Classification Of Sexualities

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Classification Of Sexualities

Although there was no label for them during ancient times, gay people have existed for as long as heterosexuals did. They felt attracted and engaged in sexual activities with people of the same sex. Time went on, and eventually, because of the prominence of such behavior, a term was conjured to classify them. Heterosexuals are people who are attracted to people of the opposite sex. On the other side of the coin, homosexuals – now, an outdated and negative term – are people who are attracted to people of the same gender. 

Classification Of Sexualities

Then, studies pointed out that there are people who are not exclusively straight or gay. There is a spectrum between the two. So, once again, the classification of people based on sexual orientation has changed.

The Kinsey Scale

Upon realizing that there are more than two sexualities, researchers created the Kinsey Scale. The Kinsey scale is a method that puts people into several different categories. The categories are based on how intense is their attraction to people of a particular sex. They identify how inclined people are to build relationships with people of different genders. To understand it better, here is the Kinsey Scale itself:

  • 0 – People in this category experience attraction only to people of the opposite sex or gender. Also referred to as “straight.” They are the most common type of people.
  •  1 – Those who are in this category are mostly straight. However, they can sometimes feel romantic or sexual attraction to people of the same sex.
  • 2 – Similar to people in Category 1, but has a higher chance to experience attraction to people of the same sex or gender.
  • 3 – People who fall in this category experience equal attraction toward people of both the same and opposite sex or gender.
  • 4 – These people are predominantly attracted to people of the same sex or gender. However, they can still feel a strong attraction towards people of the opposite sex or gender.
  • 5 – Those who are in this category mainly prefer same-sex relationships. Still, they can sometimes feel attracted to people of the opposite sex or gender.
  • 6 – Individuals who feel attraction only to people of the same sex or gender.
  • X – Special cases where the person does not experience any form of attraction.

The Kinsey Scale is only useful for identifying binary people. Even the creators are aware of this limitation. 


The Kinsey Scale only saw sexuality as black, white, and different hues of gray. That is why it is not an effective method of classification and is not used much. For a more accurate identification method, people now look at sexuality like it’s a rainbow. There are different hues and shades in between black and white. Each of these colors is unique and special in its own way. With these classifications, non-binary people get appropriately addressed. 

Here are some of the modern sexuality terms and their definition:

Based on Types of Attraction:

Classification Of Sexualities


– These are people who experience sexual attraction to others. Sexual attraction is the desire to have sex or engage in a sexual relationship.


– People who identify as asexual do not experience sexual attraction. There is a subcategory of asexuals that are so disinterested in sex they would not participate in any sexual activity. They would not do it even with a sex toy or a sex doll.


– This term refers to people who can experience romantic attraction to others. Romantic attraction describes a person’s expression of love within a relationship. It is more emotional than sexual, although an alloromantic person can be allosexual at the same time and vice versa. 


– These are people who cannot experience romantic attraction.


– People who identify as demiromantic are predominantly aromantic but can experience romantic attraction if certain conditions are met.


– Those who identify as demisexuals can only experience sexual attraction under specific circumstances. For instance, they can develop this kind of attraction towards a person after building an emotional relationship.

Based on Number Of Genders They Are Attracted To:

  • Monosexual

– These are people who are attracted only to one sex or gender—for instance, being attracted only to straight men.

  • Polysexual

– People who identify as polysexual can experience attraction toward more than one gender. 

Based on Who They Are Attracted To:


– This term pertains to people who experience attraction towards males, men, and masculinity. They do not care whether it is their sex assigned at birth or not. As long as the person identifies as male and shows masculine qualities, they can attract androsexual individuals.


– People who are autoromantic feel attraction towards themselves. Some can still experience romantic attraction towards others, while some cannot.

Classification Of Sexualities


– This term is used to describe people who experience sexual attraction to themselves.


– Those identifying as bicurious typically have relationships with people of another gender. However, they are questioning or exploring bisexuality – testing how same-sex relationships would feel. Sex dolls are fantastic products for bicurious people who just started this journey.


– People who identify as bisexual have an equal chance of getting attracted to people of the same and different sex or gender. 


– This term is generally used to describe men who get attracted exclusively to other men. However, the term can also mean people of any gender who experience attraction to people of the same gender as them.

Gynosexual or Gynesexual

– These terms pertain to people attracted to women, females, and femininity irrespective of whether or not they were assigned male at birth.


– Lesbians are women who are attracted to other women. 

Pansexual or Omnisexual

– People who identify as pansexuals can feel attraction towards people of any gender.


– This is an umbrella term that covers all non-heterosexual orientations. Those who are yet to figure out their sexuality can use this term as a label.


– People who identify as skoliosexual are only attracted to non -binary people.


– Some people can experience romantic and sexual attraction to multiple sexes, genders, and gender identities but not all of them. They are classified as spectrasexual.

Do The Labels Matter?

Finding a label for your sexuality is not necessary. YOu can live your life without them. However, it could help you in finding communities that can relate to your experiences and feelings. Furthermore, knowing the terminologies will let you understand others better. So, whether you want to label your sexuality or not, it is generally a good idea to at least know what they mean.

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