Sex Dolls and the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Sex Dolls and the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected almost everyone around the world. It is a type of virus that originated in the Wuhan Province of China. Moreover, it attacks one’s respiratory system. 

COVID-19 spreads easily from one person to another. For this reason, a lot of people became infected and the virus became an outbreak. Not long after, it was announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Sex Dolls and the Coronavirus Pandemic

 Moreover, the coronavirus spreads through the droplets from an infected person. This is the reason why a lot of states declared lockdown implementations. This way, person to person contact will be limited, thus slowing down the spread of the virus. 

How Can You Protect Yourself From the Virus?

There is no chance that you would catch the virus unless you become in contact with someone who is already infected by it.

Governments are already using quarantine measures to manage the people who came from countries where the outbreak has already been identified. For this reason, there is only a small chance for you to get into contact with someone who is already infected. 

The best thing that you can do to protect yourself from the virus is to stay indoors. In an event that you really need to go outside, make sure to wear a protective face mask and bring alcohol. After going outside, do not get into your house immediately. Instead, remove your shoes and disinfect it. Next, disinfect everything that you bought. In addition, you also need to take a bath after going outside to make sure that no virus has stuck to your clothes and body. 

In addition, do not touch your face, eyes, mouth, and nose whenever you are outside. Droplets from the people who are infected by the virus might have touched the surfaces that you touched. If you touched the aforementioned parts of your body, there is a high chance for you to get infected as well. 

It would also be best if you would not share your plates, glasses, cutlery, and drinking bottles with other people.

COVID-19 and Sex Dolls

Contrary to what many believe in, it is unlikely for someone to get infected by the virus from buying a sex doll that’s imported from China. Viruses need a living human cell for them to thrive. Moreover, a sex doll is an inanimate object. For this reason, there is no chance for the coronavirus to stick and live on the doll’s body. 

Sex Dolls and the Coronavirus Pandemic

In addition, the production process of the sex dolls coming from China ensures that the final products are sterile. After the production, the production staff sprays each sex doll with a disinfectant at temperatures ranging from 120 to 150 degrees celsius. The doll is then sealed in a sterilized plastic bag before packaging. 

Once in shipping, any virus or bacteria on the surface of the box would not survive. This is because the shipping duration takes a few days up to a week. Other than that, all the packages that come from overseas undergo sanitation when they arrive in a particular country.

How to Make Sure That Your Sex Doll Arrives Clean

As mentioned, there is no chance for your sex doll to carry the virus. But there are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that your doll is safe in case you are worried about the virus infecting you. 

First, wash your hands thoroughly and sanitize it before touching your package. Next, wipe the box with disinfectant wipes to make sure that it is free from any virus or microbes. In addition, wipe the doll with wipes that contain alcohol before you assemble her. 

Lastly, wash and sanitize your doll after assembling your sex doll. Make sure to dispose of its box properly. 

Proper Hygiene Practices with Your Sex Doll

Intimate objects like sex dolls cannot transmit any virus. However, poor hygiene practices will lead to bacterial growth that can be harmful to you. 

Practicing proper hygiene for your sex doll is imperative, This way, you will be able to protect yourself from any bacteria that might build up on your doll.

After using your sex doll, watch it, especially its vagina with warm and soapy water. Most sex dolls have detachable vaginas so it would be easy for you to clean it up.

In addition, store your sex doll at a place that is dry and clean. A doll’s skin is very delicate. Once stored in a moist environment, it will be prone to mold buildup. This mold buildup may then irritate your skin, especially your private parts.

Furthermore, bacteria love to breed on damp and dirty surfaces. This is the reason why you have to clean and dry your doll thoroughly.

Sex Dolls and the Coronavirus Pandemic

When penetrating your doll, wear a condom to make it easier for you to clean your doll. Doing this will also make your doll less prone to bacteria and infection. 

Use antibacterial soap and warm water when washing your doll. Use a douche to rinse out its vagina, anal channel, and mouth of your sex doll. Other than a douche, small and natural sponges are also helpful when you are cleaning small orifices. A hand shower will also make sure that you are only wetting the parts of the doll that you need to clean.

After cleaning your sex doll, you should see to it that all its creases are dry. Dry out all the holes and channels as well. Pat down the body of your doll to remove most of its moisture. After that, allow it to air dry.

A little bit of baby powder after air drying your doll will also help in ensuring that no moisture will be left behind. 

Moreover, the most important thing that you should do is to practice proper body hygiene for yourself. 

As mentioned, the myth that a sex doll could cause you to be infected by COVID-19 is highly untrue. However, it is important to practice good hygiene to make sure that you will not get any microbes or bacteria.

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