Is Buying Sex Robots Illegal?

Is Buying Sex Robots Illegal?

Have you ever stuck between a decision because there is something that is constantly holding you back? Just like when buying your dream sex robot because you’re thinking in the back of your head if this thing is legal or not. Of course, even if you really want to have this on your hand, you still don’t want to transgress any laws or regulations revolving around your country. So you keep asking yourself, “Am I breaking any laws if I would choose my happiness?” 

The legality of the use of a sex robot has been long a debate, even if there’s no specific law that regulates its utilization. Some people in the light of religion eagerly oppose the sale and use of this type of product because, in their opinion, this is quite immoral. Even if sex robots bring a number of personal and business benefits to many people, they are still on fight against its use. Regardless of how these inanimate figures help thousands by hundreds of people get through their own life struggles, they still go to stop it without any plans or suggestions for its alternative. But since the use of sex robots are technically legal due to the non-existence of laws that prohibit its use, companies in the sex industries still consider the manufacture and distribution of this product all around the world. Of course, not solely for their own benefit, but for the happiness of other suffering people who are in need the most. 


Is Buying Sex Robots Illegal?

In this current age, the world is heading to continuous and incessant advancement. Day by day, technologies get more developed. Studies, experiments, and applications that lead to this type of innovation do not actually just sprout out of nowhere. It comes from first-hand experience and critical observation that people nowadays are in of these and that. So in terms of the sex robot, it didn’t just appear for nothing. Sex robots and sex dolls have a good purpose and importance to many people you might not actually know. If you don’t struggle to be happy, well, you’re so lucky. But beyond what you know, there are people out of your sight who deeply engage in their own fight for happiness. It may sound unbelievable but it’s really happening. These people aren’t given the privilege to be happy for their own good. They really do want to be happy, but the chances are simply out of their hands. 

So while sex robots are allowed by the state, brilliant developers would not stop its production for the sake of these people who are left in the darkness. You may not be aware, but sex industries are somewhat savior of humanity. They have subtle contributions in many life aspects including the decrease in rape cases, a decrease in mental instability, and many more. Thus, for those who see these products as immoral, please don’t close your mind for its social benefits. Your acceptance for this is also a great help for the people who are enduring tons of suffering. Think of them, instead. 

Social Benefits of the Controversial Use of Sex Robots

In the real course of time, people do not actually or specifically know the full extent of what is right and what is wrong. Nobody in a community can perfectly define what a person should do and should not. It all depends on the chain of what are things being accepted in a particular society. Acceptance in the society would automatically mean good or right to the people belong here. Rejection would mean otherwise. So technically, it’s the mere judgment that says if one thing is right or wrong. 

The same thing goes with sex robots and sex dolls, and even sex brothels. In most countries, there are no specific laws or ordinances that directly prohibit its use and sale on the premise. Things only begin to ramble because moral issues are being raised upon them. People in the opposition are throwing various arguments at them without seeing the good side. If you’re going to weigh its pros and cons, you’ll apparently see that its benefits get more space than the latter. 


Is Buying Sex Robots Illegal?

The existence of sex robots has a great contribution to the control of national or worldwide health threats like HIV and AIDS. Since people no longer need to have physical contact with anybody to sexually please themselves, the contagion of the virus will be suppressed. Remember, there is no cure for this disease. There may be some protections but in this case, the best is limited or zero contact. 

Believe it or not, the decrease in the number of rape cases in different parts of the world is one reflection of the thriving distribution of sex robots. As explained by many studies, sexual urges are the nature of humans, especially for men. When ignored it affects one’s mental health and eventually, their actions. But since there are sex robots to intervene, men who are only in need of sexual release would not need to resort to violence and abuse. 

It has a lot of benefits ranging from health to social. In fact, it can be safely said that sex robots 

give more tangible solutions that the ones universally accepted. 

Wrap Up

See? These are the huge contributions of sex robots in society. Most people don’t see it because they don’t experience it on hand. People who go against it are the ones who have a happy life and don’t need to take the other way of the road. But how about the people who have no means to be happy and contented in their lives? They have no choice. They also want to be like them, but life is too insufficient for them to be so. 

Is Buying Sex Robots Illegal?


If you can’t accept that these products exist and work to some, try for once to accept it and respect its nature. If you’re not into it, then look away, but don’t disregard the fact that some people need this. 

Harmony starts from respect if acceptance if far unavailable.