Is Buying Sex Robots A Scam?

Is Buying Sex Robots A Scam?

It’s about time to embrace the transition. The world keeps spinning at a relative speed, together with the cultivation of various advancement and industrialization that persistently improve the people’s quality of life. From education to health care, as well as telecommunications, there’s nothing more you should ask for. 

But not everybody knows, there’s also one industry that’s starting to move forward in these advancements. Clueless? Well, it’s the sex industry. Of course, you’ve already heard about the existence of sex dolls. This is too popular to be set aside. Yes, it’s not officially accepted in most societies because of ethical and moral issues, but it can’t be denied that sex dolls have already saved thousands of lives worldwide. If you’re enjoying your life with your partner, well, you’re lucky. But not all people in the world are just like you. There are some who battle emotional distress because of the feeling of isolation. They got no one who will love them. Nobody cares even if they cry at night or kill themselves in the eerie sinister. It’s serious, in case you’re not aware. That’s why; the sex dolls become popular not just for sexual fun, but more importantly, for the sake of companionship. People deprived of love have found new hope in the persona of sex dolls. These inanimate figures, which have no feelings, no breath, and no life, made these helpless people live their life to the fullest. Without these sex dolls, these sad people might end up losing their lives. So it’s good to save that sex dolls are really a great invention, in contrast with what other people think about that it has no wonderful benefits to bring. Perhaps, those who are against its worldwide fame are those people who have a happy home. So, it’s better to practice respect because not everyone in the world is as lucky as you. 

Is Buying Sex Robots A Scam?


That’s the comfort that these plastic partners can give to lonely hearts. However, the brilliant people in this field do not stop making it more convenient for people who are in need of this. Hence, they started to formulate new ways to make it happen. There is where the sex robots are born. Sex robots are the upgraded version of sex dolls that have new realistic features installed. To mention a few, a typical sex robot includes a heating gauge in the penetration channel, voice generation, and artificial intelligence. The latest versions are entirely covered by artificial intelligence which enables the robot to act and talk like a real human. As a matter of fact, if you would dare to close your eyes while interacting with them, you would feel like you’re talking with your wife or sexing with them. According to testimonies, you won’t even spot the difference because they prominently resemble the abilities, appearance, and capabilities of a real human. 

However, not all people see the beauty of this innovation. There are still some who are standing over allegations that these sex dolls have no good to everyone, disregarding the fact that sex dolls, and especially the sex robots have saved people from despair. 

Social Implications: The Reason Why Most People Don’t Consider Sex Robots

False hope. This is the primary reason why there are people who condemn the use of sex robots for companionship. According to them, the manufacturers only give false hope that with these sex robots can feel affection and feel the love back. At any point, sex robots can’t feel love. The tender, love, and care they are giving the helpless men are artificial. 

One more thing where these people are afraid of the persistent propagation of sex robot use is its possible implication in society. Choosing a sex robot as their lover is still not accepted in society. And as people see it trying to be the norm, it will only start the rift. Also, normalizing the utilization of sex robots and sex dolls can only contribute to the proliferation of pornographic materials that may further the abuse towards women. 

This is the assumption of many people about sex robots wherein this creation is just an instrument for the propagation of crimes involving women. But this is not what happened in the past years with the existence of sex robots. 

Reports have shown that rape or any other related cases have slowed down in the last years. And one reason seen is the existence of sex robots. Since there are alternatives laid in the table, people who are in need of the sexual release no longer resort to violence and the acts that will compromise the life of anybody. 

Is Buying Sex Robots A Scam?

Don’t judge the book by its cover. Not everything your eyes see or what the society made you believe p.ertain. to one sure thing. It may still go the other way around, which is better, only if you would choose to widen you’re and embrace the possibilities. This quotation goes with sex robots and sex dolls. It’s about time to open your eyes. If you won’t do it now. You would lose a lot of wonderful opportunities.

Hoax: Sex Robots Are Scam

Without looking at both edges, there are people who maintain the notion that sex robots are just scam. They believe that these sex robots are just deceiving people and only giving false hope of relief. But it’s a hoax. It’s literally a no. 

Science has already proven that the feeling of comfort and relief is universal. Meaning, people can get this from anything. That’s why; it validates the testimonies of thousands of users who said that they really found hope in life anew after they share it with sex robots. 

According to the most testimonies, getting in a relationship with a sex robot is almost the same as hitting with a real human. The only difference is that these robots have no ability to hurt you emotionally or physically. More so, the sex experience is lit. So why look for a real human? 

How to Buy A Sex Robot Without Getting Scammed?

You can find everything on the internet. But you still have to be careful because it’s also the breeding ground of fraud and deception. 

Is Buying Sex Robots A Scam?


So when you have decided to buy a sex robot or sex doll, inquire only to the online store which is legit and have good reviews. Do the research and constantly ask various questions to make sure that you’re getting in contact with a credible seller. 

When it’s all set, your sex robot will be coming to you and ready to change your life.