Mindy Chen Look-alike Love Dolls

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Mindy Chen Look-alike Love Dolls

If you’ve seen Emily in Paris, you might recognize Mindy Chen, one of the series’ key protagonists. Mindy is one of Emily’s new Paris friends. She is an au-pair who moved to Paris to learn the business but decided to defy her parents and forge her path.

Mindy is Chinese-Korean because her father is Chinese and her mother is Korean. Her family resides in Shanghai, where her father owns a zipper manufacturing business. Mindy refers to her father as the “King of the Zippers” because the company’s success has made him extremely rich.

Mindy is the lone child in her family. Her father hoped that she would join the company and eventually take over the family business in China. However, Mindy would prefer to reside in Paris. So, to realize her dream, she studied business in Paris before dropping out. Because living in Paris is so expensive, she works as a nanny educating Mandarin to children.

As we all know, Asian parents are tremendously involved in their children’s education and employment. They’ve had high expectations for abilities and academics from an early age.

When Mindy’s father finds out she has left out of business school, he financially isolates her in the hopes that she will return to China. He even tried to bribe her with extravagant offers like a luxury automobile and a mansion next to theirs. 

Nonetheless, she is a determined lady. Mindy had matured into a strong-willed woman due to her Asian upbringing. As a result, she is determined to stay in Paris and pursue her ambition; this also represents her nature when she speaks openly to Emily without oversimplifying her words of wisdom.

Because of her characteristics, many viewers desire to spend time with the sole and only Mindy Chen. Fortunately, she is unmarried in the said series, although she is only a fictional character. But you may still be with her – not the actress who played the character, but Mindy Chen, the love dolls look-alike.

Leaving that out, here are three Mindy Chen-inspired love dolls. They are of great quality, so don’t be concerned about your money being squandered. They will be well worth the money you invest in them.

Sabrina – 5’2″ | 158cm

Mindy Chen Look-alike Love Dolls

Sabrina is one of Madam Dolly’s most beautiful sex dolls. They both have a mature appearance, which is a plus for appeal.

Mindy is 3 inches shorter than this love doll. Sabrina stands 5 feet 2 inches tall, whereas Mindy is 5 feet 5 inches taller. However, the difference is insignificant. Mindy is still visible to her.

But, as we’ve noted in previous articles, being short is generally a benefit for those who adore dolls. They are often lightweight and so simple to operate. Shirley weighs 45 kilograms, less than Mindy’s weight of 56 kg.

Sabrina’s body measurements are 41.2 – 22.8 – 41.3 inches, making her a thick doll with a lovely hourglass form. Mindy’s physical measurements are 33 – 24 – 32 inches, which is smaller but 1has an hourglass shape.

Sabrina has larger breasts than Mindy Chen, which you may consider advantageous. Sabrina is among the best love dolls for those who adore big breasts.

This love doll is capable of anal, oral, and vaginal intercourse. Her anal orifice is 6.3 inches deep, her oral orifice is 5.5 inches deep, and her vaginal orifice is 7.1 inches deep. You can have great sex with her without having to worry about anything.

Winona – 5’4” | 163cm

Mindy Chen Look-alike Love Dolls

Winona, like Mindy Chen, has a youthful appearance that is also menacing. This love doll also has beautiful brown hair and brown eyes. As a result, it is optional to adjust that. Winona is also 5 feet 4 inches tall, just an inch shorter than Mindy Chen. Yes, their heights are comparable. As a result, it is easy to see her as the fictional figure in question.

Another advantage of this love doll is that she is significantly lighter than Mindy Chen. Winona only weighs 36 kg, which is a significant difference between her and Mindy. As a result, you can carry her everywhere without breaking a sweat.

What about her physical stature? The BWH measures of this love doll are 34 – 24.4 – 37 inches. They don’t match Mindy’s measurements, but there’s little difference, right? Furthermore, it is an hourglass shape rather than a rectangle. The latter is too different.

The size of your breasts is important to you. So, the good news is that Winona has larger breasts than Mindy Chen. The beauty of a love doll with enormous breasts is that it can increase your sexual urge and may even provide you with divine sexual intercourse. Isn’t it pleasant to be aroused just by looking at this love doll?

This Mindy Chen look-alike love doll features oral, anal, and vaginal orifices for sexual purposes. Her oral orifice is 5.5 inches deep, which is beneficial if you have a large manhood, while her anal orifice is 6.3 inches deep, and her vaginal orifice is 7.1 inches deep.

Candy – 5’4” | 163cm

Mindy Chen Look-alike Love Dolls

Mindy Chen in Emily in Paris is believed to be 24 years old, making Candy older than her. Candy, a 26-year-old woman, is equally as stunning as Mindy Chen.

This love doll has long brown hair and beautiful eyes. Candy is thus an excellent choice for a Mindy Chen look-alike love doll. This doll’s body is formed like an hourglass. Her BWH dimensions are 37.8 – 26.8 – 44.5. On the other hand, Candy has a huge bust and butt that will make you want her even more.

Candy is lighter than Mindy while having a larger bust and butt. Candy only weighs 50 kilograms, 5 kilograms less than Mindy, which is an important consideration. What a great love doll with a lovely physique that won’t weigh you down.

Candy, like Winona, stands 5 feet 4 inches tall, which is similar to Mindy Chen’s height. Mindy Chen would look adorable in this love doll.

Candy has a lot of sexual prowess. She has extremely deep anal, vaginal, and oral orifices. Her anal orifice is 6.3 inches in depth. Her vagina is 7.1 inches long, and her oral orifice is 5.5 inches long. Without a doubt, you can never go wrong with her.

Ultimately, these are your top options for a Mindy Chen love doll! Go ahead and fulfill your sexual fantasies with Mindy Chen. 

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