Sex Dolls and Sins

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Sex Dolls and Sins

The age of alternatives has come your way! Almost everything today has a substitute. You might have already eaten a burger stuffed with a meat alternative without even knowing it. The same thing happens in a porn scene. Innovation seems to never stop in this field. Day by day, a lot of stunts and ideas are created and actually applied to keep the industry running. One of the most promising entries that made it to the scene is the use of synthetic manlike companions. You’ve probably guessed it right, sex dolls – they’re one of the hot topics in the porn industry right now.

Sex dolls, in plain sight and judgment, are typically only used for sexual pleasures. Believe me when I say that for some, their use goes beyond that. Ever wonder if your friends, family, or even your better half will always be there for you? The answer should be: Definitely not. Luckily, sex dolls will stay through everything, until they got depreciated to the ground. In your own convenience and energy, you can decide when and where to use them. This is why learning about them through porn is indeed a focal point for everyone who has an interest in it. 

Sex Dolls and Sins

Despite the increasing number of people embracing the trend, we can never disregard the fact that many still are not open to it. We just have to continue and normalize this topic. The benefits are promising, and many of us are living to the fullest with it.

Normalize getting sexual fantasies. They are almost if not always present, but the chances of fulfilling them with an actual person are actually not that high. That’s why sex doll porn is necessary.

Unbuckle your pride and resistance, do not be the only person to not receive the exceptional pleasures from these incredible AI-powered love dolls

Importance of Sex Dolls to the Porn Industry, and Vice Versa

‘Numbers don’t lie’, as what an old saying dictates. Search counts for “sex doll video” are visibly growing as time passes by. 71,000 counts have been tallied last May 2018. The dolls are racking up views and is sure to dominate the web anytime soon.

It is a good step to start with. We should admit that not every sex doll owner knows how to properly use them. Nobody teaches about them at school, or anywhere else. Expected may it seem, one shouldn’t run out of ways to learn about them. We should utilize what’s best and what’s already in front of us – the internet. In addition, the porn industry is just so enormous, that placing sex doll porn in it will give the industry a good boost in terms of its popularity. A community that participates is a community that grows. Let the firsthand users do the talking, let them enumerate the benefits themselves.

But do you know how risky it is for a porn actor or actress to stay in their industry? Dealing with a lot of people for a small amount of time, having sexual intercourse with them is actually risky for their health. It’s not all about pleasure and sex. You can never assume that they won’t catch transmissible diseases despite going through the strictest processes. It is just inevitable for them. It is the main consequence of getting paid a lot of money. But, with the entry of sex doll porn into the business, it kills almost if not everything about that risk. Safe and convenient – they definitely are. They can be procured for personal use. Own one and you’re good to go. They’re durable that they can last up to 2-10 years depending on the usage maintenance of the owner.

Sex Dolls and Sins

‘Curiosity kills’, it’s only true to those who don’t have sufficient knowledge. A lot of videos are already uploaded, still in process and to be processed. The future is here. Not everyone wants to stay single, but not everyone wants a human girlfriend. Choices will always be around the corner. Some might want to pursue their plans for the future, and having a girlfriend might not be included there. As a fact, not everyone has the mental capacity to deal with a partner, to handle relationship problems, and to understand everything about it. Owning AI robots would be a massive step towards that understanding. Why not start with a relationship with a synthetic one? One that wouldn’t hurt you, and wouldn’t get hurt. One that would leave you and wait until you prepare yourself for a real human girlfriend.

The Audience

Many people watch doll porn mainly because of entertainment and curiosity. However, there is a large percentage of the audience actually owns a doll. Learning tips and seeing exactly how experts (porn actors) do the thing with their dolls would greatly improve one’s learning.

Doll porn is growing in views as numerous porn sites tend to upload more content on it. Well-known sites like xVideos, PornHub, and xHamster are starting to give some love to this industry.

As of writing, stream counts for PornHub, xVideos, xHamster tallied 2,400, 354,142, and more than a million respectively. Statistics are recorded just last June 2019, and its growth is getting faster every month.

The Benefits

Sex Dolls

Sex dolls serve as alternative sexual partners. More than their use, hyper-realistic love dolls offer realistic ones that you’ll find it hard to differentiate them from real people. Aside from following your sexual desires, you will also get yourself a companion, especially in this pandemic period. Staying at your home would be so boring without anyone by your side. Having someone to be with, and getting warm with is a need in this season. It would enhance one’s mental capabilities and ultimately release tension.

Sex Dolls and Sins

Sex Doll Porn

As an owner or a future owner, it is expected that you don’t possess firsthand knowledge about how it works. Fortunately, there is an easy way out there – watch porn. If you’re deciding whether to buy one or not, you might want to see a clip or two and know how you feel about it.  Some might creep out and find it disturbing, but many would definitely love them. This is why it is imperative to watch doll porn first before buying your own doll.

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