Chloe Decker Look-alike Love Dolls

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Chloe Decker Look-alike Love Dolls

The Netflix show Lucifer was such a massive hit. Unsurprisingly, some people fell in love with its main character, Chloe Decker. And no one can blame them. Chloe Decker is a wonderful person.

This character was an actress. But after the murder of her father, she became a homicide detective. And to be a detective, you need to be highly intelligent. Chloe is also a by-the-books cop and is very diligent.

The list of positive things you can say about Chloe Decker does not end there. Despite all the bad things she sees in her job, Chloe retains a loving and caring nature. 

Also, Chloe is not judgmental. She tries to see a person who they really are rather than listen to what others tell her. This girl fell in love with the Devil. 

Those qualities may have made you wish you were Lucifer – a thought that crosses the mind only of the mentally deranged. Who wouldn’t want a smart, quirky, loving, understanding lady? And to top that off, she’s a MILF. Chloe has a daughter named Trixie.

Sadly, Chloe is a fictional character. And even if she was real, you don’t have a chance with her since she’s in love with Lucifer. And are you ready to face the consequences if Lucifer ever finds out you touched his girl?

Here’s a much safer option: use a love doll. You would not need to compete with Lucifer. Also, you don’t even need to wish Chloe Decker was real. 

Keep in mind that you can’t find a love doll that looks exactly like Chloe Decker. The authorities will be at the tail of manufacturers if they do that without the actress’ consent. So, what you want to find are Chloe Decker look-alike love dolls. And here they are. 

175cm (5’9inch) Sexy Lips Blondie Sex Doll – Vivy

Chloe Decker Look-alike Love Dolls

Vivy is a tall, blonde lady with kissable lips. Change her green eyes into blue, and you’ll have yourself a love doll that resembles Chloe Decker so much.

This love doll is 5 foot 9 inches tall, while several sources say Chloe Decker is 5 foot 7 inches tall. So, Vivy went 2 inches over. That’s only a minor difference, so don’t let it bother you.

The breasts are also not too different. Sources say that Lauren German, the actress playing Chloe Decker, has A-cup breasts. And this love doll’s breasts are also not big. So, they match. 

Vivy weighs 38 kilograms. You can appreciate that because it will make you feel like you are cuddling with someone. However, if your muscles are not strong enough to manageably carry or lift Vivy, you might wish she was lighter. Vivy has a skeleton with movable joints that allow you to put her in different poses. If you find her heavy, you can’t take full advantage of that.

Sexual Capabilities

This love doll has a 6.7 inches deep vagina that can send you to Cloud Nine. If you prefer anal sex over intercourse, that is also an option. Her anal orifice is just as deep as her vaginal one.

164cm (5ft4′) D-Cup Swim Suit Model Sexy Doll – Mali

Chloe Decker Look-alike Love Dolls

Mali is a green-eyed, beautiful blonde babe. You know what to do; change her eye color to blue, and she’ll resemble Chloe Decker. Admittedly, Mali looks a little younger, but the similarity remains.

Mali is 5 foot 4 inches tall, meaning she’s shorter than Chloe Decker. So, it may be best to consider her as Chloe Decker before the series has started. That will make sense of her height and her younger-looking face.

This love doll’s body measurements are 31.5 – 22.8 – 33.9 inches. According to, Chloe Decker’s body measurements are 31 – 24 – 33 inches. Notice how close the measurements are. Indeed, Mali is a great Chloe Decker love doll option.

Unfortunately, the breast size is not that close. Chloe Decker’s cup size is A, while this love doll’s cup size is D. That’s still good, though. The ideal breast size is C to G-cup since you can choose any breast type. Smaller breasts prefer to be solid, while larger ones prefer to be hollow. Both options are okay for D-cup breasts, and you can even make them gel-implanted. Larger breasts will hang lower when you make them gel-implanted, but what Mali has would not.

Sexual Capabilities

Mali is a TPE sex doll. She has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities.

158cm (5ft2′) DD-Cup Bulbous Breast with Hourglass Body Sex Doll – Oksana

Chloe Decker Look-alike Love Dolls

Oksana is more than OK; she’s fantastic. For starters, she has blonde hair that turns black towards the roots. That’s the same as Chloe Decker’s hair. Furthermore, she also has blue eyes, so you don’t have to customize that. 

While Oksana’s head is so similar to Chloe Decker’s, her body is not. This love doll is only 5 foot 2 inches tall. Then, her BWH measurements are 37 – 19.3 – 34.6 inches. So, she is shorter than Chloe Decker but is also thicker. Her breasts are also bigger. It could bother you if you want the doll to look like a Chloe Decker clone. But if you focus on the bright side, you’ll realize that she’s very sexy. And that’s always a positive thing.

Sexual Capabilities

Oksana is a full-body TPE love doll. So, she’s complete with three penetrable orifices. Her oral orifice is 5.1 inches deep, the shallowest of the three. Still, it is enough to gratify you, especially if you buy her the removable tongue add-on. Next is her 6.7 inches-deep anal orifice, which is as tight as a real anus. And her 7 inches-deep vagina is the most impressive of them all. It is anatomically accurate, so you’d like you are thrusting into a real woman. You can also get her a removable vagina, so it’s easier to maintain. 

Each of these dolls is amazing in its own worth. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Choose the one you like best as a Chloe Decker look-alike love doll, and expect fun, erotic adventures to come your way.

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