Difference between TPE & Silicone Sex Dolls and Which to Go For

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Difference between TPE & Silicone Sex Dolls and Which to Go For

Over the years, different products had improved alongside the advancement of technology. Some of them get outdated, some have just launched, and some continue to improve. Even the intricate products for sexual pleasure, not all people could think of are now available in the market today- they are sex dolls.

Before technology gets advanced, some even settle for inflatables sex dolls that are artificial and undeniably uncomfortable for use. Of course, users’ interest and taste develop as time passes by. As much as they seek personal sexual pleasure, they also look for desirable sex dolls that offer fantastic features. These means materials for sex dolls to be used should resemble the real human being experience. The topmost sex doll features on the checklist are elasticity, durability, human-like skin, and flesh.

Nowadays, most sex doll manufacturers are using either thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone. These materials are the deciding factor the comes first in users mind before its price. For they are after the fantastic feel and sensation of sex dolls, picking the right material to satisfy personal pleasure is crucial. To identify which material to go for, let us go through the difference between TPE and silicone and their features.

Difference Between TPE and Silicone and Their features

TPE or thermoplastic elastomer sex dolls. has a realistic texture that brings user’s fantasies into reality. Sex dolls made out of this material provides a very life-like touch due to the softness and elastic bend it has. These give realistic movements as TPE dolls are made flexible and making it easier for the user to fulfill sexual desires. 

Unlike TPE, some might more familiar with silicone having it around for years. Based on the features of silicone, it is noticeable far different from TPE. While TPE has soft features, the silicone is a bit more dense and rigid to touch. It provides the user with a more rubber-like companion than human-like.

These differences between the two material may have already lead you to what sex dolls to purchase, but taking deep into the detailed pros and cons of the two is something you need to recognize. 

The Pros and Cons of TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls

Admit it or not, both TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls deliver users the fantasies for the personal pleasure it seeks. Apart from the desires, it provides to users, there are things that should also be aware of when using these two sex dolls. Here’s a quick grasp of their pros and cons.

To list, below are the pros and cons of using TPE.


Elastic & Flexible

Created with a soft and elastic bend, TPE provides a more human-like touch as it is flexible and made of elastic. Human parts can act naturally and wobble according to users’ preferences.


Since two materials, thermoplastic and elastomer are mixed up when making TPE sex dolls, which respond well to its production, it became efficient to manufacture these sex dolls in mass production. 


Some sex toys may be harmful to one’s sexual health but TPE is made hypoallergenic and will not cause any allergic reactions.


Susceptible to Stains

Just like any other toy, TPE sex dolls are susceptible to stains making it difficult to clean and maintained. It is very unhygienic to leave the sex dolls unclean and should be taken care of more often.

On the other hand, here’s a quick list of the pros and cons of Silicone.


Resistant to Clothe Stains

Unlike TPE, Silicone sex dolls are resistant to clothing stains and are easier to clean. 

Less Sensitive to Heat

Users can enjoy these silicone sex dolls even in bathing in warm or hot water as it is less sensitive to heat. It can also resist being boiled or disinfected. 

Ability to Retain Shape

Compare with TPE being flexible, this one has the ability to retain its shape even under ultimate pressure. 


Dense and Stiff to Touch

Given the material used, it feels harder than the TPE. It will not wobble and move the way users want it. 

More Expensive

Silicone is classified as a thermoset. This means, once it is cured, it is fixed and cannot be modified which results in becoming more expensive.

Final Takeaway

Regardless of what type you choose between the TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls, it is still admittable that both bring comfort and aid you with your sexual indulgence. There might be variances between the features of the two but both works for the same purpose, to fancify your sexual needs. Well, everyone has different preferences. Either you go to a lifelike sex doll or far realistic but less maintenance. As we all know, being a smart buyer comes with great returns. Going through some thought is fine, it is your choice that matters after all. 

In addition, it does not matter which type you will choose. As long as you use and take care of your sex doll properly, it will last for a very long time, thus making your investment worth it. Of course, not handling your doll in a proper manner can result in damages that you can no longer repair. 

Moreover, it is also important that you invest in high-quality storage for your doll. This is because if your sex doll storage is not good enough, moisture and dust might still be able to get into contact with the skin of your sex doll. The dust will no doubt damage and scratch the skin of your precious love doll. In addition, the moisture that will come into contact with the skin of your doll may cause mold and bacterial buildup. These bacteria can cause you irritation and other infections once you use your sex doll. Needless to say, it is not only important to choose your doll. Rather, it is of equal importance that you take good care of it in order to maximize its life.

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