Candace Stone Look-alike Love Dolls

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Candace Stone Look-alike Love Dolls

Candace Stone is a fictional character in the thriller series “You.” She was the girlfriend of Joe Goldberg, the serial killer and protagonist in the story before season 1 started. In season 1, she only appeared in flashbacks, hallucinations, and conversations. She was missing. That’s until she appeared in the final episode.

Candace Stone then became the “antagonist” in season 2. Her goal was to expose Joe, who almost killed her when they broke up. The man buried her in a shallow grave after slamming her head. Thankfully, Candace survived.

Unfortunately, Candace failed – sort of. She tracked Joe and inserted herself into his life by dating Forty Quinn. Forty is the brother of Love Quinn, who was Joe’s girlfriend in season 2. Candace vowed to protect the Quinns from Joe. When she finally exposed Joe to Love, the latter unexpectedly cut her throat with a broken beer bottle.

Candace is not without flaws. She broke up with Joe because she cheated and said she no longer has love for him. But can you blame her? Joe is a psychopath.

Candace’s courage is commendable. Some women would not dare go near their ex, who tried to kill them. But Candace followed Joe, hoping to reveal his dark nature and protect the people around him. It was a selfless act.

You may have fallen for her because of that. Brave women are sexy. Additionally, she’s so gorgeous. 

Alas, Candace Stone is a fictional character. And as mentioned above, she died. So, your best option for fulfilling that desire is using love dolls. Look for Candace Stone look-alike ones – as an official one doesn’t and will likely not exist.

You came to the right place. Here are the best Candace Stone look-alike love dolls on the market.

85cm (2ft9′) Sexy Realistic Sex Doll Torso

Candace Stone Look-alike Love Dolls

This Sexy Realistic Sex Doll Torso has an attractive face and reddish-brown hair, making her a good option for a Candace Stone love doll. Change this love doll’s eye color to blue to make it even better.

Since this is a sex doll’s torso, meaning she does not have legs, she can’t be as tall as Candace Stone. She’s only 2 foot 9 inches tall. The best thing about it is that she’s light; she weighs only 21 kilograms. So, she’s easy to use. Also, she’s less pricey than full-bodied love dolls. And unlike other sex doll torsos, this one has arms. Thus, she could be your number one option if you don’t mind the missing legs.

This love doll’s BWH measurements are 33.8″-21″-40.7″. Those hips are to die for. It’s not accurate to Candace Stone’s body sizes, which are 34″-25″-35″. So, they aren’t the same. But be honest, would you know if you haven’t read this?

Sexual Capabilities

This Candace Stone look-alike love doll may be missing some body parts, but she does not lack any sexual capabilities. She is a TPE love doll from WM Doll. Expectedly, she has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities.

176cm (5ft9′) Lifelike Adult Love Doll with Big Breast- Yedi

Candace Stone Look-alike Love Dolls

Yedi’s face looks like Candace Stone’s; the eye shape and the lips match. Furthermore, they share the same hair color – the only difference is Yedi’s is straight instead of wavy. Again, change her eye color to blue to make the resemblance more apparent.

According to, Candace Stone is 5 foot 5 inches tall. This love doll is 5 foot 9 inches tall. So they are not the same. Unfortunately, you can’t change that, as sex dolls’ bodies are made using molds.

That said, you can’t change Yedi’s body size either. Her BWH measurements are 38.6 – 21.7 -41.7 inches. That’s not something most men would complain about. It means she has big breasts, a tiny waist, and hot AF hips. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Unfortunately, great things like Yedi’s assets come with a cost. She weighs 52 kilograms. That means she could be a little difficult to use, especially if your muscles are not strong enough. But on the bright side, it makes her feel like a real human. 

Sexual Capabilities

This love doll is made of high-quality TPE, from head to toe. Therefore, she has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities. You can improve her mouth or vagina by getting the add-ons Removable Tongue and Removable Vagina. The former will make the penis-sucking she does feel more realistic, while the latter would make maintenance a lot easier.

# 156cm (5ft1′) G – Cup Multiple Heads!

Candace Stone Look-alike Love Dolls

This love doll has long, wavy brown hair. And you can easily make her have blue eyes through customization. She’s pretty, too, and could easily pass as a Candace Stone love doll. 

This love doll is 5 foot 1 inch tall, meaning she’s shorter than Candace Stone. Also, she weighs only 31 kilograms. Thus, this love doll is better if you find the previous full-bodied love doll too heavy for you.

How about this Candice Stone look-alike love doll’s assets? Her G-cup breasts may be bigger than Candace Stone’s, but you will like them nonetheless. Meanwhile, her BWH measurements are close to Candace’s. This love doll’s body sizes are 36.2 -23.2 – 37 inches. Her butt also deserves attention; it’s shapely and cute.

Sexual Capabilities

This love doll can do lots of things in the bedroom. For starters, she can put your meat stick in her 5.1 inches mouth. If you want realistic blowjobs to come from her, consider getting the Removable Tongue add-on.

The vagina of this Candace Stone look-alike love doll is most impressive. It is 7 inches deep; it has enough space to accommodate you going in balls-deep. Also, it’s very realistic, so you’ll feel like you are actually having intercourse with someone. 

Last but not least is her 6.7 inches-deep anal orifice. Not only is it deep but also tight. Try it to have an awesome experience. 

There you have it. These are the Candace Stone look-alike love dolls you can use to fulfill your desire. And do you know what the best thing is? You can have them when you want them.

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