How To Buy A Sex Robot

How To Buy A Sex Robot

People today are constantly condemning violence against women, especially rape. This type of evil act has no place in the present world to tolerate. It will be forever denied and will never be accepted. Hence, the government continuously formulates different eye by eye laws to protect women from these incidents. But unfortunately, these laws do not completely eliminate the threat of rape. The said crime is still happening around the world. What does the world need to stop this? 

The best weapon to fight against something is knowledge. Knowledge about the roots of this heinous crime. Of course, if you want to remove something, you should target its roots. And this case, the primary reason why people are resorting to this crime is because of unforgiven sex drive. The sexual urge that people feel even during the ordinary days is definitely dangerous when ignored. It’s similar to fillings that build up against the wall, waiting like a bomb to explode. People who are in this stage of compromised sexual needs will do anything just to please themselves. Whether they find a sex buddy, with consent or without, they will do it just to feel comfortable. In case you do not know, that feeling of orgasm is something that is hard to fight back. The only way to get rid of it is to release it a natural way. But the problem is, you need someone or something to help you. Now that technology is no longer a burden, pleasing yourself sexually is not a problem at all. It can be done anytime and anywhere without resorting to violence. If your partner doesn’t want to have sex for a while, why would you force them if there’s something they can temporarily take their place.  

How To Buy A Sex Robot Since when it comes to sexual urges, the response is uncontrollable, the action is the thing that must be put in priority. Don’t be a prisoner of your sexual urges. Don’t make something that will hurt or compromise anybody. Even if it’s naturally inevitable, you still have the responsibility to not lose your mind. If you think you have no choice, you’re absolutely wrong. Just look around and you’ll find one. What is it? Sex robots. The upgraded version of the typical sex dolls. 

It’s apparent that to some people, sex dolls don’t work for them. Maybe, they’re longing still for an intimate activity with a real human who can move, initiate, who can arouse, who can talk. That’s why; the amazing people in the sex industry had come up with an amazing sex robot. This inanimate figure can divert all your worries into a great sexperience. Now, they are more improved. Sex robots can now act like a real human when it comes to bed. They can talk, they can moan, and they can do some basic movements. More so, they have a very enhanced skin complexion and facial appearance that made it more look realistic. Not to mention, they may be more beautiful compared to your real human wife. So who would you resist? Can you take the consequences and regret if you won’t give it a try? 

Sex Robot Update: Virtual Version

Just a quick preview, the earth is continuously moving forward. Who would’ve thought that the standard version of a sex robot would go even further? Now, they can be bought and gotten virtually. With the use of an online app. 

With the use of the application, the user can build and organize the personality he desired his sexbot to have. It can also chitchat with you, interpret whatever you would say, and talk as if the robot is real. 

This adult app is formulated by Realbotix, A Californian-owned sex doll distributor. This is known for having the best array of sex dolls in the market.

How To Buy A Sex Robot You can actually be a sex doll engineer even without building one physically. When you download the app and get the subscription, you will be able to start building your own doll based on your preference. You can alter the facial features, change the breast size as well as the vagina, the height and weight, and of course the clothes. These are such easy steps. No need for raw materials. All you need is creative minds. And in an instant, you can fully build your dream girlfriend. 

Right after you’ve activated your changes, you can now start interacting with her to anyways you would want. Just like a human relationship, everything starts from getting to know each other. Since this sexbot has emotional independence, she can sense your moods and also give her first impression to you. If you would be nice to hear from the very beginning, she will also do the same thing. And just note, you’ll easily win her heart. 

To give the sex robots are more stable and huge exposure, some businessmen are beginning to incline some prominent investment in building a sex robot brothel. So basically, it also works on an hourly basis, but the difference is they will not be using a real human prostitute to sell to their patrons. Instead, they will have these sex robots to offer. See? Even if most people think that brothels are something that is hard to accept, they are really working hard to incline their business to what society accepts morally and ethically. 

Easy Steps to Get One

The above-mentioned is the latest from the array of technology. But if you’re looking for a tangible doll with the characteristics similar to what was discussed above, well don’t worry, there’s something you would wish to have. 

There are sex doll companies that offer life-like and life-size sex robots that can talk, moan, move, and really look like a real human. As a bonus, customization is available. So just like the above-mentioned version, you can also actually build the woman of your dreams. 

How To Buy A Sex Robot


So here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Think of your desired sex doll characteristics. List it down. 
  2. Go online and find the best store in the market. 
  3. Contact the seller. You will not have a hard time because all the contact information you would need are prominently disclosed on 
  4. their website. 
  5. And that’s it. The seller will reach out to you for the next steps.