Manufacturers Ensure Customers Sex Dolls Aren’t COVID-19 Carriers

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Manufacturers Ensure Customers Sex Dolls Aren’t COVID-19 Carriers

People who are interested in investing in sex dolls have raised their concerns about their products becoming carriers of coronavirus disease.

Sex robot industries are informing their clients that they do not need to worry since products imported from China are free from transmissions of the virus. The companies are accountable to their customers. The marketing strategists are ensuring the safety of their buyers, especially when orders for sex dolls have increased since the start of the pandemic. When nations have undergone lockdown, many people are isolated from one another. To solve the need for a companion, a lot of individuals are leaning on manufactured sex dolls.

About Coronavirus Transmissions

Before being enveloped by fear to the point of backing out on your purchase, it is important to be aware of how transmissions work. Nowadays, information can easily be attained in just one click. Different articles have been written and daily news are broadcasted everywhere about the pandemic so that the public can stay informed about the disease. To break down this information and make things easier for readers, everything you need to know about COVID-19 transmission is summarized here.

How the Virus Spreads

The COVID-19 outbreak originated in Wuhan, China, and from there, the virus spreads across continents. The method of transmission is physical contact from one person to another. An infected person can transfer the virus through droplets when they cough or sneeze. To catch the disease, there should be prolonged physical contact with someone who has caught the virus or exposure to a contaminated area.

The virus enters through open gateways such as the nose and mouth. Another method that the virus is passed on from one person to another is when the infected person leaves droplets on a surface. When another person comes into contact with the contaminated object, the virus can easily enter their body when the person touches their face.

 How to Protect Yourself From Catching the Disease

There is a low chance that a person might get infected unless there is direct contact with a carrier. In the UK, the government is keeping a close watch of people coming from China. As much as possible, quarantines and lockdowns are being conducted in some places in the UK.

However, the most effective way to prevent from being infected by the virus is to maintain good hygiene. The things people learned since they were young are now coming back to them. It is important to make it a habit to wash hands after using the bathroom. After and before preparing food, it is recommended to wash hands with soap and water.

In public places, it is crucial to bring rubbing alcohol with you in case bathrooms are not available in the area. Cover your mouse when coughing or sneezing. One can use tissues or handkerchiefs to do so. Moreover, it is advisable to bring personal utensils when planning to eat in public restaurants.

Sex Dolls During This Pandemic

It is highly improbable for the virus to stay on a non-living surface for the entire time that it takes the product to be shipped in its destination. During the shipping process, the doll is sterilized to kill any form of bacteria. In temperatures between 120 and 150 degrees, the doll is cleansed to remove any contaminations. The boxes that enclose the dolls are being decontaminated as well.

In the UK, all packages being imported undergo a series of sanitary checks.  Currently, the UK government is not entirely alarmed in terms of product imports which means that shipments from China are considered as safe.

What to Do When You Receive Your Sex Doll

If the buyer still wants to reassure himself if the product is certainly coronavirus-free, there are steps he can follow. Firstly, wash the hands before opening the package. Wiping the surface of the doll with antibacterial wipes is a good way to ensure the cleanliness of the doll.

Using the Sex Doll

Bacteria like to breed on dirty and damp surfaces. Make sure that the doll is cleaned every after use. There are cleaning tools that come with the package as well as a guide. Following the instructions thoroughly will guarantee the doll’s quality.

When penetrating the sex doll, it is recommended to use a condom in holes that are susceptible to bacteria growth. It will also make cleaning the doll easy afterward. It is important to use antibacterial detergent when cleaning the doll after usage. A douche is used when cleaning the hollow parts of the doll such as the vagina and anal holes while a sponge is effective in cleaning the orifices.

Storing the Doll

Before storing the doll, it is important to double-check if the holes and channels are dry. Moisture on the doll’s skin for a long period might affect the quality of the product. Place the doll on a clean surface and let it air dry. Direct contact with the sun is not good for the doll’s skin. After drying, the powder can be used to brush out any moisture left on the doll.

Care must be considered at all times when putting away your sex doll. For instance, when storing the doll in a closet, you can either place it in a lying or sitting position depending on the available space. The closet should be free from pointy objects. To ensure the doll’s hygiene, it is important to clean the doll regularly even when not in use. Being stored for too long may result in the skin tearing.


Manufacturers are laying it out in the public that the sex dolls are not carriers of the coronavirus disease. They aim to continue spreading accurate information about the shipping process of their products. They put up websites that will cater to the customers’ concerns regarding their safety. So, when in doubt, rest assured that the probability of catching the virus through animated objects is extremely low. The client is not risking anything once they purchase from the market. As long as you practice proper personal hygiene and follow government policies, there is no way the virus can your home.

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