessity for their owners. According to a reliable online survey, men who were replacing or trying to get rid of their used and broken dolls wanted to give them a formal goodbye. The reason is that they consider losing a sex doll as a personal loss. 

As mentioned, there had been some instances when an inappropriately disposed of sex doll caused people fear thinking that the doll was a murder victim. 

Furthermore, there are already a number of temples and shrines that are holding funeral services. In addition, more than 2,000 sex dolls are purchased within Japan every year. 

The Human Love Doll Company is Japan is now offering three funeral packages that range from over £200. Each of the three plans come with a certificate, as well as a commemorative photo and video. 

Its basic plan is a joint funeral where a number of sex dolls are serviced at the same time. 

Meanwhile, your doll will be given its own funeral for £350. 

On the other hand, Human Love Doll Company’s most expensive funeral plan is the “doll angel” funeral. This costs £630. This plan lets the owner to accompany the doll to a processing facility after the funeral service. In that facility, the sex doll will be dismantled and spared in a machine that would destroy it in front of its owner. 

Before the company’s staff dismantle the doll, a portrait of it will be taken. The staff can also read a letter that is addressed to the sex doll. In addition, the owner will be given a piece of the sex doll that they could keep. The rest of the doll will then be disposed of. 

The funerals take place in Higashiosaka City in Osaka. According to the company, love dolls are born to be loved. It also added that many owners do not want to just toss their doll in the garbage because their doll is more than just a mere thing. Some owners also find it hard to part with their dolls and want a formal way of saying goodbye. Furthermore, one way to do such is by giving the doll a proper burial.

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