Look at the Sex Doll Version of the OnlyFans Star Korina Kova

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Look at the Sex Doll Version of the OnlyFans Star Korina Kova

Thanks to the pandemic, the world is now more open to the topic of sexuality. As each day with social distancing measures still on effect passes, more and more realize the importance of healthy sex life. The success of the sex work platform OnlyFans confirms this. 

Of course, the biggest winners of this occurrence are the content creators on the platform. In a day, they can earn more than what people can earn in a month with a regular job. But that does not mean their audience does not get anything valuable. They get to see sexy ladies, clothless, doing naughty things. These erotic shows give them rock-hard erections and fuel their imagination, which makes self-stimulation all the more pleasurable. It leads to more intense climaxes.

There are many names that became very popular thanks to OnlyFans. Among these people is Korina Kova. She is a big, beautiful woman – a really, really big one. Korina Kova is known for her gigantic breasts, thicc thighs, huge ass, and fat vagina.

After watching her many times, for sure you wish that you are one of the dildos she uses. Or you may want to start your own OnlyFans channel with hopes that one day, she’ll agree to do a collaboration with you. You can do that if you really want to. But, know that there is something else you can do that does not require you to show your genitals to the world. It is also a surefire way to get the experience. 

You can buy a Korina Kova sex doll. The models are not exact replicas of the OnlyFans star. But, they look similar enough that you can consider the sex dolls synthetic versions of the curvy sex worker. 

The team has searched far and wide for the best Korina Kova sex dolls. And here they are:


Look at the Sex Doll Version of the OnlyFans Star Korina Kova

With just one glance, you’d know why Lily is one of your best choices for a Korina Kova sex doll. Her breasts are massive. They are N-cup, to be exact. That’s larger than probably any breasts you have ever seen or touched in the past. But Lily’s likeness to Korina Kova does not end there. She also has a pretty face and rocks the same hair color.

Furthermore, this sex doll also has a huge ass. Though, admittedly, Korina Kova has more thiccness than this sex doll. But, the sexy hourglass-shaped body is there. So, you can still see the OnlyFans star in this sex doll.

But Korina Kova isn’t just pretty, isn’t she? She is also an expert in lovemaking. That is where Korina and Lily are very similar. Lily is a sex monster. No matter how many guys are around her, she can please them all. 

Lily has three holes. She is capable of anal, oral, and intercourse sex. The deepness of these orifices is 6.7 inches, 5.1 inches, and 6.7 inches, respectively. They are all ultra-realistic, so you’ll surely love the sensation they will let you experience. 

Like a sex worker, this Korina Kova sex doll knows all the ways to please a man. With her in your home, you’ll never have a boring night. 


Look at the Sex Doll Version of the OnlyFans Star Korina Kova

Holy moly, this sex doll really looks like Korina Kova. With a blonde wig, it is less obvious. But change her wig to a long, raven one like Kova’s, and you will see the striking resemblance.

Holly’s breasts are enormous. They are like basketballs. Now, for comparison, Korina Kova’s bust is reportedly 47 inches. Meanwhile, Holly’s bust is 39 inches. Not quite there, but very near. You will learn to appreciate this anyway. As she is right now, this 6 foot 8 inches tall TPE sex doll already weighs 45.5 kilograms. Add more mass to her, and it will be almost impossible to lift her. Her steel skeleton with movable joints will be wasted if she’s like that. It allows different sex positions. But, if you don’t have the strong biceps of a weightlifter, you can’t fully utilize that feature. So let’s be content with what we have. A little inaccuracy won’t hurt that much.

Besides, the breasts are only for your eyes and your hands. They’re only for foreplay. What will make you climax is this Korina Kova sex doll’s three holes. Holly has hyper-realistic anal, oral, and vaginal orifice. With these, she is going to send you up above the clouds.


Look at the Sex Doll Version of the OnlyFans Star Korina Kova

This love doll looks so much like Korina Kova. Her eyes and hair just need some correcting, but the resemblance is definitely there. And with regards to their bodies, they are like halves of the same fruit. One could say Storm is Kova’s doppelganger because of how alike they look. Storm’s BWH measurements are 40-25-47 inches. They are incredibly close to Korina Kova’s 47-27-42 inches. 

You would love Storm’s H-cup tits, but that’s not all there is to her. Those enormous melons are not the sole reason why she is irresistible. This TPE sex doll’s mouth will blow you away – double meaning, of course. Furthermore, her vagina is so realistic you would forget it is plastic. And if you want to penetrate something tighter, you can try Storm’s ass. 

Korina Kova knows a lot of sex positions, and so does this sex doll. With an articulated steel skeleton inside her body, she can pose for you in multiple different ways. 

Now, if you want to make your nights as hot as Korina Kova’s videos, you can try including the add-ons. For instance, the internal heating system will make your sexcapades hotter, both literally and figuratively. You can also try getting Storm with an enhanced mouth. With this option ticked, the Storm that will arrive in your home will have an even more realistic mouth. There will be a tongue and more realistic textures. And if you want to hear your personal Korina Kova make sexy noises, you can get her integrated with a moaning sound system. 

You are just one step away from having sex with Korina Kova. That step is buying any one of these three sex dolls. So, just as that Shia Labeouf meme says: Do it. Just do it. 

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