Residents are Not Happy with the Interactive Sex Doll Experience Advertised in a Neighborhood in Las Vegas

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Residents are Not Happy with the Interactive Sex Doll Experience Advertised in a Neighborhood in Las Vegas

Sex Doll Experience, an interactive business situated in Las Vegas, Nevada recently announced that it will move into the valley area. Right now, it has been facing a number of problems. 

A concerned neighbor who requested to stay anonymous said that the idea sounds like something that should not be in their neighborhood. He added that he does not want the business around. 

The concerned citizen also said that people in their community are also not happy with the business’s announcement. 

He also emphasized that Clark County will not be happy if the accusations that the business does not have a license to operate. 

The county said in a statement that they have already opened a case on the property. This was initiated by a complaint who said that the owners of the property are operating a business without a license.

Sex Doll Experience and the Problems that It Face

Joyce Judge is the owner of the Sex Doll Experience. The address of her business is listed at The Studios, located on South Pecos Road near Harmon Avenue. 

According  to Joyce, she does not know anything about the business other than people coming  to see the sex dolls and potentially buy them. She also noted that she rented out a space to a group who said that they sold sex dolls. The group, according to Joyce, even said that they had a retail license ad a business license. However, the rental was a short term to them and it is already over.

In addition, Joyce is claiming that the group has stopped using the space a couple of weeks ago. She has got the keys on Tuesday afternoon. However, the website still says that the business is still up and running. In addition, The Studios is still listed as its location. 

The online news outlet News 3 tried to contact the number that is listed on Sex Dolls Experience a couple of times. However, no one is answering or even returned their call.

Furthermore, Joyce said that her business is a fluid gender social lifestyle club. This club welcomes the LGBTQ community openly. Despite these claims,the residents of the Clark County said that they know exactly the kind of establishment The Studios really is. 

The Clark County resident empahsized that The Studios is a sex club and that they even have fetish nights. People who go to the establishement even have weird get togethers and parties. 

The Studios Now Under Investigation

Another resident from the said neighborhood named Robbins noted that the idea of having sex establishement in their are is sick and wrong. Such establishments must also not be anywhere near a residential area.

Robbins also said that there are houses and apartments on the other side of the road on Pecos. Some houses even have children living in them. For this reason, The Studios must not be allowed to operate in the area.

According to a spokesman of the county, The Studios is already under investigation by Clark County code enforecement. The reason for the investigation  is suspicion of operating a business without a license.

County records revealed that The Studios was licensed to operate in 2016 as an educational institution. It was registered under the name Fluid Lifestyles Learning Center. However, it advertises itself as a private residence. It even said that its owner or owners use the building as a social venue. 

Photos featured on The Studios website show rooms that are outfitted with beds. The rooms also have televisions, couches, at least one stripper pole, as well as a bondage equipment. 

Robbins also added that during Friday and Saturday nights, people who attend the club park in front of her home as well as the other homes in the neighborhood. The Studios’ website also warns attendees who park their cars next to the fire station across the street from the building will be towed. 

In addition to that, Robbins said that she does not know who those people were or what kind of people they are. But what she knows is those people did not come there to visit their neighborhood because she sees them walk up to the club.

A representative from the establishment in question does not respond to the request for a comment. On the other hand, Sex Dolls Experience did not give any comment. They also made a number of changes to their website after they have been contacted by the Las Vegas Review – Journal.

At first, Sex Dolls Experience’s websitte invited its visitors to “indulge in the ultimate sexual experience.” But the nex day after they received message from the Las Vegas Review – Journal, they changed it and said thar Sex Dolls Experience lets their potential buyers to try sex dolls before finally purchasing them.’’

Moreover, a “What to Expect” section of the doll appeared on Wednesday. This page said that people could book appointment with one of the dolls, including meeting a host upon arrival and choosing a doll, wig, and costume. The page added that customers will be escorted to a reserved room for a prenegotiated period of time. 

However, this description was changed and only the description of meeting a host remained. The rest of the description was changed into the words “We are not a brothel!!”

On the other hand, other members of the neighborhood said they they were not too worried about the existence of the club. The only things that they worry about are issues with parking and littering. 

Elaine Piere, a resident near the intersection of Reno Avenue and Pecos, a place not too far from the Studio said that she is more concerned about some homeless individuals staying under some trees near her home. 

Furthermore, prostitution is illegal in Clark County. However, licensed sex workers can work at a legal brothels located at the neihboring counties. 

Roxanne Price, a prostitute in Pahrump said that human prostitutes are tagged in legal red tape. However, brothels do not have to worry about complying with the legislation. 

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