Dr. Helen Sharpe Look-alike Love Dolls

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Dr. Helen Sharpe Look-alike Love Dolls

Dr. Helen Sharpe was the Chair of Hematology and Oncology at New Amsterdam Medical Center and a character in the television series “New Amsterdam.”

Dr. Sharpe earned her degree from the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. She then attended King’s College London for her foundation program and specialty registrar, as well as residencies at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and New Amsterdam Medical Center. She later earned board certification in adult and pediatric hematology. 

Dr. Helen Sharpe is undeniably gorgeous but also clever and dedicated. Unsurprisingly, many fans have fallen in love with her character.

On the other hand, Dr. Harpe had love interests in the series, as mentioned earlier. Mohammed, Akash Panthaki, Cassian Shin, and Max Goodwin were among them. Mohammed and Goodwin became her fiancé, but they could not continue their relationship due to unforeseen events.

Mohammed and Dr. Harpe had been together for almost ten years and were planning to marry before his sad death.

Even if that event did not occur, you would not have had the opportunity to interact with the character. Because that is impossible, the only answer is to have sex dolls that match Dr. Helen Sharpe.

So, where do you go to find such dolls? There are numerous sex dolls available for this purpose. However, appearance is not the only consideration. Of course, its sexual abilities are important as well. What good is the doll’s resemblance to Dr. Helen Sharpe if it can’t make you happy? You should also consider the doll’s quality; it must meet industry requirements.

There are numerous things you should look into. Fortunately, the work has already been completed; therefore, you are not required to do it. You’ll discover the finest Dr. Helen Sharpe look-alike love dolls right here.

Gina – Curvy Latina Sex Doll

Dr. Helen Sharpe Look-alike Love Dolls

This sex doll is stunning. She also resembles Dr. Sharpe in that they both have dark skin, brown hair, and curls. Furthermore, her physique is as enticing as the character.

Lucy has strikingly large breasts. Her cup size is an H-cup. You’d undoubtedly like to touch, caress, or observe those when you’re making love to her. They are supple and jiggle in the same way as real breasts do.

This love doll is the same height as Dr. Sharpe, so that’s a positive thing. They are each 5 feet 2 inches tall. However, Gina weighs 45 kilograms, which may make it tough for you to carry her over. Nonetheless, she is lighter than Dr. Helen Sharpe, who weighs approximately 55 kg.

Gina can have oral sex. Her mouth is 5.1 inches deep, which is reasonable for an oral opening. Assume you’re having a dream about Dr. Helen Sharpe locking her mouth around your erection. Gina is one of your greatest bets for making that fantasy a reality.

Gina, as one might anticipate, has intercourse powers. Her anal orifice is 7.1 inches deep, as is her vagina. Aside from being profound, it is also realistic, as there are modification choices if you want to modify something about her, depending on your liking.

Kendra – 168 cm – Black Sex Doll

Dr. Helen Sharpe Look-alike Love Dolls

Kendra is a beautiful black-haired woman with the figure of a sex goddess. The breasts on this TPE sex doll are adorable and delicate. They are not the largest globally, but they are certainly large. If you want to kiss her during your intercourse while picturing Dr. Helen Sharpe in her, she has plump lips.

Her BWH measures are 27 – 21 – 28 inches. Meanwhile, Freema Agyeman, who played Dr. Helen Sharpe, has BWH dimensions of 34 – 25 – 35. As a result, Kendra has a smaller waist and hips than Freema. Nonetheless, they are both shaped like hourglasses. Kendra also has a shapely butt, which you’ll adore even more for a reason we’ll tell later.

Similar to what you’d expect from an increased love doll, this Dr. Helen Sharpe look-alike love doll is fantastic in bed. She has three penetration points: oral, anal, and vaginal orifices. Each has different textures to simulate how a woman’s bodily parts feel. They all have tremendous depths as well.

Kendra’s oral orifice is 6 inches deep, and her shallowest orifice will provide you with amazing penis sucking. Her anus and vagina are 8 inches deep. You can go balls deep if you have a medium or large penis. It is unusual for a sex doll to have a deep anal opening like the vaginal one. That’s why you’ll adore Kendra’s bubble butt.

Jada – 159 cm – Dark Skin Sex Doll

Dr. Helen Sharpe Look-alike Love Dolls

Jada is a dark-skinned, black-haired love doll with a lovely face and a stunning figure. As a result, she’s an excellent choice for a Dr. Helen Sharpe love doll.

This love doll stands 5 feet 3 inches tall, whereas Freema Agyeman stands 5 feet 2 inches tall. It’s only a quarter-inch difference. Jada has a 20.7-inch waist, making her thinner than the actress who played Dr. Helen Sharpe. Jada’s hip measurement is 35.8 inches, which, like Dr. Sharpe’s, is broad and attractive.

Those will get you pumped up for sex adventures with this love doll. And be prepared to be astounded because Jada will transcend your fantasies. Her vaginal orifice measures 7.1 inches in depth. So, without certainty, it will demonstrate what heaven is like. Then her 6.7-inch-deep anal hole will satisfy anal sex fans.

Jada can also have oral sex. If you wish to start your sexcapades with her by eating and toying with your manhood, her oral orifice is 5.9 inches deep.

Perhaps you want her anus to be warm as well. You can achieve this by purchasing the internal body heating add-on; this raises the doll’s body temperature, making her appear alive.

Perhaps you’d prefer to hear your Dr. Helen Sharpe love doll groan instead. If this is the case, the moaning system add-on is for you. There is an option to select add-ons for a more unforgettable sex session with this love doll.

Please keep in mind that some add-ons are not free. You should also not deplete your wallet to obtain them. Jada is a fantastic sex doll with or without add-ons.

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