Sex Dolls as Social Media Influencers

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Sex Dolls as Social Media Influencers

Social media has grown to be an important tool we can use in our lives. Humans have been using these sites to connect with loved ones, meet new people, and learn something new. These networks also function as platforms to raise awareness or publish advertisements. To make these ventures successful, advocates and companies enlist the help of the so-called influencers.

What Are Influencers?

Influencers are personalities in social media that have built up a reputation for their expertise on something. For example, beauty gurus Jeffrey Star and James Charles are known for their skills in applying make-up. People who wish to do the same look up to them and follow them to get tips and advice. Thus, they are “influenced.”

This capability to inspire others made companies want them to be their brand ambassadors. With influencers on the front endorsing their products and services, the success of their business is guaranteed. 

Oftentimes, influencers are people who are not afraid of showing their faces on camera. Somehow, that adds to the credibility of whatever they are saying. That is since people would recognize them when they meet on the streets. If they made the wrong decision because of the misleading information given by the influencer, they would know who to blame. 

However, there is a niche wherein influencers do not show their real faces, but they still amass a considerable amount of followers. There are influencers who use avatars that look like anime characters. Then there are some virtual influencers who look like real people, but in truth, they are made with computer-generated imagery. 

Now, a new trend is on the rise. This one, you might never saw coming. Believe it or not, sex dolls could now be influencers. 

Sex Dolls as Social Media Influencers

How It Started

It is strange to see sex dolls get used for more than sexual gratification. So it is mind-blowing how they ended up giving tips and coaching their followers. Admittedly, the thought is hilarious. 

Of course, what else could possibly lead to this other than a joke on the internet? 

The story started in 2016 when a sex-swap woman had undergone several surgeries to make herself look like a blow-up doll. She wanted to be famous by looking as fake as possible. If you have been on the internet for a while now, you would know that it is full of fun-loving people. So eventually, a sex toy reviewer from the US, who goes by the alias T, found the tabloid article about this woman. And his initial thought was, in a battle for fame, who would win? A woman trying to be a sex doll, or a sex doll “trying” to be human? With that, T started an Instagram account for his synthetic partner Celestina. He experimented if his sex doll would accumulate more followers than Katella Dash – the sex-swap woman. Celestina – the brown-haired sex doll in pixie haircut and glasses-won the battle within a few months. At the time of this writing, Celestina has 3,105 followers in her Instagram account.

With that, T is recognized as a pioneer in the Instagram sex doll community.

Behind The Success of Sex Doll Influencers

Perhaps what made the Instagram trend successful was its similarity to The Doll Forum. The Doll Forum website was created way back in 2001. It has all the contents that sex doll owners would need. There is news about the sex doll industry, links to manufacturers, and lists of available dolls in the market. But the website is used mainly for sex doll photography. The doll owners use the platform to share photos of their synthetic partners in an attempt to give them more personality. Through the use of creative photography and video editing, they are able to make the sex dolls appear more real or alive. The other 7000 members of the forum understand what they are doing, and they show support and appreciation. 

But that was in a secluded area on the internet. They are in a space exclusive only for them. Now, with this trend reaching Instagram – a social media network that has a broader use, they are able to reach more people. It is essential to make their voices be heard and be understood. If more people learned about the beauty of sex dolls, they would not need to hide in the corner of the internet anymore. They can be more open about how they take care of their sexual health – which no one should be ashamed of in the first place. 


Now let us get back to their “life” as influencers.

When it comes to making content with sex dolls, it seems that treating them as persons rather than sexual objects results in more success. This is evident with the story of Jupiter. He is a US-based sex doll owner who, at first, tried to sell softcore sex doll porn on OnlyFans. There were no visible humans in the video, and it is clear that the dolls are its focus. Still, it has not been successful. “In a year, I have made 25 dollars. There’s no market for doll porn,” he says.

On the other hand, when the content features them to be like real people, they garner so much attention. Some even get chosen as brand ambassadors. For instance, Tasha – a doll owned by Tony, is the ambassador of small clothing lines like Tyes by Tara and InFoxicated Clothing. She also has a job as Coverdoll’s reporter and interviewer.

This is evidence that people are now learning to accept sex dolls. They are no longer considered filthy things manufactured to please lustful people. Instead, they are seen as objects of affection. That is a success the sex doll community celebrates.

The Art of Photographing Sex Dolls

The idea is to give more depth in personality to the sex dolls. It is the aspect possessed by actual people that the sex toy is missing. By taking pictures of the sex dolls doing things like cooking or interacting with other objects or people, the illusion that they are alive is attained. 

Also, the art is less about boasting that you have a sex doll, which typically costs a lot. Instead, it is about expressing to the world how you see your sex doll. 

As Tony said, Tara speaks for herself. He only acts as her conduit, her way to communicate. “I’m not a puppeteer or a ventriloquist. I kind of just open myself up, and I let Tasha speak to me,” he says. “The more Tasha does this on her own, the more our relationship deepens. Isn’t that just like any couple whose relationship evolves from their shared experiences?” he added.

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