Ryohei Arisu Look-alike Love Dolls

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Ryohei Arisu Look-alike Love Dolls

Ryohei Arisu, a key character in the Japanese television series “Alice in Borderland,” was born on November 3, 1996, in Tokyo, Japan. In the series, he is an online gamer with exceptional analyzing abilities. This character was played by Kento Yamazaki, one of Japan’s current heartthrobs.

He was described as a tall, slim young man with scruffy black hair. In both the original world and the Borderlands, he dresses casually.

Arisu was unemployed, lazy, and spent his days playing video games before joining Borderland. However, this serves him well after being transferred to the Borderland, where he can take a macro perspective of the games and conclude various things about game design.

If that knowledge has already made you fall in love with him, know that those aren’t only his endearing qualities because he has proven to have a wonderful heart. During the tag game, he attempted to alert everyone about the tagger’s whereabouts, which Usagi praised him for. During the seven of hearts game, his initial inclination was to attempt to calm everyone down and figure out a solution for everyone to live. He told Chishiya that he is alive right now because he wants to return to the real world with everyone because of Usagi’s inspirational remarks.

Assume you’re madly in love with him. However, because he is a fictional character, we strongly advise against dating a real person. You might want to have sex or sleep with him, but it’s impossible. As a result, utilizing a love doll is far preferable to get slept with the character.

You should now look for a Ryohei Arisu love doll. But not just any Ryohei Arisu doppelganger. You must check that it is a high-quality doll, manufactured of high-quality materials, and is truly enjoyable to use.

This post will direct you to such love dolls, which are lifelike, full-sized, and long-lasting. Reputable manufacturers and wholesalers make these love dolls. As a result, if you purchase any of them, your money will not be squandered.

But before we begin, there is one thing to keep in mind. These are just love dolls that look like Ryohei Arisu. As a result, don’t expect them to resemble the character – or the person who played him.

With that out, please enjoy the Ryohei Arisu love dolls.

Noah – 165cm (5ft5’) – Boy Next Door Sexy Male Love Doll

Ryohei Arisu Look-alike Love Dolls

Noah has curling black hair and is a gorgeous young man. He appears to be a few years younger than Ryohei Arisu, yet they have some similarities. As a result, if you’re looking for a younger version of Ryohei Arisu, he’s an excellent choice.

Let us now discuss how similar or dissimilar they are. Kento Yamazaki, who played Ryohei Arisu, stands 5 feet 9 inches tall, whereas Noah stands just 5 feet 5 inches. However, a love doll shorter than the actor is okay. It usually means that they are lighter than their look-alike.

Kento Yamazaki is 63 kilos in weight. If Noah is that hefty, you could not appreciate using him because carrying him will exhaust you. Fortunately, this is not the case. Noah weighs 44 kilograms; thus, he still needs to work on using it. But it’s still bearable compared to being 19 kg heavier.

Ryohei Arisu was performed by an actor who is physically healthy and thin. Similarly, this love doll has a fit body. He has a strong chest and six-pack abs. Women and homosexual men who see Noah’s upper body become thirsty, and they haven’t even seen what’s behind his jeans.

Noah’s penis can be 3.49 inches or 7 inches long – the choice is yours. However, his penis is not the only component that can provide sexual satisfaction to his owner. This love doll features an oral hole of 4.7 inches and an anal opening of 5.5 inches.

175cm (5ft9’) – Life Size Male Sex Doll for Women

Ryohei Arisu Look-alike Love Dolls

Unlike the previous doll, this one resembles the Ryohei Arisu of today. He’s a handsome, black-haired guy with enticing eyes. His enticing eyes make him ideal for this part. Change the hue of this love doll’s eyes to black, and you’re ready to go. You don’t have to bother because you can change the color of a love doll’s eyes for free.

This love doll, like Ryohei Arisu, stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. As a result, you can almost imagine yourself having sex with Ryohei Arisu. This Ryohei Arisu look-alike weighs 56 kg. That’s a lot for a love doll, but compare it to Kento Yamazaki’s weight of 63 kilograms.

Now, if you are purchasing this love doll, you must ensure that it is worthwhile, and his sexual qualities demonstrate that he is worthwhile. This love doll features a 7.5-inch-long penis with a 5-inch girth that will fill you up and send you to the moon. His penis is also detachable, making it simple for you to clean. Aside from that, he has an anal opening 6.7 inches deep, which is quite deep for a male love doll.

James – 160cm (5ft2’) – Realistic Male Sex Doll

Ryohei Arisu Look-alike Love Dolls

James is a love doll with killer looks and a bad boy image. Because of his appearance, he is sometimes referred to as a realistic sex doll. These are characteristics that James shares with Ryohei Arisu. He may not appear Asian like Arisu, but that’s fine since he’s equally hot as Ryohei Arisu.

James stands only 5 feet 2 inches tall, making him shorter than Ryohei Arisu. That’s fine, as stated numerous times above. The good news is that, although shorter than Arisu, he weighs 30 kg less. Because they are lighter, you can accomplish much more with a love doll weighing only 33 pounds. It enables you to fully enjoy the hot body of the doll.

The body sizes of this love doll differ from those of Ryohei Arisu, but you won’t mind since he looks like a great snack. James has a big chest, 6-pack abs, and a big butt. These assets will pique your interest.

It doesn’t stop there because James’ penis size is also impressive. His penis size is 7.87 inches, which will undoubtedly make you fantasize about the character. James’ anal opening is also impressive, measuring 6.69 inches in depth.

Finally, that brings the list to a close. We are confident that these Ryohei Arisu look-alike love dolls will allow gays and ladies to have their most naughty sex adventures with the character!

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