Dr. Lauren Bloom Look-alike Love Dolls

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Dr. Lauren Bloom Look-alike Love Dolls

Dr. Lauren Bloom is one of the series’ key protagonists. She is the head of the Emergency Department at New Amsterdam Medical Center and a well-respected doctor both within the hospital and in her field.

Lauren grew up in New York City, the daughter of an affluent, upper-class Jewish family. Lauren’s mother, Jeanie, dubbed “Hurricane Jeanie,” was a New York socialite. Her father owned a dermatology clinic, which he turned into a million-dollar enterprise. He was frequently absent from the house, leaving Lauren to care for her alcoholic mother when she was as little as seven. Her father, however, died a year before she started college.

She went on to become a doctor. But, despite appearing to be the ideal spouse for everyone, she has flaws. Dr. Lauren Bloom was diagnosed with ADHD and was addicted to Adderall, a combination drug known as combined amphetamine salts, according to the series.

Because her addiction interferes with her ability to work in the hospital, she was referred to rehabilitation. If Dr. Lauren Bloom truly fascinates you, those things won’t matter because she is an incredible, gorgeous, and talented girl in general.

Furthermore, it was also discovered that Dr. Bloom had a romantic involvement with her roommate and friend, Leyla Shinwari. Yes, you correctly comprehended it — Dr. Bloom is bisexual.

Don’t worry because even if you can’t have the actual Dr. Lauren Bloom, you can have a sex doll that looks like her. However, don’t expect a flawless one to exist. Netflix productions are unlikely to sell love dolls as goods, and manufacturers cannot construct duplicates of real individuals without permission.

It’s preferable to focus on the similarities between these dolls and Dr. Lauren Bloom and disregard the differences. Without further ado, here is a collection of realistic love dolls that resemble Dr. Lauren Blooms.


Dr. Lauren Bloom Look-alike Love Dolls

Molly is a lovely love doll. Because her hair is black, it does not match Dr. Lauren Bloom’s hair in the series. Molly has the same youthful but strong appearance as Dr. Bloom, making her an even better fit for a Dr. Lauren Bloom love doll.

Janet Montgomery, who portrayed Dr. Lauren Bloom in the series, is 5 feet 6 inches tall; assuming that the show says otherwise, that might also be Dr. Lauren Bloom’s height. On the other hand, Dr. Bloom is 4 inches taller than Molly. Is that something that bothers you? It shouldn’t because it kept Molly from being overweight. Molly weighs only 28 kg because she is a short love doll with no extra-large assets. As a result, she is simple to use and carry over.

Concerning the body sizes, they are not identical either. They do, however, have the same bottom-hourglass shape. Molly’s BWH measurements are 26 – 19 – 30 inches, whereas Dr. Lauren Bloom’s are 34 – 25 – 35 inches. They are different, but not significantly so.

The breasts are around the proper size. Janet Montgomery has B-cup breasts, and this doll has one as well.

Of course, no discussion of love dolls would be complete without noting the doll’s sexual potential. Molly is capable of anal, oral, and vaginal intercourse. Her vaginal and anal orifices are 6.7 inches deep, while her oral orifice is 5.1 inches deep. Molly’s sexual powers will undoubtedly please you.


Dr. Lauren Bloom Look-alike Love Dolls

Eve has straight brown hair, a stunning physique, and a lovely face. Like Dr. Lauren Bloom, she has pouty lips and a strong jaw. Set her eyes to brown, and she’s ready for a Dr. Lauren Bloom love doll.

Their bodies, on the other hand, are very different. Eve stands 5 feet 7 inches tall, making her taller than Dr. Bloom. The distinction between the two dolls is that Eve is bustier. The breasts on this love doll are huge, round, and C-cup. Yes, that is not Dr. Lauren Bloom’s cup size. Many guys, though, would not mind; huge breasts are beautiful and pleasurable to caress. The nice part is that these breasts did not make her bulky. Eve only weighs 43 kilos. As a result, she’s still lightweight and portable.

Eve’s body dimensions are 34 x 25 x 37 inches. So the bust and hip sizes are nearly identical to Janet Montgomery’s. Her hips, on the other hand, are substantially broader. Still, what is important is that it makes an hourglass shape.

This Dr. Lauren Bloom look-alike love doll has only two orifices: 6.6 inches deep anus and 6.7 inches deep vagina. This game is unique because you may customize the designs inside Eve’s vagina. Make sure to look through the customizing choices to make her the greatest love doll for you.


Dr. Lauren Bloom Look-alike Love Dolls

Frida is a lovely young lady with black hair and kissable lips. She has captivating eyes that will melt you right before your sex. They differ in ways, such as skin color; this love doll has a brown complexion. Unfortunately, there is no customization for this love doll because she is ready to ship, but she is just as beautiful as Dr. Lauren Bloom, which is an essential thing.

Frida is the same height as Eve but is one inch taller than Janet Montgomery. Frida’s breasts are enormous, much like Eve’s. Her breasts are D-cup. It is, however, a couple of sizes larger than Dr. Bloom’s. They are, however, pretty close.

So she’s a 5’5″ love doll with medium-sized breasts. She is, as one might assume, light. This love doll barely weighs 39.5 kilograms, making her very easy to transport and utilize, which adds to her allure. Because she has a steel skeleton with moveable joints, you can have sex with her in various positions and learn different bed skills.

Let’s go on to Frida’s sexual abilities. She is, as previously stated, a TPE sex doll. As a result, she has orifices in her oral, anal, and vaginal regions. The former is the shallowest, measuring 5.9 inches deep, while the anal orifice is the second-deepest, measuring 6.7 inches. Her vagina, which measures 7.1 inches deep, is the deepest.

Although none of these dolls are a replica of Dr. Lauren Bloom’s physical attributes, they are among the closest. They are also up to standards, so every cent you spend on them will be well spent.

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