As SexBot Technology Advances, Ethical And Legal Questions Linger

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As Sexbot Technology Advances, Ethical and Legal Questions Linger

The sex doll industry took the world by awe and has continued to do so amid all the conflicts surrounding the issue increasingly. But the sexbot technology goes on, and even better, it is becoming more and more realistic by the day. We notice that the sex doll industry is officially registered for business just like the clothes industry or the plastics industry. This gives it all the legal rights to keep inventing new things and new ideas in the industry as it is.

Sex dolls, in general, came with all the ethical queries that you can imagine. Some of the questions were answered as they came, but others were not and have since remained unanswered. However, this did not deter the vibrant sex doll industry as it went on to improve on the sex dolls and toys they made in a bid to make the sex life of its people exciting and exciting.



Image: Activist Kate Davis Artwork against SexBots. Photo taken from bricksmagazine.

Looking back, this is where it might have started, albeit not directly. With the advancement of feminism and feministic approaches, women were swept off their feet in a bid to match up with the boy child in the professional fields. So they said, whatever a man could do, a woman could do it better. As time went by, the girl child walked up the ranks and sat side by side with the boy child in the most influential seats in the world.

Seeing that both men and women were working on similar postings, this ideology removed the woman from the traditional and submissive setting she once occupied and put her beside the man to work and compete together. They both got home tired and worn out, and none was in a position to submit to the other as before. As this progressed, it became increasingly tiring to have sex with each other citing several excuses. 

When the woman was away at work, the man turned to masturbate or extra-marital affairs. When the man was away in the office, the woman turned to vibrators and dildos for the very much needed sexual pleasure. When the men complained that the sex toys were taking away their women, the womenfolk came out to defend their toys saying their men were no longer available. With time, they both lost interest in each other sexually.


The sex doll manufacturers heard the cry of the menfolk and stepped in to fill the void left behind by their women with the ever-gorgeous sex doll goddesses. This happened so fast that the women realized it too late when the sex dolls were thriving among us. Well, they rose up against the sex dolls, but it was too late; after all, they came around with the vibrators first, didn’t they?

The men received the sex dolls with open arms and took them in to fill up the bedroom void left by their women who were busy working in the offices or protesting somewhere. Before we knew it, sex dolls are now deeply embedded within us, and even the women have come to accept this and move on. But the, what exactly are the ramifications of these sex dolls? What do they symbolize in today’s world? And what is the direction they are taking in the future?


So, it turns out that the sex doll industry did not stop at the sex dolls anyway, they have proceeded with speed on to their next big thing; the sex robots or sexbots. In essence, this means that they are adding artificial intelligence to the already realistic sex dolls! At this point, the women activists might accept to have lost the fight already. Imagine having a sex doll that has all the qualities that you ever wanted in a woman and on top of it has some human-like behavior that is or? Interesting is what it would be.


Image: Harmony 3.0 with self lubricating vagina. Photo taken from The Sun

Sex robots or Sexbots in the future will not have to be heated manually; they will come fitted with manual heaters that will mean they will always feel as warm as the real people do. On top of this, they will be equipped with artificial memory that will ensure they can remember things and conversations from before. As if that is not enough, the sex robots are now going to be given the human capabilities to control certain facial expressions! They can smile, grin, frown, wink, or even nod! Who else feels like at this point people will think they are better off with the sex dolls?


According to experts, sexbot technology will take root and be part of us in the near future. As such, sex dolls will also become a part of us. As much as people argue that they would ultimately prefer to be with a real person, it may change course with time. Some people have come out strongly to express their much-preferred likeness on the sex dolls than on humans.

Considering their less drama, minimal chances of having STIs, their vulnerable submissiveness, and their ability to provide for sex and companionship as would the humans, these sex dolls are indeed going to be the most significant completion for their very own human owners in future. The experience may differ, but some people, especially the men, have spoken out clearly that they would choose sex dolls anytime over women!


According to experts, accepting and embracing the sex dolls and sexbots would be the best move left for us, and right about the best step to ever take. We need to reconsider and begin to look at sex doll as part of us and invite them into our bedrooms to awaken the dead feelings and lighten up the dimmed lights of our sex lives. People are already taking that stand by fronting arguments about involving sex dolls in couples sex lives in the form of threesomes and the like. It will not only bloom our sex lives again, but it will also, even better, prepare us psychologically for the next big thing; sex robots!

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