Nancy Wheeler Look-alike Love Dolls

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Nancy Wheeler Look-alike Love Dolls

Nancy Wheeler is a fictional character and a part of the main cast in “Stranger Things.” She is a lady with a golden heart and cares so much about the people around her. Nancy demonstrated that when she felt torn between her best friend, Barbara Holland, and her boyfriend, Steve Harrington. 

Nancy Wheeler is also brave and determined. After discovering that a monster kidnapped and killed Barbara, she aimed to defeat it. She succeeded with help from Steve and Johnathan Bryers, her investigation partner. But that’s not enough for her. Nancy Wheeler wanted revenge on the people who released the creature that killed Barbara. That shows that she truly cherishes her friends.

This woman is also smart and wise. She and Johnathan Bryers slowly put the pieces together and found out Barbara’s abductors are not humans but a monster from another dimension. Also, she is an aspiring journalist, so she’s knowledgeable about things.

So, you want to get it on with Nancy Wheeler. You wish you were Johnathan Bryers, so you’ll be her boyfriend. Well, you can be that without becoming a fictional character – which is impossible. All you have to do is find a Nancy Wheeler look-alike love doll.

We need to emphasize the “look-alike” part. There are no official Stranger Things love dolls. Also, sex doll manufacturers need permission before making a doll version of a real person. And celebrities are not likely to give that to them. So, love dolls that coincidentally look like the fictional characters you want to bang are what you have to find.

Here are the Nancy Wheeler look-alike love dolls, so you don’t have to search for them yourself. They are all up to the standards, so you can rest assured that they will please you.


Nancy Wheeler Look-alike Love Dolls

Elizabette has brown hair with gorgeous curls. That hairstyle is almost the same as Nancy Wheeler’s. So that’s a good start. The eye color not matching Nancy Wheeler’s is easily fixable; you only need to pick blue eyes in the free customization options. As for the overall look of the faces, Elizabette looks like her except a little older.

Elizabette is a 5 foot 8 inches tall love doll with F-cup breasts. Her BWH sizes are 34 – 23.6 – 38 inches. That means she has wide hips, which you may find very attractive.

But how similar is that to Nancy Wheeler’s body? According to The Celeb Portal, Nancy Wheeler is not that tall. The actress who portrayed her, Natalia Dyer, is only 5 foot 4 inches tall. Also, her breasts are not big; her bra size is A. Expectedly, the body sizes also don’t match.

Remember, Elizabette looks more mature than Nancy Wheeler. So, you can think of her as the grown-up version of the character. That would explain the differences in their bodies. 

Sexual Capabilities

Elizabette is a full silicone love doll. That means she, unfortunately, does not offer oral sex capabilities. She still has anal and vaginal sex capabilities, though, and the orifices have impressive depths. Elizabeth’s vagina is 7.1 inches deep, and her anus is 6.7 inches deep.

Violet: Secret Flower Like Sex Doll

Nancy Wheeler Look-alike Love Dolls

Violet has shoulder-length, wavy brown hair. On top of that, she has a pretty, youthful face. Indeed, she is a great option for a Nancy Wheeler look-alike love doll.

This love doll is 5 foot 5 inches tall. So, Violet is still taller than Nancy Wheeler, but the gap is not as large as in the previous doll’s case. The case for the breasts is the same, though. Violet also has F-cup breasts. 

You’ll still appreciate them despite not looking the same as Nancy Wheeler’s breasts. These hills made of flesh are soft to the touch, so fondling them is so satisfying. 

What about Violet’s body sizes? Her BWH measurements are 33 – 21.3 – 36.8 inches; Nancy Wheeler’s are 30 – 22 – 32 inches. They are not exactly the same but are very similar – they both have a bust size smaller than the hip size.

Sexual capabilities

Violet is also a silicone love doll, so don’t expect her to give you blowjobs. Anyway, her two orifices are so impressive you would probably not look for oral sex. 

Violet’s anal hole is 6.3 inches deep; it is as tight as the real deal, so anal sex with her would feel realistic.

This Nancy Wheeler’s vaginal orifice is even more special. It is 6.7 inches deep. Furthermore, it can make you know what deflowering Nancy Wheeler feels like. You can get the Hymen add-on – that will add a thin layer of silicone in her vaginal opening, which will tear upon first penetration.

Hannah: American Teen Sex Doll

Nancy Wheeler Look-alike Love Dolls

Hannah is a teen sex doll, and Nancy Wheeler is canonically 19 years old. That’s a good starting point. She also has brown hair and blue eyes, matching Nancy Wheeler’s body colors. However, Nancy Wheeler does not have tan skin as Hanah does. Luckily, just like eye color, you can use free customization options to correct that.

Sadly, love dolls’ bodies are made using molds. So, you can’t customize Hannah’s height, breast size, or BWH measurements to match Nancy Wheeler’s.

So, how different are they? Not much. Their heights don’t differ much; Hannah is 5 foot 5 inches tall, only 1 inch taller than Nancy. The love doll’s breasts are also not much larger than Nancy’s; her cup size is C. And her body sizes of 32 – 20 -33 inches are so near Nancy’s 30 – 22 – 31 inches.

Sexual Capabilities

At last, here’s a TPE love doll, which oral sex enjoyers would love. Hannah’s oral orifice is 5.1 inches deep. Then, her anal and oral orifices are both 6.7 inches deep. Because Hannah is so realistic, you will feel like you are having real sex.

And that’s it. These are the Nancy Wheeler look-alike love dolls you should check out. They’re the best ones you can get.

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