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At the back of the mind of every buyer of a sex doll lingers one tremendous thought; how exactly would it be to have sex with a sex doll? Well, as justified as it may sound, sometimes all that is needed is a massive step into the practical aspect, in any form, to acquire as much info as possible on all reasonable expectations. It is vital not to rush into buying a sex doll without first knowing how to use it to predict how it will feel like and also look like. Well, there is only one way to know all the answers to your questions, and that is inevitably to check out some of the videos involving sex with sex dolls. Strange as it may sound, some beautiful people have gone out of their way to capture the intimate moments with their sex dolls on the video to help you understand how it may look or feel like so that you are in a position to make a sober choice to buy one.


The overall significance of sex doll videos is for you to be able to imagine how the whole experience would be like. Real-life sex doll videos involve sex episodes between sex dolls and their owners, in environments that are as natural as possible to appear like any sexual intercourse in all its forms.

Perhaps the best part of viewing these real-life sex doll videos would be to get a hint on what sex positions would be possible with you and your sex dolls. Of course, there are different types of sex dolls, and they are all made differently, and as such, viewing as many sex doll videos as possible would put you a step ahead in knowing which sex position is possible with which sex doll type so that you can make an informed choice.

Another important aspect of watching real-life sex doll videos is for you to be able to understand and see how the body parts of the sex dolls behave during sex. If you want to know whether your sex doll’s boobs would wobble back and forth with each thrust, or whether the sex doll’s butt is bouncy during sex, or even how it would look like with you caressing your sex doll, the best way is to view the real-life sex doll videos.

One other important aspect of watching sex doll videos is to cancel out the doubts on what is possible and what is not during sexual encounters with sex dolls. For example, you need to understand that sex with a sex doll may fee realistic, but it may not look as natural as should. If you like oral sex, for example, it is good to watch the videos and see that your sex doll may not take in your penis as would a human woman and that sometimes it may not go in because the mouth is kind of small and take time to stretch out to accommodate sizes. 


Having made up your mind to watch a video or two for the perfect tutorial, where exactly do you go next? Here is more insight.

  • Make sure you watch videos that show how it looks like when your sex doll is riding you. Considering all facts, having your sex doll on top of you is one thing that would not pass for a pass. While at it, ensure to check out how the skin of your sex doll would feel under your palms.
  • Are you a fan of oral sex? Do not forget to peruse through videos that would show you what it looks like to have a sex doll perform an oral on you. The same videos will also show you how deep the mouth of your sex doll can go as well as how wide it can open for that oral.
  • If you are the type that is turned on by visuals; and we are guessing all men are, remember to check out the videos that show how the sexy parts of a sex doll including the breasts and butts wobble and jiggle during sex. Maybe this is the video that you have been waiting for to make the big decision.
  • Ever stopped for a minute to wonder which sex positions sex dolls can take? Well, we begin by telling you that sex doll can be pretty flexible as well as accommodating of so many of the sex positions. Peruse through real-life sex videos in the missionary position, doggy-style, and many other sex positions you wish to know if they are possible with your sex doll. Again, this will change your mind if you are being held back by mere speculations.
  • If you are lucky, you might bump into a video that shows a real-life sex doll video alongside that of real human people to try and juxtapose them for a better understanding. Here, you will be able to see the similarities of both scenarios, and you will realize that it may not be all that different after all!

In Conclusion

Real-life sex doll videos serve more purpose than meets the eye. While that point is clear, it is also vital to know that sex dolls have taken their place beside us and may never quit. What is left of us is to embrace the venture, and begin to find more ways of blending the sex dolls with our lives for added fun and adventure. Now, we may not all agree, but the best point to start from is to check out the real-life sex doll videos so that we can see that they are just as good as us, if not better. Where can you find these videos you ask? Well, online, of course. Most websites that sell sex dolls have equally put up sex doll videos to help their customers through demonstrations to better understand their sex dolls in more ways than just caring for them.

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