Sex Doll Manufacturer Asked Paris Hilton For Her Consent

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Sex Doll Manufacturer Asked Paris Hilton For Her Consent

Paris Hilton is a person that is famous for being famous. She is sexy and beautiful. No wonder why so many fantasize about being with her. The sex toys and sex doll manufacturers did not fail to see this demand. As their goal is to fulfill the desires of their customers and leave them satisfied, they went on a quest to create a sex doll replica of the celebrity.

Sex Doll Manufacturer Asked Paris Hilton For Her Consent

Why Paris Hilton?

You could say that Paris Hilton was the very first influencer. She was treated like one even before influencer culture was a thing. Men desired to be with her, while women aspired to be like her. 

Paris Hilton was at the peak of her fame during the early 2000s. Her breakout came when she starred in Fox Adul’s reality TV show The Simple Life. After that, she has taken quite a slump. However, that is only true for her celebrity career. 

One of the reasons why Paris saw a rise to fame was her family name. She was the granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, making her the heiress of the Hilton Hotels. She is an extremely wealthy socialite.

Her dumb blonde persona on-screen made people know a fake version of her. To people who watched the show, she may not make it look like it, but Paris Hilton is an entrepreneur. What would surprise these people even more, is that she is exceptional at that. Marketwatch has dubbed her the most underrated businesswoman. They cited the different successes the celeb has achieved in entrepreneurship. Paris cleaned her reputation furthermore through a tell-all documentary where she took control of her public image.

Paris in the World of Business

Truly a bright woman, Paris has leveraged her fame to achieve many things. The best thing is, she did everything on her own. In her own words, Paris said that she does not want to be like the trust fund kids. She stated that she wants to create a business empire on her own, and she has been doing great at it. 

Perhaps, what made this woman successful is her eagerness to earn more. Her level of confidence also gives her an edge. She stated that she loves it when she walks in board meetings and people look at her with respect. Considering there is a stereotype for businesswomen, she feels fantastic whenever they do that to her. 

Some of Paris Hilton’s most notable successes are her music career and perfume brand. On par with those are her handbags, shoes, and clothing accessory line. A beach club in the Philippines was also named after her. 

For these reasons, many companies wanted to partner with her or at least have Paris’ name associated with their brand. For instance, during the era of Symbian phones, Gameloft released a game called Paris Hilton’s Diamond Quest. It has been a big hit! 

Sex Doll Manufacturer Asked Paris Hilton For Her Consent

Unfortunately, not all offers were accepted by the socialite. She told The Hot Ones about a particular one that did not entice her even a little bit. That is the offer made by a sex doll manufacturing company.

Paris Hilton, Sex, and a Sex Doll Company

It is no secret that celebrities live inside people’s fantasies. Sex doll manufacturers have revealed that they always receive requests for replicas of famous individuals. The high demand for that kind of product ensures that they will earn a lot of money through their production. However, the thing is easier said than done. 

Unluckily, if companies produce sex doll replicas of celebrities, they can get into serious trouble. That is unless they have obtained consent from the star or their families.

Of all the celebrities being requested by the people, why did this company ask Paris Hilton specifically?

The answer is quite simple. Paris is a powerful, wealthy, bright, and gorgeous woman. She is irresistible and very desirable. Besides, she is not completely pure either. People already saw her in action when her ex-boyfriend released their sex tape in 2004. The pornographic film was titled 1 Night in Paris. The title won many awards like Best Selling Title of the Year”, “Best Renting Title of the Year,” and “Best Overall Marketing Campaign – Individual Project.” 

Sadly, the video was released without her consent. Paris was humiliated and said that it would hurt her for the rest of her life. The sex company most likely overlooked that detail. Of course, Paris Hilton did not agree to sexualize her body further. 

This is such a disappointment for the company and for the ones waiting for the product. However, Paris Hilton’s feelings must be respected. Her sexual health and overall psychological well-being are just as important as those of the consumers.

Celebrities, Sexual Fantasies, and Sex Dolls

Although it is not a requirement, most celebrities look fantastic. They have angelic faces, perfect body shapes, great body proportions, and such. Then add their personalities and the fact that they are famous to the mix, and they become very sexy. 

Needless to say, many men fantasize about having sex with stars like Paris Hilton. There is nothing wrong with that. Humans are instinctively attracted to people with that kind of personality halo. 

The thing is, they live in a different world. Celebrities exist in a place beyond the reach of ordinary men. It is a one in a million chance that they would get to spend intimate time with these stars. This is where sex doll manufacturers come in. They aim to help people accomplish that unfulfilled desire.

However, it is important to note that celebrities are humans too. There may be exceptions, but most would not want to turn their bodies into commodities. 

To meet both parties halfway, sex doll manufacturers resort to making models that show resemblance but are not exact replicas. 

In this way, they are able to cater to the needs of their customers. Meanwhile, the rights of celebrities are respected. 

Sex Doll Manufacturer Asked Paris Hilton For Her Consent

Users need to use their imagination to enjoy the experience. That is not any different from what they have to do with an exact replica anyway. It takes a little bit more imagination juice, yes, but still the same.

Besides, they can customize the dolls to have an appearance closer to the celebrity they want to be with. So if you are one of them, do not despair. There are still plenty of options for you so you can achieve the satisfaction you were looking for. 

Go grab yourself a sex doll now!

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