Safiya Nygaard Look-alike Love Dolls

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Safiya Nygaard Look-alike Love Dolls

Safiyaa Nygaard is a YouTuber who gained prominence through her work on Buzzfeed; she created the series “Ladylike.” She’s pretty, humorous, and knows what she has to do. So, she’s very admirable.

If you say you are attracted to her, that’s understandable. But here’s the thing. Safiya Nygaard is married to YouTube collaborator Tyler Williams. So, you can’t even have a one-night stand with her. Technically, you can. But you need to accept that you are knowingly destroying her family by doing it. If you are a true fan, you should not do that.

So instead of doing that, you should be content with masturbating while imagining she’s in front of you, butt naked, ready for action. That’s what most people would think is the best they can do. But love dolls allow you to do more than that. They can look like real people, and they feel like real people. Therefore, you can get one that looks like Safiya Nygaard and have a better feel of what having sex with her is like.

Unfortunately, there is no official Safiya Nygaard love doll, just like there is no Ariana Grande or Katy Perry one. Celebrities are not likely to permit manufacturers to make replicas of themselves. That’s unless said celebs are porn stars and receive a portion of what the sex doll models make.

The solution is to look for Safiya Nygaard look-alike love dolls. You can customize them to resemble Safiya even more. Would they be perfect? Not really. But they are definitely upgrades; they make solo play more pleasurable than what your palms can make you feel.

Of course, you must also consider the quality of the love doll. You don’t want to spend your money on a bad one; sex dolls are pricey. So, let us provide you with a list of the Safiya Nygaard look-alike love dolls you can use.

Yvonne Eve Tan D-Cup 174cm / 5ft9 Starpery Sex Doll

Safiya Nygaard Look-alike Love Dolls

Yvonne is a doll with straight, long black hair and a face that can win beauty pageants. Depending on the picture of Safiya Nygaard you are looking at, Yvonne looks younger or older than her. But the resemblance never goes away. 

Safiya Nygaard is 5 foot 10 inches tall. On the other hand, this sex doll is only 6 foot 9 inches tall. That’s only a 1-inch difference; more reason to consider getting this sex doll.

According to data on the internet, Safiya’s body measurements are 34-26-35 inches. Yvonne’s body measurements are 33-22.4-39.4 inches. The bust size is close, while the waist and hips are not so much. They form the same bottom hourglass shape, though. And would you mind? 39.4 inches wide hips accentuated by a small waist look so sexy. That also makes Yvonne’s bubble butt look hotter.

Now, this is not a mannequin we are talking about. The looks are not the only factor that matters; sexual capabilities, too. 

Yvonne’s head is made of silicone. Thus, she can’t give oral sex. But if you choose to give her a Soft Head by paying an extra, she’ll have a 5.1 inches deep oral orifice.

Her body can be TPE or silicone, depending on what you prefer. The TPE body is slightly lighter than the silicone one. The vaginal and anal orifices are 7″ and 6.3″ deep if the body is made of TPE. For a silicone body, the depths are 7.5″ and 6.7″.

Yumiko 154cm / 5ft1 F-Cup – Iron Tech Doll

Safiya Nygaard Look-alike Love Dolls

Like Safiya Nygaard, Yumiko is a black-haired beauty, and their faces have some similarities. So, you can use her as your Safiya Nygaard sex doll.

As mentioned above, this is not a perfect replica of the said YouTuber. So, expect them to have differences. For example, Yumiko is only 5 feet and 1 inch tall – 8 inches shorter than Safiya Nygaard. Then, Yumiko has F-cup breasts, while Safiya has B-cup breasts. This sex doll’s BWH measurements of 31-20-34 inches are close to Safiya’s, but they are not spot on either. 

Do those differences make her not a good option? No. Because other dolls will not have the same measurements as Safiya Nygaard either. At least this doll has a likeness to her. 

You can always use the love doll’s sexual capabilities to decide. And this sex doll’s capabilities will erase your doubts.

 Yumiko has a 5 inches deep oral orifice. Also, she has a 6.7 inches deep anal orifice. These two already make her impressive. But her vagina will make you want her in your bed even more. It is 7.5 inches deep – deeper than most dolls’ vaginal orifices. 

Yang Yi C-Cup 171cm / 5ft8 Starpery Sex Doll

Safiya Nygaard Look-alike Love Dolls

Yang Yi is a tall, black-haired sex doll. It’s already discussed above why those qualities are ideal for a Safiya Nygaard love doll.

This sex doll is not as tall as Safiyam, though. She is shorter by 2 inches. That’s okay because Yang Yi is already heavy as is. She’d be even heavier if she were taller.

Yang Yi weighs 42 kilograms if she has a TPE body and 38.8 kilograms if she has a silicone body. You can make her lighter by paying for the weight reduction premium option. If you do that, Yang Yi will weigh only 30 kilograms with a TPE body and 31 kilograms with a silicone body. That will make her easier to use. So, consider paying for this premium option if you have extra cash.

Yang Yi’s BWH measurements are 30″-22.8″-33″. Like Safiya’s 34″-26″-35″, Yang Yi’s measurements form a bottom hourglass-shaped body. And it’s super sexy.

This Safiya Nygaard will keep you entertained at night. Yang Yi has two orifices: vaginal and anal. Both have impressive depth and are sure to make you pleased as a Punch. Then, if you get the Soft Head premium option, it adds an oral orifice to this doll. That will allow you to fulfill your fantasies about Safiyah Nygaard sucking your manhood.

That’s the list. These are the Safiya Nygaard look-alike love dolls you should check before other models.

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