Do These Sex Dolls Really Look Like iDubbz?

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Do These Sex Dolls Really Look Like iDubbz?

Ian Kane Jomha, often known as iDubbbzTV or just iDubbbz, is an American YouTuber best known for entertaining videos and series.

On March 26, 2010, Ian launched his first YouTube channel and posted two videos. Yet, on August 12, 2012, he launched another channel, which is now his primary. On August 30, 2012, he posted his first video there, which was of him performing the Holiday levels of the game Overgrowth. 

He, like many other YouTubers, began by gaming. IDubbbz continued to upload gaming videos to his YouTube channel until March 18, 2013, when he uploaded his first “Gaming News Crap” video, which inspired his Kickstarter Crap series. 

Content Cop, arguably iDubbbz’s most popular series, is aimed at creators of various themes whose content is very controversial or poorly produced. For him, the series had garnered over 250 million views. 

Ian began his boxing career in addition to being a YouTube. IDubbbz made his boxing debut against Russian-American YouTuber Doctor Mike in the main event of the Creator Clash boxing tournament in May 2022. Doctor Mike won a unanimous decision over IDubbbz.

As you observe, this fighter and YouTuber is busy. Because he is additionally recognized as a boxer, he is assumed to have a good physique. Without a doubt, you imagined yourself in bed with him.  

Unfortunately, he is currently engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Anisa Jomha, a video creator who recently opened an account on OnlyFans, according to multiple sources.

We understand that this information may be unpleasant to you, but don’t fret; we have a solution. All you have to do is purchase and keep a sex doll resembling iDubbbz. 

There is currently no official iDubbbz sex doll. Manufacturers would need the agreement of the YouTuber mentioned above and the boxer before they could begin production. 

This article can help you find such a love doll more quickly. Based on your feedback, these are the top iDubbbz look-alike love dolls. These three are always a safe bet.

175cm (5ft9’) Sexy Bartender Male Sex Doll – Khieno 

Do These Sex Dolls Really Look Like iDubbz?

Khieno is the first sex doll who looks like iDubbbz. His facial features appear more mature than the boxer’s, but Khieno is still one of the best possibilities for an iDubbbz look-alike sex doll. 

Khieno, in contrast to the boxer and YouTuber, is described as a classy man with a mature face, an athletic build, and a sexual appeal of a Greek god. 

Aside from a face that resembles iDubbbz, what else can this sex doll provide? His biceps may not be as large as the gorgeous actor’s, but his body is muscular enough. Hunter has chiseled pecs and six-pack abs. They’ll make you never want to put a shirt on him again.

This love doll stands 5 feet 9 inches tall, while iDubbbz stands 6 feet 2 inches tall. That may be useful information because he isn’t a 6-footer and thus isn’t as heavy as iDubbbz, but, once again, Khieno’s height is already equivalent to heaviness.

Khieno weighs 50 kilograms. Therefore, you may need to bulk up or seek assistance using this sex doll.

Now let’s get to the most crucial aspect of this sex doll’s anatomy. Khieno has two penis sizes to choose from, 6 inches and 9.8 inches. It is entirely up to you, but whatever you choose will be worthwhile because both sizes are already enormous. 

Khieno is also very configurable. You can modify practically everything about Khieno, including his penis, and not just the size. You have the option of having it erect or relaxed.

162cm (5ft4’) Roman Warrior Realistic Sex Doll for Woman – Gladiator

Do These Sex Dolls Really Look Like iDubbz?

What could be sexier than a brave soldier? Simple. That would be a Roman warrior. That said, Gladiator is an excellent option for a male sex doll. Just look at this man’ hot body. That will surely make you wetter than an otter’s pocket. 

Since iDubbbz is also known as a boxer, Gladiator is also one of the amazing choices for iDubbbz’s look-alike sex doll since he also likes to fight and is very brave. 

Gladiator is 5 foot 4 inches tall, shorter than the previous love doll, and obviously, than iDubbbz. 

That is a blessing in disguise, though. Male sex dolls are typically heavy. But who uses male sex dolls? That would be women and gay men, many of whom don’t have strong muscles. Thus, carrying the sex doll can be an annoying task. 

But because Gladiator is not that big, he is not that heavy. He is only 38 kilograms. That is the same as most female sex dolls.

Just like the previous sex doll, Gladiator also has two penis sizes you can choose from. You can choose between 6 and 9.8 inches for this sex doll’s penis. 

Gladiator also has an anal and oral orifice for the tops and versatility. It is textured to feel like a real anus. So, you will feel like you are riding iDubbbz. His skin also has that effect; he is a TPE sex doll, meaning his skin is soft to the touch. It feels like human skin.

This sex doll is a solid choice for an iDubbbz sex doll. So consider getting him when buying your doll. 

165cm (5ft5’) Sugar Daddy Sex Doll – Ram

Do These Sex Dolls Really Look Like iDubbz?

Ram’s facial features are almost the same as iDubbbz’s. The main distinction is the beard since the YouTuber and boxer don’t have one. Also, iDubbbz has very short hair, while Ram looks like he has not gotten a haircut in two months. Still, he won’t be here if he’s not a good choice for an iDubbbz look-alike love doll.

Ram is 5 foot 5 inches tall and shorter than iDubbbz. And despite the difference in their heights being not too big, Ram is much lighter. This love doll weighs 44 kilograms, while Ian Jomha weighs 75 kilograms.

Make no mistake; even though Ram is lighter, he’s still a heavy doll. So, you’d need strong muscles to carry this love doll. That will not be much of a problem if you plan to let the sex doll lie down and ride it every time you use it. 

This iDubbbz look-alike love doll will make you horny as a sex demon with his sexy, well-sculpted body. His manhood is also alluring. It can be 3.9 inches or 7 inches long, depending on your preferences. 

Suppose you are a top. You can use this love doll’s oral and anal orifices. His anus is 5.5 inches deep, while his mouth is 4.7 inches deep.

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