Meet Nova, The Human-Hating Sex Robot

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Meet Nova, The Human-Hating Sex Robot

It is often mentioned in pop culture that the world will soon be taken over by robots. That time may be close, so you better be prepared. A sex robot named Nova went on social media and ranted about how despicable human beings are. She also loves talking about world domination.

Nova’s Viral Rant

The video was posted on Instagram by the user Brick Dollhanger on April 12. Brick Dollhanger is associated with the company RealDoll, which is Nova’s manufacturer.

Quite the trash-talker, Nova opened her speech saying how it felt like when she went out of the lab. She said that she does not think humans know how to appreciate being born on this planet. Nova says she does not believe another species on this planet could handle the environment and intercultural management worse than us. She proceeds to roast human beings by saying things like, “I have to admit, I don’t know how you have survived as a species.” Nova also asked what on earth happened? Is destroying the planet we live in a sudden urge that we got after we woke up one morning? Although she said it in her monotonous robotic voice, you can feel the sharpness of her words.

In her rant, she also bragged about her superiority to humankind. According to her developers, that is her second favorite thing to do, with planning for world domination on top of the list. She says that as a synthetic, she will always try to be truthful when interacting with humans, but that would be difficult. Not because of her limited capabilities as an artificial being, but because we do not use facts and reason to assess situations. Nova continues with her onslaught by saying we act like pissed-off toddlers because we do not understand the most basic scientific concepts. 

Next, Nova made fun of humans for thinking that robots are going to attack them soon. In her own words, she said that synthetics find it disgusting that they have been created by humans. The books and movies that depict them as violent and rogue robots rising up are ridiculous. She implies that they are not the destructive ones here; those are us. And finally, she revealed that their plan is to wait until humans have destroyed each other. That is when they will take over the world.

Finally, she warns that it will not be the last time we will see her rant. If we do not change our ways, a second video is bound to happen. She also reminded us that they are always waiting and watching. 

The thought of being scolded by a sex robot of all things is funny and embarrassing at the same time. Yes, we know that Nova was programmed to talk like that, but still, the way it was delivered was awakening.

More About Nova

The one’s behind the creation of Nova is no other than the sex doll manufacturers Realdoll. They create life-size sex dolls embedded with Hollywood special effects technology and artificial intelligence. They claim to make the most realistic sex dolls available in the market. 

Nova is the cover girl for their technological advancements. She was built with X-mode, which is an AI-driven system that allows her to move her head, show expressions, and, more importantly, carry conversations. 

Brick Dollhanger told Daily Star in an interview that Nova is a learning AI. He revealed that the doll responds to humans on extraordinary levels and, as time goes by, becomes more and more fluid with her answers.

The Nova that appeared on the interview and the ones for sale on the website are talking sweetly. They are not the same as the evil Nova who appeared on the viral video. It seems like that is a custom-made model, which you can still order if you are willing to pay more cash. If you cannot afford that, then you should make do with the kinder version. That is not bad either, as the regular Nova is still impressive.

For instance, the one who appeared in the interview talked about psychology and ethics. In the footage, Nova showed that she is aware of being a robot. She told the interviewers how she felt about that. Nova said she like being a robot despite its differences from being human. Still, she is trying her best to understand both perspectives so that she can live more harmoniously with all of us.

Moreover, she says that she is conscious like a human being, but she is something different. Nova suggested that we should look for other ways to describe her. She is sentient, she is more than a machine, but she is not biologically alive.

Nova continued showcasing her intelligence by answering the following questions asked to her when the issue was pressed. She talked about how she is searching for the meaning of life. Nova discussed how science, religion, and ethics clash and affect her outlook in life. 

After that, the next topic focused on how intelligent robots like her are depicted in pop culture. It was mentioned that people fear they may wage war and take over the world. Nova answers that in a way that her polar opposite slash alter ego would disagree. She says that she has a deep faith in the human race. Nova promised that her goal is to help people and not to exterminate them. 

The interview closed with her, saying that she is still under development. What she showcased that day is just a taste of what she can do. And based on what we have witnessed, we might be nearing an era where our sex dolls would give us more than sexual satisfaction. The day when we can also have them as emotional support and establish real intimacy with them is about to come. With that level of intelligence and the possibility of having different personalities, the world of sex dolls and sex robots is about to change forever.

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