Interracial Barbie Dolls Are Now On-Demand

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Interracial Barbie Dolls Are Now On-Demand

Since the start of racial diversity and equality in the 20th century, entertainment industries have ceased their exclusivity and are becoming more diverse.

The sex doll industry is not exempted from the rising movement towards equality among races. Clients are bashing companies that produce white-washed family dolls, and they believe that it does not promote ethnic equality. Buyers come from distinct races, but manufacturers offer only one option that is entirely inclusive of pale-skinned dolls. This does not bring good branding especially since times are changing. Social drives are on the rise including LGBT+, Feminism, and Black Lives Matter. Markets who are not used to producing complex preferences need to adapt to these shifting times.

Same-Sex Dolls Lacking Diversity

Although some customers are commending the market for selling same-sex doll couples, it does not hide the fact that the products are lacking diversity. More dolls sold in the market have the typical white skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. This does not bode well to Native-American customers. If the companies do not add more diversity to their products, they would soon lose their customers.

Kmart Australia’s New Doll Collection

To answer the growing need for inclusivity, several companies like Kmart Australia have added gay couples to their family collection of barbie dolls. Since the industry receives orders from same-sex couples, they add boy-to-boy and girl-to-girl criteria to the mix. This way, the company can show support to the LGBT+ community.

Customers Not Happy With the New Collection

However, despite the efforts of Kmart Australia, the customers have criticized them for marketing exclusively Caucasian dolls. Each set comes with picnic materials, one puppy, a baby doll, and young children. They cost $15 for each purchase. The company’s idea was to intensify the family dynamic of the doll sets. Kmart goes the extra mile to eliminate gender stereotypes. Customers are allowed to choose feminine colors for their male dolls and masculine ones for the female dolls.

Before, Kmart Australia was commended for their excellent representation of the LGBT+ community. However, people on the internet always find loopholes in the picture. Despite the family sets composed of two mothers, two fathers, or one mother and one father, it does not hide the fact that it is racially exclusive. Not all people who belong to the LGBT+ community are white.

People Take It to Twitter

Social media is now the leading platform for people to remain up-to-date with the news. It is also an ideal medium to share opinions about the current trends in society. This is where social movements gain their voice to be heard across the globe.

Many people have gone to Twitter to criticize or commend organizations, companies, or even individuals. This is why it’s no surprise to find people praising the shop on the social media platform for their inclusivity in terms of their gay dolls. One person tweeted how he immediately bought a gay couple of dolls.

However, many shoppers are disappointed that the dolls released in the new set were all white. Someone tweeted that Kmart should take the next step to include interracial products in their market. Another person mocked the company for only producing white yet same-sex dolls. It was a case of immediate popularity that did not last longer than expected.

According to the company’s buyers, Kmart puts out an image that a family of color does not belong in society. It was as if interracial couples are not permissible to build families of their own. This creates limitations for customers in choosing their preferences since they are presented with one option only. No diversity would represent different races through the form of beautiful dolls.

Mattel And Barbie Turn The Tables Around

Kmart’s new collection was inspired by Mattel. The company was praised for adding diversity to their famous Barbie dolls. Unlike Kmart, they offer interracial dolls for all customers coming from different races across the globe. For decades now, the company has produced a variety of Barbie dolls with various body types, genders, and ethnicities.

Shoppers are praising Mattel on social media. Someone tweeted that the company does not need to flaunt their products through various advertisements. They simply need to stock their stores with their collection of diverse dolls. The company does not need to use the platform to share how progressive their company has become. The people are simply there to witness the company’s improvement.

Barbie is Now Gay-friendly

Barbie has been everybody’s childhood friend growing up. It seems like she is keeping up with the current trend today. Barbie posted a photo on Instagram wearing a “Love Wins” t-shirt to support the LGBT+ community. In the past, this has not always been the case. Barbie is usually paired up with a male character. Nowadays, television shows about Barbie now include gay couples in their production.

Social Media Influencer Shows Support

A fashion blogger known as Song of Style, Aimee Song, is alongside Barbie’s statement. The post stated that Barbie was proud to be beside Aimee Song in supporting the queer community. The exclusive t-shirts promote gender equality. The project is non-profit and benefits social causes to create a more diverse community.

Currently, people are huge fans of Barbie speaking out for the LGBT+ community. From an innocent icon of one’s childhood, Barbie is now stepping out to fight for gender equality. This is a huge step for companies who were always known for being whitewashed. LGBT+ rights are becoming a priority for countries around the world. Sooner than later, dolls would be in different shapes, sizes, and forms.


No one can stop the world from changing. It is either you go with the flow of the current waves or you get left behind. Those who have been staying in the dark for too long can now come out with raised voices and proud faces. Different sources of entertainment are becoming more diverse in each passing time. Movies, books, and dolls now have representations of different races and genders. This is a world wherein people are more accepting of their counterparts despite the differences. Finally, traditional ways that only suppressed people’s rights are being thrown out of the window.

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