iJustine Look-alike Love Dolls

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iJustine Look-alike Love Dolls

American YouTuber iJustine is among the most popular ones; her channel has over a billion views. Before that, she was a “life caster” on her Justin.TV channel. That’s how she became popular. Many people called iJustine one of the most popular individuals in the lifecasting sphere.

Then, she gained international popularity with her “300-Page iPhone Bill” video; it went trending. She rose and rose since then. Justine Ezarik (her real name) became an advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger on the reality competition series “The New Celebrity Apprentice.” Also, she was Passion Fruit on the YouTube comedy series “Annoying Orange.” And she is the main character in YouTube Premium’s murder-mystery reality series “Escape the Night.” Also, Ezarik had guest appearances on “The Vampire Diaries,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and “Criminal Minds.”

Because Justine Ezarik is this popular, you likely have heard about her. And you are here because you fantasize about having sex with her. Unfortunately, you know the odds of you realizing that dream are low. So, you turn to love dolls. That’s a smart move.

Sex dolls do not care about who you are or what you do. Therefore, the heaven-and-earth distance between real iJustine and you does not matter. The sex doll will not refuse to have sex with you because you are a nobody.

You came here to look for advice on how to select a great sex doll. The answer is to look at the sex doll’s appearance and quality. But how can you ensure a model is high-quality if you are ordering love dolls online? You can do so by checking the reliability of the distributor and the manufacturer.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to do that tedious task. Here is a list of the iJustine look-alike love dolls you can use.

Celine: French Sex Doll

iJustine Look-alike Love Dolls

Blonde and beautiful is what Celine and iJustine are. Thus, Celine is a great option. But it takes more than hair color to decide whether she’s among the best. Fortunately for Celine, she’s more than golden locks. 

This sex doll is 5 feet 2 inches tall; thus, she is only an inch shorter than iJustine. Then, Celine’s body measurements of 38 – 23 – 39 inches are not too far off Ezarik’s 35 – 25 -36 inches. They both create a sexy hourglass-shaped body. 

iJustine’s bra size is 32C. On the other hand, Celine owns a pair of E-cup breasts. So, she’s more gifted than the YouTuber – something that would make many men rejoice. 

Even though Celine has bigger assets than Justine Ezarik, she weighs much lighter. Celine weighs only 32 kilograms, while the said YouTuber weighs 52 kilograms. There’s nothing wrong with Ezarik’s weight unless you are a sex doll, whose weight affects how easy you are to use.

Because Celine is not heavy, you can easily put her in different poses, which her steel skeleton with movable joints allows. Why should you be excited about that? Because this sex has anal sex, oral sex, and vaginal sex capabilities. So, an articulated skeleton and ideal weight open possibilities for different sex positions. 

Aurora: Tender Sex Doll

iJustine Look-alike Love Dolls

Aurora is a love doll that actually looks like iJustine. It’s not just the blonde hair; it’s also the facial structure, which is similar. But she’s still not perfect. This sex doll and Justine Ezarik have some differences – something bound to happen because the manufacturer did not base Aurora on her. Still, she is a solid option for people looking for an iJustine love doll.

This sex doll is tall; she stands at 5 foot 7 inches. So, she is taller than Justine Evarik by 4 inches. But you can just pretend that’s her actual height, especially if you haven’t seen her in person. You are already playing make-believe anyway.

As you would expect, there are also some differences in their body measurements. Aurora’s BWh measurements are 34.5″ – 25″ – 37″. Only the waist sizes matched perfectly. But the others also almost nailed it – the bust is only 0.5″ smaller, and the hips are only 1″ wider. On the other hand, Aurora’s C-cup breasts also match Justine Eznarik’s. 

This sex doll is made of high-quality silicone. That, unfortunately, means oral sex is not possible. Anal sex and intercourse are available, though. Her two orifices are enough to keep you coming home to her. 

Aurora’s anal orifice is 6.6 inches deep., while her vaginal orifice is 6.7 inches deep.

Stacy: Trophy Wife Sex Doll

iJustine Look-alike Love Dolls

Stacy is gorgeous as sin. She is a blonde beauty with a body that will make you hot and bothered. Who looks like that and can do that to you again? Justine Ezarik.

This sex doll’s breasts are as big as Justine Ezarik’s. They have a realistic texture too. Thus, you will feel like you are holding the YouTuber’s actual breasts. The gel breasts option will make them even more realistic. So be sure to consider that if you have an extra $75.

Stacy is 5 foot 5 inches tall. She’s taller than Justine Ezarik, but the difference is not as apparent as in Aurora’s case. Unfortunately, you can’t change her height through customization. So again, you must convince yourself that Justine Ezarik’s actual height is.

Stacy is slim, like iJustine. Her BWH measurements are 32 – 20 – 33 inches. Unsurprisingly, the measurements are not exactly like the YouTuber’s body measurements. But at least they form the same shape – the bottom hourglass.

This iJustine look-alike love doll is relatively light too. She weighs only 33 kilograms. So, that means she’s quite easy to use. Do you need strong muscles to use her? Yes. But do you need really, really strong muscles? Absolutely not.

Stacy has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities. On top of that, she has a steel skeleton with movable joints. Therefore, there are so many sexy things you can do with her. 

This sex doll‘s anal, oral, and vaginal orifices are 6.7, 5.1, and 6.7 inches, respectively.

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