Fall In Love With This New Miku Sex Doll

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Fall In Love With This New Miku Sex Doll

Are you a Hatsune Miku fan? Did you know that there’s a sex doll replica of the moe anthropomorph you can use to fulfill your fantasy? Stick around to see a review of it.

K-pop idols are all the craze nowadays. Considering how pretty and perfect these Asians look, combined with how talented they are, the trend isn’t surprising at all. But before K-pop idols conquered the world, people from different countries heard the music of J-pop idols first. Also, thanks to anime’s popularity, Japanese songs have been blasting through the speakers in homes all across the globe for years already. 

Now, what if you compress all those fantastic things into one? A pretty anime girl who is an idol. That sounds amazing, right? Well, there actually are anime characters like that. There’re the Love Live girls, Kanon Nakagawa from “The World God Only Knows,” and Miku Izayoi from “Date A Live,” among many others. But, when talking about anime idols, Hatsune Miku’s name is usually the one that pops to mind.

Who is Hatsune Miku?

Hatsune Miku’s name is a combination of the Japanese words hatsu (first), ne (sound), and miku (future). So, the character’s name means “the sound of the future.” That is referring to her being the first of Crypton Future Media’s “Character Vocal Series.”

Fall In Love With This New Miku Sex Doll

Hatsune Miku is the personification of the Vocaloid software developed by Crypton. She is a cute girl with turquoise twin-tails, and she is a virtual idol loved by many. Hatsune Miku, despite not being an actual human, has already performed in a live concert. That’s a testament to how popular this anime girl is. And if that’s not enough proof, you can check how in-demand Hatsune Miku merchandise is. Dollfie dolls, plushies, and video games about this virtual idol sell like pancakes!

Now, there are people who have admitted that they are sexually attracted to chickens and other weird things. So, it isn’t surprising to hear that some people bust a nut thinking of Hatsune Miku. 

Unfortunately, Hatsune Miku is not a real person. So there’s no way you can have sex with her. 

Actually, that is a lie. There is something you can do that is better than fapping in front of your Hatsune Miku altar. You can buy a sex doll that looks like her and use it to fulfill your desire. 

Here is one model you should check out.

Hatsune Miku Sex Doll

This sex doll version of the moe antropomorph, Hatsune Miku, looks really, really pretty. She has that beautiful, innocent face that hints at the virtual idol’s youthfulness. And, of course, it would not be Hatsune Miku without her iconic turquoise hair. It’s really as if the virtual idol crossed dimensions to get here. 

Certainly, the idea of a life-sized, tangible Hatsune Miku gets you excited. But aside from this sex doll being 5’5″ tall, something else about her body will make you smile from ear to ear. She is super sexy – slim, with a tiny waist and D-cup boobs. Also, she doesn’t just appear lightweight – she is actually super light. Since this Hatsune Miku weighs only 29 kilograms, lifting her should not be much of a problem. That will allow you to abuse the flexibility granted to her by her skeleton. You would be able to put her in a position that you want very easily.

Here is more information that you will surely love to hear about. Intercourse is not the only thing possible with this sex doll. Sure her 7.09 inches deep vagina is so impressive you’ll never get enough of it. But, you will also love her oral and anal orifices. That’s right. This Hatsune Miku can also take it from behind. Like a real butthole, her anal orifice is has a different texture, tightness, and position from her vagina. It also has a different depth – 6.3 inches, to be exact. You will love it, especially when looking for a different flavor of sex. 

Fall In Love With This New Miku Sex Doll

As mentioned above, this Hatsune Miku also offers some cock-sucking. And you will love them for how excellent this sex doll is at giving them. Her 5.12 inches deep, realistic oral orifice will blow you.

Personalization Options

This Hatsune Miku is already amazing as she is. But, there are things you can do to make her even better.

There are plenty of customization options you can use to make her aesthetics match your tastes. You can change her fingernails and toenails color, areola size, nipple color, and labia color. Also, you can change her skin color. So if you wish to have a tanned or black sex doll, you can do that. 

Making minor changes to Hatsune Miku’s aesthetics will help increase the enjoyment you’ll get from her company. But, there are bigger changes that you can make that will surely make you feel happier.

For instance, you can add an internal body heating system to her body. There will be a plug beneath the sex doll’s armpit where you’ll plug the heating console in. Leave it a few minutes so it can heat the sex doll to the desired temperature. Don’t worry; the internal thermostat will ensure that your sex doll does neither overheat nor melt. Come back to it, unplug the console, and then use the doll. The heat will stay for 60 – 80 minutes.

Fall In Love With This New Miku Sex Doll

Perhaps you are a boob guy. If so, you will love this customization option. You can make your Hatsune Miku have solid, hollow, or extra-soft breasts. Solid breasts are perky and durable. On the other hand, hollow breasts are soft and super jiggly. Meanwhile, extra soft breasts are filled with gel – the same kind used in real women’s breasts. Out of the three options, these breasts are the most realistic. As this Hatsune Miku sex doll has D-cup breasts, she is compatible with all three options. But, keep in mind that if you have her equipped with an internal heating system, she can’t have extra-soft breasts.


This sex doll, with or without the extra accessories, is a fantastic sex doll. She is your best bet for fulfilling your Hatsune Miku fantasies. Definitely a grade-A model. Go and take her home if you want to. 

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