Experts are Interested in These 6 SexTech Brands, So Should You

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Experts are Interested in These 6 SexTech Brands, So Should You

As long as humans exist, there will be a need for sex. As the world is ever-changing, so are their needs. Sextech is the sector that is always on the lookout for these needs. It aims to solve sexual issues and provide gratification to people through the use of technology-infused products and services. Sex Tech has products for pleasure like sex toys and sex dolls – which also offer the feeling of companionship. Furthermore, there are products that help solve medical problems. For this reason, sex tech is estimated to be worth over $122 billion by 2024. 

That is not far from being true. While the covid-19 pandemic affected other industries negatively, it helped sex tech. It is a global health crisis, and everybody is looking at how it affected our lives. All have been using their time in quarantine to think about how humans can be healed. We all want to find a cure, not only for covid-19 but also for other problems and issues we face. That has led to conversations that opened the eyes of the people to the importance of sexual health. 

Experts are Interested in These 6 SexTech Brands, So Should You

Sex is something people enjoy but are embarrassed to talk about it. Because of this, because they would not open up about their problems with sex, it has been difficult to solve them. Now, because of current events, sexual wellness has become a priority. It allowed Sex Tech to better respond to people’s needs better. 

Sex Tech experts revealed the top 6 sextech brands they are most excited about. 

Make Love Not Porn

This platform is founded by Cindy Gallop, one of the leading experts in the sexual wellness space. Sanasi Amos, sex educator and founder of Revaginate NG, shared her opinions about Make Love Not Porn. She said that the platform is changing the narrative of sex entertainment. No one would disagree with that.

Cindy Gallop started the platform after she noticed that pornography is being the default source of sex education. Yes, some things are taught in school. However, lessons there are outdated and do not go into details with the nitty-gritty of sex. Porn, on the other hand, shows the viewers how sex is done. Unfortunately, content in porn videos is pretentious. They either follow a cliched troupe or storyline, in which some are unethical. They also focus on the physical act rather than intimacy – which is the real essence of sex.

In Make Love Not Porn, curated photos and videos are posted. Members can view these and learn how real sex looks like. They are better materials for sex education.

Touchy-Feely Tech

Speaking of sex education, another brand that spreads awareness is Touchy-Feely Tech. Aside from the DIY Vibrator kits that they sell, Touchy-Feely Tech offers workshops to encourage personal discovery and increase interest in STEM topics. 

Jodie West, CEO & Resident Sexologist at Bliss for Women, noticed how vital this effort is for sexual wellness. Similar to Bryony Cole, West believes the use of tech opens up conversations around sexual health and pleasure. That is essential for the development of everyone’s well-being. Touchy-Feely Tech does this perfectly.

Experts are Interested in These 6 SexTech Brands, So Should You

Alex Wilshire, Femtech and SexTech enthusiast agrees. Wilshire believes that through this educational and self-awareness brand, people will help people understand things better. They will achieve greater intimacy with their owned possessions and, ultimately, with each other.


Sexual health is important to people, no matter their gender identity, race, or color. RenavigateNG caught the interest of sex tech experts for being the first sex-positive brand in South Africa. Its mission is to empower individuals to be sexually liberated.

First West African brand working on this content, founder Sanasi notes the importance of her brand. She says that they are creating culturally competent sex information. Furthermore, they are showing individuals how sex education can be a tool to fight racism.

Raspberry Dream Land

This is a Social WebXR event platform for progressive, uncensored arts and entertainment. It is recommended for people whose passions lie in intimacy, human behavior, and modern art. One of them is Alex Wilshire, who applauds the platform for doing what it does.

Wilshire says that RD Land gives a voice to underrepresented or rarely discussed issues and topics while creating enjoyment. She believes that the platform will play an important role in the normalization of sex topics and sex tech.


Taking a deeper dive into underrepresented or rarely discussed issues and topics, Handi is a brand worth the attention. In 2017, Bryony Cole – a prominent figure in sex tech, expressed her excitement about how sex tech can answer the needs of disabled people. Now, she does not have to wonder because of the creation of Handi. It is the first line of SexTech for disabled people.

With Handi leading the discussions for how people with physical limitations can enjoy sex, lots of opportunities will be opened. Standing as an example and highlighting the needs of underrepresented groups, Handi gives inspiration to disabled people and other sex tech brands. It will revolutionize the industry. There will be a surplus of sex toys that these people can use so they too can experience heightened pleasure. 

It is not far from coming true. Over the years, sex tech has adapted “genderless” product designs to support inclusivity. For sure, they can also find ways so their products can be used by disabled people too. 

Experts are Interested in These 6 SexTech Brands, So Should You


Jodie West and Phoebe are working on a project called Femira. They aim to help people redefine sex and pleasure by encouraging better sexual experiences and improved communication and comfort. 

West believes that there is a gap in the market between health care and pleasure. This important quality of life often gets missed, resulting in people dealing with their problems in silence. To solve this issue, Femira creates a bridge for health care therapies and intimacy to connect. The brand will do it through its products and resources that support sexual wellness and communication. By doing this, they believe they can enhance intimacy for life.

What Is In Store For Us?

While these brands do different things, they have one common goal. That is to revolutionize and reshape how we incorporate sexual health and wellness into our daily lives. With their efforts, sexual health will become more accessible an   d relatable to everyone.

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