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Nowadays, everything has taken the online shift in matters of buying and selling. This has gradually extended into the private world of sex dolls, and now, it is even more convenient that way. Sex dolls of all kinds; used and unused, are being traded on the online platform day in day out. 

Amazon is an online trading forum for buying and selling goods; used or brand new. It was founded in the year 1994 and is based in Seattle city in Washington. Because of its experience in matters of online trade, Amazon has since grown to become one of the most frequently used and trusted online vendor. So far, Amazon is the biggest online shop in all aspects and has the most significant following.


Image: Amazon Sex Dolls. Screenshot taken on September 20, 2019

The online trade has not left behind the sex doll market. Sex dolls that used to be sold directly from warehouses have gradually made their way into e-commerce platforms like Amazon. In most cases, the manufacturers of these sex dolls use Amazon and other such websites as brokering vendors between them and their clients. Unfortunately, some scrupulous people have attacked the scene and may sell counterfeit goods or already used sex dolls to unsuspecting customers, lowering significantly how people view such vendors as Amazon.

Sex Doll Selection

On opening the Amazon page for selling sex dolls, you will find so many images of a great variety of sex dolls therein. If you look closely, though, you will realize that it is pretty hard to determine the validity of the sex dolls in question. Some people have gone ahead to buy them but have come to realize that it is merely a shortcut that will land you a substandard sex doll posed as clean and valid.

Experts will advise that when it comes to amazon, sex dolls are either very limited or even utterly non-existent. If you run into one legit one, chances are it is a special case. Most sex doll cases on Amazon are a pure scam, and from sellers who pretend to be selling valid goods while in a real sense, the sex dolls are either used or of shallow quality.

On Amazon, however, you can get access to other sex toys and smaller dolls. If you are thinking of buying an extra sex doll head, Amazon is the place to go. The same applies to other sex dolls body parts like detachable vaginas and penises, for instance. Also, amazon stock very good masturbators and pleasurers. All these, but not legit sex dolls. 


Image: Sex Doll Parts. Photo taken from Amazon

The difference between Amazon and other online vendors is that the information relayed to the buyer is correct. As such, you will find all sex doll collections therein; made from both silicone and TPE. However, with Amazon, you may not be in a position to customize your sex doll accordingly. Once you click on the ‘buy’ option, you take it home just as it is.

Shipping Information

On Amazon, once you land the product you want, usually, you reach out to the seller and kind of strike a bargain. In most cases, the price is negotiable slightly. Once the seller and the buyer have come to an agreement, Amazon comes in to allow for the payment option to be effected. Usually, there is a protection escrow for large amounts. The money is held up until the buyer receives the goods and confirms it is all good. If all are confirmed to be okay, the money is then released to the seller. If any discrepancy is reported, or the sex doll arrives while defective, the seller may incur some cost on the repair of the sex doll.


Image: Sample Shipping Information to France. Screenshot taken on September 20, 2019

Shipping may take anything between one day and a week, depending on your country. Some countries do not accept sex dolls through their customs because of strict sexuality laws. As such, sex dolls from Amazon may not be shipped everywhere.

Return Policy


Image: Returns instruction. Screenshot taken on September 20, 2019

Once you receive your sex doll and you find it defective, you will need to raise the concern within forty-eight hours on the Amazon platform. Amazon takes it up from there, to reach out to the seller and settle for a compensation plan or the entire refund on the sex doll. All this will depend on how bad the damage may be. Such goods as sex dolls should not be used before returning; they should remain as received and in their original package to avoid complications for all the parties involved.

Payment Options

The payment methods accepted by Amazon are greatly varied in a bid to incorporate as many people as possible. To begin with, all debit and credit cards from major card companies are accepted. VISA, American Express, Master Card, ECB, etc. Amazon also accepts payments via blockchain channels like the Litecoin, Bitcoin, among others. Clients who are okay with bank transfers are also incorporated here, as well as other electronic money transfer options like Western Union. What is more, Amazon accepts PayPal payments for clients who prefer the same. All the payments are securely managed by top security agencies in the United States, and that means your financial and personal information is secured as well. Amazon is easily reachable, and you may reach out to ask for further details as needed.

Why Do We Recommend Amazon?

Amazon was established a long time ago. This essentially means that it has all the relevant experiences garnered over the years. It has gradually built upon its processes until now they are almost perfect. The prizes on Amazon are not exaggerated, and by the fact that you are dealing one on one with the seller, Amazon boosts your self-confidence in online purchases.


  • Amazon has expertise in online business dating back to 1994. Over time, Amazon has perfected the art and now stands out as only the best.
  • There is a very minimal chance that you will be conned on Amazon. 
  • Dealing one on one with the seller may boost online shopping experience.


Scrupulous people have found their way into Amazon over time. This has slightly messed up the image of Amazon, although it is under perfect control.

FINAL 9/10

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