Samuel García Domínguez Look-alike Love Dolls

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Samuel García Domínguez Look-alike Love Dolls

The Spanish shows on Netflix are taking off. Elite is one of those, and a diverse set of complex characters comes from it. One of the most interesting characters is Samuel García Domínguez, who takes the leading role in many seasons.

Everyone around Samuel considers him an innocent boy. And they have a valid reason to believe that. He was a kindhearted guy who would not do anything shady. That’s at least before the show started.

Samuel got into a relationship with Marina. And during a project, he discovered that her father could be blamed for the collapse of his previous school. Samuel’s kindness and relationship with Marina were tested when it was revealed that Nano, his brother, owed a gang a huge sum of money. They planned to blackmail Marina’s father, so he would give them money they could use to pay the debt.

Samuel and Nano’s relationship also turned sour. He found out that Nano slept with Marina and got her pregnant, and they fought. Then, the night someone murdered Marina, Samuel saw Nano running away from the body. So, he told the authorities his brother was the killer.

Samuel believes his brother is innocent. So, in the show’s second season, he investigated to find the truth. That shows two things about his character. Even if you have a disagreement, he’ll care for you, especially if you are family. Also, when he loves someone, he loves them so much. Samuel investigated to free Nano from prison and to give justice to Marina.

During his investigation, Samuel entered a sexual relationship with Carla, who he believes knows the truth about Marina’s murderer. And for sure, you wished you were Carla. Samuel is a loveable guy, and he’s hot.

Love dolls can make you know what Carla felt during their sexcapades. And here are the best ones you can use to fulfill that fantasy. 


Samuel García Domínguez Look-alike Love Dolls

Samuel Garcia Dominguez is a young lad, as are the other characters in the show. Peter looks like he belongs to the cast as this love doll also has youthful looks. He and Samuel also look similar. They have brown eyes and brown hair, though different hairstyles. 

According to the Elite Fandom Wiki, Samuel is 5 foot 9 inches tall. This love doll is not that tall; if anything, Peter’s the opposite. Peter stands at 4 foot 11 inches. Believe it or not, you’d appreciate that instead of hating it. 

Because of Peter’s shortness, he is lightweight. He weighs only 29 kilograms, meaning carrying him is very manageable. Women and twinks would love that. 

That does not mean Peter’s body is unimpressive. Like Samuel, he looks like a snack, especially when naked. This love doll has a muscular chest and six-pack abs. More importantly, he is packing. He has a 6.7 or 7.1 inches long penis (size depends on what you choose.) Either size will surely hit you in the right spots.

His fine ass is also not just for display. Gays who bought him can penetrate his anus, which is 6.3 inches deep. It’s impressive because most male sex dolls’ anus is not even 6 inches deep.

If you dream of Samuel giving you a blowjob, this love doll can also fulfill that. Peter has a 5.1 inches deep oral orifice.


Samuel García Domínguez Look-alike Love Dolls

Nick is a handsome brown-haired lad with youthful looks. That’s perfect for a Samuel García Domínguez love doll. Admittedly, the character is more handsome than this love doll. But that’s expected. Don’t forget to change Nick’s eye color to brown, or else you will not get the Samuel look-alike love doll you want. 

Nick is 5 foot 2 inches tall, so he’s short like the previous love doll, but not too short. Expectedly, he is heavier. This love doll weighs 36 kilograms. That is still in the realm of being considered a good weight since most male love dolls weigh 40 kilograms and higher.

This love doll’s body will make your jaw drop. He has a muscular chest you’d love to touch. And south of that, you’ll find 6-pack abs. Go lower, and you’ll find his manhood. You can choose the penis size: 5.9 inches or 7.5 inches long. Needless to say, choose whichever feels more comfortable or pleasing to you.

Gay men can also penetrate this love doll. Nick has a 4.7 inches deep oral orifice and a 5.9 inches deep anal orifice. 

175cm (5ft9′) Male Stud Love Doll – Xandrix

Samuel García Domínguez Look-alike Love Dolls

Here’s a handsome stud that’s as tall as Samuel. With him in your home, you’d know what it really feels like to stand beside Samuel. However, Xandrix has black hair instead of brown. There is also no brown hair in the customization option. However, you can reach out to the store and ask them to find a brown wig for you. They say they’ll try their best to get it.

Here’s the thing. As implied above, a love doll’s height and weight are usually directly proportional. So, a tall love doll like Xandrix is bound to be heavy. He weighs 56 kilograms. So, people without strong muscles may find him a little difficult to use.

Xandrix’s hot body makes him still worthy of your consideration. This love doll in his birthday suit looks like a Greek god.

Xandrix is also hung like a horse, so he would not disappoint. His penis is 7.5 inches long, with a girth of 5 inches. You either go big or home with this doll; there is no other penis size option. That’s unfortunate for people who feel more comfortable with a smaller penis.

Xandrix’s anal depth is 6.7 inches. Aside from being deep, that is also tight and realistic. So, penis owners will surely love penetrating it. You’d feel like you are indeed having sex with Samuel García Domínguez.

That’s the list of the best Samuel García Domínguez love dolls. They are your best chance to realize this fantasy, as Samuel is a fictional character and is deceased. 

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