Karen Alloy Look-alike Love Dolls

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Karen Alloy Look-alike Love Dolls

Karen Alloy was the first person to receive a Regional Emmy Award for the Advanced Media Writer category. She’s a comedian, YouTuber, and internet celebrity best known as “spricket24,” her YouTube channel name. 

Karen Alloy’s YouTube channel had over 230,000 subscribers and 65 million views in 2012. That put the channel in the top 50 of several categories. She also has a secondary channel called “karen24alloy,” which has 42.9k subscribers. And her channel on BlogTV is among the top 100 most-subscribed channels.

So, Karen Alloy is a big name on the internet. She has a great sense of humor, plus she’s sexy. That cleavage that’s always visible in her videos may have made you think of erotic things while watching. 

Furthermore, Karen Alloy has a child; she made BlogTv’s first live birth. So, that qualifies her as a MILF. And redheads have innate sexiness. So, the thought of getting dirty with her may have crossed your mind.

Is it possible? Can you make that fantasy into a reality? No one can say for sure. That’s if you discount the existence of sex dolls. These artificial love partners take the odds to 100%. You can look for a Karen Alloy look-alike love doll and have sex with it to your heart’s content.

Don’t expect to find a love doll that looks exactly like Karen Alloy. Most of the time, only porn stars allow manufacturers to create a replica of them. So, you should look for look-alike dolls instead. You can customize these dolls to resemble Karen Alloy even more than they already do. However, there are some things you can’t fix. So, you should learn to accept they’re not perfect and overlook those issues.

Here is a list of the best Karen look-alike love dolls you can find. 

RIDA – 172CM | 5′ 7″ – B CUP

Karen Alloy Look-alike Love Dolls

Rida is a redheaded sex doll with a body that would make thousands of women jealous. She is 5 foot 7 inches tall. That’s Karen Alloy’s height too. So, she’s a great option for a Karen Alloy look-alike love doll. Be sure to change her eye color to brown to better match Karen Alloy’s physical appearance.

This sex doll’s body size is 31.1″-22″-33.86″. According to bodysize.org, Karen Alloy’s body size is 38″-25-37.” None of the measurements are right. But as mentioned above, that’s to be expected. Anyway, they both make an hourglass-shaped body. That’s close enough. 

The breasts are arguably one of the most important factors here. After all, Karen Alloy’s cleavage made many men horny through her comedy videos. Sadly, Rida’s cup size is only B, while Karen Alloy’s cup size is DD. But as they said, you can’t always get what you want. And while these breasts are smaller, they can still please you. Rida is a TPE doll, so they are as soft to the touch as real breasts. 

This Karen Alloy look-alike love doll has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities. She also has a skeleton with movable joints that allows different sex positions.

One thing to note is that Rida weighs 38 kilograms, meaning she could be quite difficult to use.

CHARLSIE – 157CM | 5′ 1″ – B CUP

Karen Alloy Look-alike Love Dolls

Charlie is another Karen Alloy look-alike love doll; she has long red hair, kissable lips, and a body overflowing with sex appeal. Charlsie has green eyes, though. That is incorrect for a Karen Alloy doll. Thankfully, free customization options allow you to choose the right color.

Another apparent difference between Karen Alloy and Charlsie is their height. Charlsie is only 5 foot and 1 inch tall; she’s quite short, while you can classify Karen Alloy as a tall woman. That could be good. Because Charlsie is not tall, she is light. This sex doll weighs only 30 kilograms. Therefore, she’s easier to use than love dolls like Rida.

Charlsie’s body measurements are smaller than Karen Alloy too. She has B-cup breasts and BWH measurements of 26″-18″-30″. To recap, she is shorter and more petite than Karen Alloy. So perhaps, you can think of her as the younger version of the internet star. Charlsie has a youthful look, so it works.

How about her sexual capabilities? Do they justify buying her over others despite the “flaws” mentioned above? Indeed, they are. This sex doll’s vaginal orifice is 7.09 inches deep. On top of that, she has a 5.12 inches deep oral orifice and a 6.3 inches deep anal orifice. These are realistic, so you will feel like you are on top of an actual woman.

CORDIE – 157CM | 5′ 1″ – B CUP

Karen Alloy Look-alike Love Dolls

Cordis is gorgeous as sin. She has a more mature look, so she’s great for men wanting to bang MILF Karen Alloy. 

Cordie’s eye color is blue. While she looks gorgeous with that eye color, it is not what Karen Alloy has. You can go to the customization options to correct that. Likewise, you can customize her hairstyle if you want it to be more brownish rather than orange. The “Kaya” hairstyle is a great option.

As with the previous love doll, Cordie is 5 feet and 1 inch tall. Furthermore, she has BWH measurements of 26-18-30 inches, and she weighs 30 kilograms. So, she’s easy to use, too; you don’t have to be a muscle man to enjoy using her.

You’d appreciate how easy it is to use Cordie because of her amazing sexual capabilities. This sex doll can give you amazing blowjobs with her oral orifice. Her deep vaginal orifice also gives a realistic sensation. And if you want to have anal sex with her, that’s also possible.

Additionally, Cordie’s metallic skeleton allows you to put her in different poses. So, you can have sex with her in the position you want – it could be missionary style, doggy style, etc.

Cordie’s TPE skin feels like real skin. But suppose you want it to be softer to the touch. You can select the Extra Soft Premium TPE (jelly) as the material the manufacturer should use to create her.

 And those are the three Karen Alloy look-alike love dolls you should check.

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