Now is the Time to Give Your Sex Doll A WAP

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Now is the Time to Give Your Sex Doll A WAP

The people of today’s generation definitely know the big hit WAP, a rap song by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion. You can hear it almost anywhere. It is a new bus jam and is a popular TikTok sound effect.

True enough, the track has an uplifting vibe and a catchy melody. However, a number of listeners and even fans are confused about the concrete meaning of the song. In fact, they even addressed this concern on social media in hopes to find an answer.

What Does WAP Really Mean?

In an interview prior to the release of her new song, rapper and songwriter Cardi B revealed the real meaning of WAP. This is a word that you will not find in any dictionary because WAP is an acronym for Wet Ass Pussy. 

Additionally, Cardi B admitted that the rap song is originally nasty in all ways. She even added that there is no way for the lyrics to be transformed into a cleaner one. For this reason, it is not surprising if a review from a popular music publication called the song a Class-A filth. The article also said that WAP brings back the old feeling of listening to songs that contain explicit lyrics. 

Moreover, the beat of the song became a perfect anthem for various dance moves, helping WAP to easily soar in popularity on the internet. In addition, many vloggers and social media influencers are joining dance challenges with WAP as a theme song. 

But looking at the deeper side of the song, WAP emancipates in a person’s sexual desire, especially to those who do not have a partner who can help them let off some steam. 

Also, the vibe of this song will turn you on the first time you listen to it. This only means that there are other things that you can do with this track apart from suggestive dancing. For instance, you can get your favorite doll from its storage and spend a hot and steamy night with it. 

However, if you are going to dive deeper into the WAP song, you will understand that it carries an important underlying message. Everyone who wants a sexually gratifying release must remember that message beforehand. That is you always need to keep in mind that proper and adequate lubrication is the best way to get a satisfying release. 

The Reason Why Lubrication is Important During Sex

Think of lubrication this way: your hand was accidentally stuck in a narrow space. However, you cannot pull it out no matter how strong the force you exert is. In this case, what are you going to do? Are you going to force your hand off even if it hurt? 

Of course, the best way to remove your hand from being stuck is through the help of oil or whatever greasy solution is available. After putting that solution, the next thing you will do is to gently pull your hands off as if it is not stuck. You will realize that it is easier to remove your hand from that narrow space if you use something that could smoothen it. And now, you are free again.

The same idea applies when you are having sex. The vagina will provide natural lubrication when a woman gets turned on, just like how Cardi B said in her song. However, there are times when it will not produce enough. In cases like this, you will need to have additional lubrication.

Lubrication works by cutting off the friction between the vagina and penis during penetration. This way, no pain will intervene in the lovemaking. In addition, it makes sexual intercourse more satisfying.

Moreover, artificial lubricants are available in the market. It comes in different flavors, quality, and textures. This product is a must-have in order to achieve the best pleasure. In addition, lubricants are also important if you are having sex with an inanimate object like a sex doll. Of course, sex dolls are non-living, so they will not be able to produce natural lubrication. For this reason, having a high-quality lube will provide you with sexual gratification if you are having sex with a doll. 

How Lubricants Can Bring An Unforgettable Sexual Experience

There are people who close their eyes when it comes to sex due to some notable issues like discomfort and pain. However, that is the reason why lubricants exist. They remove friction during penetration in order to ensure that the people who are having sex will not feel any pain.

For people who are using sex dolls, lubricants work by making the sexual experience almost the same as having sex with a real woman. Of course, having sex with a real human is easier because you will get easily turned on. But sex dolls are a different case. They have no emotions or ability to move, so getting yourself to feel aroused can take much longer.

But thanks to lubricants, you will be able to enjoy a night full of sex with your love doll. You just need to put a generous amount of lube in the doll’s vagina. To ensure that the lube you applied is scattered thoroughly, you might want to consider using a vibrator. In addition, you can also put some lubricant on your penis to make sure that the penetration is extremely smooth.

Where to Get A High-Quality Yet Affordable Lubricant

There are a plethora of lubricant choices in the market. But to help you in choosing, we have narrowed down the choices into the brands that you should check out.


This one is the most popular brand in the market. You can even see this in convenience stores and malls. 

Durex makes sure that its lubricants are high-quality and smooth in order to make the feeling more natural.

Orgasm Gel Libido Enhancer

This water-based lubricant is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Okeny’s Strawberry Flavor Edible Lubricant

Despite having flavors, this lube does not leave any residue on the vagina or even on your sex doll, making it one of the best choices.

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