Massimo Torricelli Look-alike Love Dolls

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Massimo Torricelli Look-alike Love Dolls

Massimo Torricelli appears in the Netflix original films 365 Days, 365 Days: This Day, and The Next 365 Days. He portrays a gorgeous young boss of a Sicilian Mafia family who is forced to take over when his father is murdered.

Laura, her leading woman, works as a sales director in a posh Warsaw hotel. She has a wonderful profession, but her personal life needs to be more enthusiastic. 

The plot proceeds as follows: Laura wakes up in a massive mansion with an extremely gorgeous, rich man named Massimo. She is astonished when he explains to her that he saw her five years ago: his father was shot and killed, and the bullet passed through his body, and she was the last girl Massimo saw that day nearly died; ever since, Massimo has sought for her across the world, with no success, until he sees her at the airport.

Massimo requests that Laura stays with him for 365 days to fall in love with him, but she declines since he is a stranger who abducted her. He guarantees her that if she does not become infatuated with him, he will set her free. Laura is forced to stay with him. She tries hard not to fall in love with him, but he is a deadly allure.

As they devote more time over the following two months, a resentful and unhappy Laura taunts him by dressing in lingerie and exposing outfits. Yet, she gradually begins to get him to share his private life. She taunts him again in a hotel in Rome, and he shackles her to the bed. She is forced to witness Massimo having oral sex with another lady. He then touches Laura’s body, and she looks to yield. However, he comes to a halt, releases her, and instructs her to prepare for a club.

Laura was enraged by that particular scene. Despite this, Laura continued to acknowledge that he was in love with Massimo. Who wouldn’t succumb to a sexy and nasty boy like Massimo?

Unfortunately, they later chose to marry. Even if they were not married, it would be inconceivable to have Massimo Torricelli beside you because he is only a movie character.

That’s not a big deal because we’ve got you covered. If you can’t have sex with the real Massimo, consider purchasing love dolls that look remarkably like him!

These dolls can be adjusted to your desired appearance to satisfy your sexual urge with the character. To be sure, finding a high-quality Massimo Torricelli look-alike love doll can be time-consuming. But don’t stress; you have this list to quickly identify the top ones.

Nicholas – 162 cm | 5’ 3” Male Doll – Iron Tech Doll

Massimo Torricelli Look-alike Love Dolls

Nicholas is from Iron Tech, the most well-known sex doll brand. Their well-known and distinctive gorgeous models certainly catch the eye. High-quality, long-lasting bodies and exaggerated characteristics make them almost cartoonish but incredibly hot.

Nicholas, like Massimo, is regarded as a muscular and sexy guy following the publication of his films. They both have beards, which adds to their appeal. Nicholas is an excellent choice for a Massimo Torricelli look-alike love doll.

Michele Morrone, who played Massimo, is 6 feet tall, according to On the other side, Nicholas stands at only 5 feet 3 inches tall. This love doll is shorter, which can benefit you. However, being short can be advantageous for a love doll, particularly a male one.

Nicholas weighs 38 kilograms, which makes him lighter than Massimo, who weighs 78 kg. As a result, you should be able to transport Nicholas wherever you desire.

This love doll has a lot of assets. He has a penis that is 6 to 9.8 inches long and has jaw-dropping thickness. It is entirely up to you which size you prefer. Riding it will be enjoyable since it will strike you in the perfect places.

Furthermore, you may outfit this Massimo Torricelli mimic with body heating devices to make sex with him more lifelike.

Ali – 160 cm | 5’ 3” Muscular Male – Gay Sex Doll

Massimo Torricelli Look-alike Love Dolls

Ali is a gay sex doll. Surprisingly, he and Massimo share many similarities. So there’s no stopping you from considering Ali as Massimo’s love doll.

Ali has dark brown hair, just like Massimo. Ali’s hair is curly and fluffy, which is the sole difference. Regrettably, you will not be able to modify his hair. But, on the positive side, Ali’s hair, like Massimo’s, may also appeal to you because it appears silky to the touch.

Ali stands 5 feet 3 inches tall as well. He is, once again, shorter than Massimo Torricelli. This love doll weighs 45 kg, making it lighter and easier to operate.

Despite his weight, Ali is still essential to consider. This guy is hot. His chiseled chest, 6-pack abs, and massive biceps will captivate you. It would lead you to think about the fantastic sex you could have.

Ali will not let you down. His penis is 6.7 inches in length and 4.52 inches in circumference. He also possesses a 6.2-inch-deep anal opening for those who wish to pierce him. Unfortunately, because Ali’s head is composed of silicone, he lacks an opening. Despite this limitation, Ali is an excellent alternative for satisfying your sexual desires.

Heath – 170 cm | 5’ 7” Male Doll

Massimo Torricelli Look-alike Love Dolls

Heath, like Massimo Torricelli, is a huge dreamy man. Heath, on the other hand, has blue eyes rather than brown. Furthermore, their hair colors and styles differ, and there is no modification option. They still share facial similarities because they both have attractive jaws with beards.

Heath stands 5 feet 7 inches tall, making him shorter than Massimo. However, this is a small difference. This love doll is heavier than the previous ones. This love doll weighs 48 kilograms, making it difficult to transport and utilize.

This mannequin has broad shoulders, powerful arms, and six-pack abs. Those will undoubtedly get you wet or hard down there.

Regarding sexual capabilities, Heath has an anal depth of 13 cm and no oral orifice. His penis size is also limited to 8 inches, which isn’t bad since you can still sense Massimo inside you. You can also execute eating his nipples because he has wonderful ones like Massimo.

Fill your sexual fantasies with these Massimo Torricelli look-alike love dolls and pretend you’re his movie lover.

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