How Safe Is Webcam Modeling?

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Escorts are vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse. Also, since they are having sex with strangers for their work, they risk getting STDs. Porn stars could be vulnerable to these too. While the biggest porn studios regularly test their models, smaller ones and amateur porn stars do not always. 

On the other hand, webcam models do not have to worry about these. They perform solo during their live streams. The only kind of sex they will do on camera is sex with sex dolls. Of course, these dolls cannot physically hurt them since they are not sentient. Also, as long as the sex doll is not used by anyone else, it cannot transfer STDs. Therefore, among the three types of sex work, webcam modeling is the safest. And with how much a model could make, it seems like it is the superior choice for people who want to enter the adult entertainment industry.

However, that does not mean there’s entirely no risk in being a webcam model. Aspiring sex workers should take notes of these before they enter the scene.

How Safe Is Webcam Modeling?

Attracting Stalkers

Building relationships with fans is an essential part of a webcam model’s work. That combined with performing erotic acts while live streaming is their bread and butter.

 But obsession is a common thing in the webcamming industry. While most of the viewers know their limits, some do not. Some of these viewers become overly attached to their favorite models. If the worst comes to worst, they may become stalkers. They would demand the model give them their personal information like their address, birthday, and real name. And if they cannot extract this information directly from the webcam model, they will find another way. And it would be best not to underestimate these stalkers. There are reported cases where they successfully located the model’s house and appeared there. In one extreme case, the stalker ended the model’s life. 

Public Shaming

We all know that sex workers are marginalized. Many people look down on them for doing this type of job. They are branded as “dirty” or “immoral.” Webcam models are no exception. They suffer ridicule just like porn stars and prostitutes.

A common practice for sex workers is to adopt an alias. This way, they can hide their identities. However, there are threats that could take away a model’s anonymity. Some people and websites like Porn Wikileaks dedicate their time to expose porn stars and webcam models.

What happens when models get exposed? First of all, their stalker will be able to find them easier. We already established how dangerous that could be. But aside from physical threats like that, exposure could hurt the model’s financial and emotional health. 

We know society still has not fully accepted sex work as real work. So, it will not be surprising if the communities or families around an exposed webcam model ostracizes them. This could affect the model’s relationship, not only with the people around her but also with herself. Being an exiled member of the community could be emotionally draining.

Aside from that, if they have a job aside from webcamming, the company they work for could fire them. If not, they will voluntarily resign for fear of harassment from their colleagues. But that’s not the end of it. They can apply for new jobs, but companies may not hire them if they know who they are. That leaves the model with making webcamming their full-time job. However, they might not want to do that due to what happened. 

How Safe Is Webcam Modeling?

How Models Can Protect Themselves

As we have pointed out, webcam modeling is relatively safe compared to porn starring and escorting. But, there are still dangers models can come face to face with. To avoid these sticky situations, a webcam model should know the best practices in their work to protect themselves. Here are some things they can do:

Do Not Disclose Personal Information

As a rule of thumb, webcam models must, in any circumstances, never hand out information that could reveal their identity to their viewers. These include the real name, address, and phone number. Never should a model say these when streaming.

Use Different Emails And Social Accounts For Webcamming And Personal Use

Webcam models should do this to ensure that they would not be exposed if any of their accounts get hacked. Aside from this, they should pay close attention to the details contained in the things they send to their clients online. For example, Amazon wishlists can show their name and home address. It would be best to clear this information first before sending it out.

Always Use Geoblocking

Webcam models keen on keeping their true identities a secret use geoblocking. It is a special feature offered by most camming websites. Geoblocking allows models to prevent people from specific geographic locations from finding their streams. The models have the freedom to choose which states to block. Of course, first on their list should be their home state so their neighbors and people they know would not find their streams. Next, they should consider blocking the regions where their most disrespectful viewers live. 

However, it is important to note that people can bypass this using VPN. So, models should still be wary. If they can identify their problematic viewers, they can use the block button to ban them.

Best Set-Up Practices

Even if models have followed everything said above, their obsessed stalkers could still find a way to locate them. How? Through the things that can be seen on camera.

How Safe Is Webcam Modeling?

When setting the workplace, webcam models should put away items that could leak personal information. There should be no family pictures, work uniforms, and other things visible on camera. As much as possible, the only things viewers should be seeing are a blank wall, a bed, the model, and her sex doll or toys.

More than that, webcam models are also encouraged to make themselves “unrecognizable.” Wearing wigs and makeup would be a wise decision.

Overall, anonymity is the only thing that stands between a webcam model and danger. With these tips and tricks, webcam models should be able to hide their personal information away from their viewers. Therefore, they can be safe. Compared to what escorts have to do, this is nothing. Webcamming is still the safest type of sex work to date.

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