Culprits Behind the Hanging of Sex Dolls during a Celtic-Rangers Match Walks free after Prosecutors Lost Evidence

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Culprits Behind the Hanging of Sex Dolls during a Celtic-Rangers Match Walks free after Prosecutors Lost Evidence

The case is now dead in the water because the Crown Office lost the evidence against the culprits ahead of a hearing.

During a match between Celtic and Rangers, two naked blow- up sex dolls were hung on the stadium while wearing Rangers’ scarves. A lot of spectators were disgusted with the vile move and demanded that authorities to name and shame the people behind it. 

The authorities were able to find the culprits. However, the Old Firm hanging of sex dolls trial is now axed for good despite the demands of people to hold the culprits accountable. This is because prosecutors lost both the video and photos that serve as evidence against the men in question. 

Culprits Behind the Hanging of Sex Dolls during a Celtic-Rangers Match Walks free after Prosecutors Lost Evidence

The Crown Office Lost the Evidence

The case can no longer go on as a legal insider revealed a shocking blunder, something that comes amid the intense scrutiny of the behavior of both the teams’ fans. 

According to the said legal insider, what happened was due to the incompetence and maladministration of the Crown. Essentially, the prosecutors destroyed video and photographic evidence against the culprits to a certain extent. 

The legal source also added that what happened was an expensive mistake. Considering the cost that the police used in investigating the matter, the Crown’s process of evaluation, and the amount of time the court has devoted to it, losing the evidence is indeed a costly mistake.

There is also the cost of prosecution and defense that work carried out in the background. With all of these combined, the cost could end up a million quid pretty easily. 

Fans of the Old Firm united as one to condemn the vile effigy stunt during the Celtic’s 5-1 Premiership home win against Rangers. 

The Blow-up Sex Dolls Were Hung With their Hands Tied at Their Backs

During the Celtic-Rangers match, the sex dols were hung on their necks with their hands tied on their backs. Above them is a banner that says “This is it Bhoys, this is war.” 

Culprits Behind the Hanging of Sex Dolls during a Celtic-Rangers Match Walks free after Prosecutors Lost Evidence

This stunt came during the World Suicide Prevention day. In addition, it happened shortly after Kris Boyd, a former Rangers hero, revealed that his brother Scott committed suicide. 

That year, nine suspects appeared in court. They were charged under the Offensive Behavior at Football Act. 

The charges were converted to abusive behavior and threatening after that law was scrapped. Two years after the incident and after a series of hearings, the trial was supposed to happen at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

However, the trial for the case was postponed after prosecutors gave defense lawyers a version of the video evidence that the cops have edited. 

The briefs were able to argue that they did not have all the available materials. Furthermore, Sheriff Allan Findlay bombarded law chiefs as they did not give the solicitors full disclosure of evidence. He threw out the trial after that. 

Sheriff Findlay also said that “the Crown has taken the view that they are going to rely on police evidence.” He added that he does not know what the disks contain and that he cannot understand why the Drown did not disclose that material to the defense. 

The Crown Office once again launched a fresh trial bid. It has two pre-trials that are already held this year. 

Andrew McDonald. 24, Kieran Carvill, 19, Martin Gallagher, 27, Kasey McKinnon, 19, Mark McDonald, 24, Lewis McLachlan, 20, Ross Brandy, 29, Myles McSwegan,18, and Michael Bentley, 28 are the suspects to the vile and disgusting stunt. However, all of them are in the clear after the case filed against them finally fell.

Dr. Andrew Tickell, a legal expert and lecturer said that mistakes are made, He added that it was not ideal but it was definitely a cock-up. Dr. Tickell also noted that what happened was particularly unfortunate because it was such a visible incident. 

According to the legal expert, no prosecutor wants to lose evidence. This is something evident because they were converting the Football Act charges into Section 38 charges. He also thinks that that would have required the materials and papers to shuffle around. 

Dr. Tickell also emphasized that the more hands things pass through, the easier it is for a person to lose or misplace it. Generally, disclosure is something that is extremely important. It also became a statutory in Scottland since 2010.

The Tory Shadow Justice Secretary Said that It was Unacceptable

Liam Kerr, Tory shadow justice secretary branded the incident “unacceptable. He said that such a case should fall because a material has been lost. At a time when the behavior of football fans is in the spotlight, he said that what happened was disappointing. 

Moreover, Graeme Pearson, a retired police chief who is now a politician, demanded the Crown Office to explain their mistake.  

Culprits Behind the Hanging of Sex Dolls during a Celtic-Rangers Match Walks free after Prosecutors Lost Evidence

On the other hand, Scottish Labour’s former justice spokesman, who is also an ex-match commander, said that what happened is extremely unhelpful considering the current environment. Considering the controversy that revolves around the management of football crowds, the Crowd Office’s mistake is truly unacceptable. The public deserves a full explanation of what went wrong, as well as how the evidence could be lost. 

The spokesman also noted that he is hoping that going forward on cases like this would be prioritized more than it seems to be now. The police officers who conducted the investigation and collected the pieces of evidence will be disappointed knowing that the case they exerted time and effort would be thrown in the water easily. 

In addition, there is a feeling that public money has been wasted.

Liam McArthur MSP, the Scottish Lib Dem spokesman also had his take about the unfortunate incident. He said that losing pieces of evidence is a failure in terms of basic case handling. The Crown Office carries the responsibility to prosecute on behalf of the public. However, due to pressure, they are letting things slip.

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