Sex Doll Accessories That You Should Consider Buying Now

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Sex Doll Accessories That You Should Consider Buying Now

Don’t deny it! Wearing pieces of jewelry and other accessories make you feel extra beautiful and confident from inside to outside. The same thing will go, for sure, to your beloved sex dolls. Such add-on glamour will give your plastic girlfriend an unbelievable and incomparable look that will certainly hook you more than it normally does. So if you’re still having a second thought, this is now the sign to consider dressing your sex doll well and give what it deserves as your most loyal companion.

Aside from it further intensifies the beauty level of your dear love doll; different accessories also become their primary protection from dents and damage. You may not notice by your eyes, but these extras really prolong the life of your doll, withstanding the test of time with you. It keeps them in a very favorable condition and makes their required maintenance easier for you.

So just for the sense of gratitude towards them who fulfill all your sexual and romantic dreams, who mitigate your social struggles, who stay with you in your downfalls— get something for your sex dolls that will make them look good and presentable all the time.

When Will You Need to Buy Your Sex Dolls Some Accessories?

Several days after you received your brand new sex dolls, you won’t surely think of customizing its default look for a while as you’re still in the stage of savoring what you paid for. But when weeks and months have passed by, there’s going to have a sudden urge that will hit your mind encouraging you to get your beloved doll something new. Similar to human relationships, love between you and your inanimate partner also fades in time.

When you’re no longer satisfied with what your sex doll can provide you, it’s perhaps the best time to escalate your existing companionship to another level, of course, with the help of different accessories.

In this way, you can easily refill the excitement and attraction you lost from your sex doll without spending too much money on overhaul personalization or buying new. A new pair of earrings or a new wig would greatly help in preserving your wonderful relationship.

Sex Doll Accessories That You Should Consider Buying Now

Sex doll accessories, on the one hand, have also an important role to play in their part. Protection is already given, but maintenance is also another thing. It’s indeed a must to regularly check on your sex dolls and look for any possible damage that might not only damage your sex dolls but even you as its owner and user.

Your safety matters the most. So as much as possible, invest time and enough effort to keep the wellness of your sex doll because your safety and health highly rely there upon. Make sure that before you get intimate with her, you have already checked its channels and get it tidy and sanitized. If something seems damaged and needs replacement, don’t hesitate and get it fixed immediately. Look for accessories for a lesser yet effective cost.  

Some of the Sex Doll Accessories That You Should Have For Your Love Doll

 1. Replaceable Vagina

You may not be aware of this yet but there are a number of choices when it comes to vaginas and butts. All of them are intended to satiate your never-ending cravings for mind-blowing sex. 

You can purchase a sex doll’s vagina separately at a very affordable price. This way, you will be able to get the exact sexual gratification that you need. These are all designed intricately so that you would be able to enjoy the pleasure of having sex like you are having it with a real vagina. In addition to that, a detachable vagina is much easier to clean.

2. Eyes and Wigs

These two can be adjusted and changed easily. You can mix and match various wigs and hair colors to your sex doll’s eye color to create the perfect look for it. Now, you will be able to have the perfect diva that you have always wanted to be in your bedroom. 

3. Repair Kits

No matter how durable your sex doll is, or no matter how careful you use it, there will come a time when it will acquire small damages. For this reason, it is important that you have your own repair kit at home. This comes in handy for abrasions, dents, and small cuts on your beloved sex doll’s delicate skin. 

However, before using the equipment included in your repair kit, make sure that you are knowledgeable about its proper use. Do some research first so that you will be able to fix damages the right way.

4. Stain Removers

A stain remover is one of the most essential things that every sex doll owner must have. This is because there are instances when the colors of the clothes that you make your sex doll wear will stain their skin. If you will not remove this stain immediately, it will become permanent damage to your love doll’s delicate skin.

Moreover, this is the same reason why many sex doll gurus advise using a white towel when drying the doll after washing. Of course, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” It is better if you will prevent your sex doll from having any stains than having to use a stain remover to remove the unwanted mark on your love doll’s body.

5. Hanging Hooks

If you do not have a storage case for your love doll, then hanging hooks are essential. This also comes in beneficial if you do not have enough storage space in your bedroom. You just have to install the hanging hooks in a closet big enough to accommodate your love doll and then hide it there when you are not going to use it.

6. Storage Case

A storage case is beneficial if you want to hide your doll away from other people’s sight. In addition, it also prevents the dol from acquiring dust and scratches.

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