Sex Robot Industry’s Effect on Society

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Sex Robot Industry's Effect on Society

Sex toys and sex dolls, also called love dolls, have been attracting more attention since the pandemic began. People have been using them to get sexual gratification during these times when obtaining it from a sexual partner is inaccessible. While there are several types of sex toys, so many to choose from, the cream of the crop will always be sex robots.

Sex Robot Industry's Effect on Society

Sex Robots vs. Sex Dolls

Sex dolls and sex robots are similar in form and purpose. The only difference is that one of them is more technologically advanced. 

Sex robots are equipped with artificial intelligence, sensors, and actuators. These things make sex robots feel more alive. With the combination of these three, sex robots are able to make simple movements. Some sex robots can even have a personality and engage in conversations. With how fast technology is developing, the world will soon see robots that react to touch and penetration. Moreover, there is a possible future where having sex with a human partner and having sex with a synthetic partner will feel exactly the same. 

When this happens, the ultimate purpose of sex dolls or sex robots will finally be realized. According to the founders of Sex Doll Genie – a leading manufacturer of sex dolls- despite the name of the product, the real essence of a sex doll is to provide a human presence. They say that these products are not only for sexual satisfaction but also for the feeling of companionship. So if the day comes when these robots can move, speak, and interact with humans, that will be a huge milestone for the industry.

Just think about how many men will be pleased to hear that news. Yes, men. Not to imply that there is no sex robot market for women because there is. However, only 5% of the total sex robots produced are targeted toward them. The 95% are a replica of women, obviously here to please men. 

Comparison Between The Sex Drives of Men and Women

According to the study The Porn Gap: Differences in Men’s and Women’s Pornography Patterns in Couple Relationships, men consume more sexual products than women. The study revealed that men are 42 times more likely to view pornography at least once a week than women. 

It is not uncommon knowledge that men have a naturally higher sex drive than women. Thus, these figures are not a surprise. Years of studies also showed that men’s sex drives are more straightforward, so they are more easily pleased. On the other hand, women’s arousal depends on many factors, including and most importantly, emotional connection. These behaviors can be traced to the cost of sex for both genders.

In sex, men lose nothing. They do not get pregnant, do not lactate, nor get hurt during intercourse – unless there is an existing medical problem that can cause them pain. Furthermore, their sex cells are easier to produce than women’s. So, they will jump at every opportunity where they can have and enjoy sex. Then, since the opposite gender is not as game as they are, men tend to rely on toys, dolls, and robots to satisfy their sexual desires.

Sex Robot Industry's Effect on Society

Reasons Why Men Would Prefer Sex Dolls Over Real Women

Again, sex dolls and robots are modeled to mimic real women. So why would they be preferred over the real thing? 

As stated above, men look for more sex than women. They only need to know a woman a little bit, and they will be ready to have sex with her. In contrast, a woman will want to know a lot about the man before she agrees to have sex with him. So courtship is needed. There would be a lot of dates where so much time and resources will be spent. And even with that, it is not guaranteed that the woman will have sex with the man in the end. The courtship could also have depleted him of resources he can use to pursue another woman. It will be a while before he can go back to the game.

This risk does not exist with sex robots. They do not need to establish an emotional connection, and they do not need to be satisfied. All they want to do is to please their owners. Men can also use them whenever they want to. On top of that, sex robots cannot get pregnant. And unless they are shared with someone else, sex robots cannot cause STDs and STI’s.

Suppose the sex robot manufacturing firms succeed in developing sentient androids. In that case, it will be easier for men to find a female companion that will always be ready to fulfill their sexual needs.

Pros and Cons

The advancement in sex robot technology will have a significant effect on society. In particular, the dating scene will see major shifts. 

The existence of sex robots that look and acts like real women will certainly please men. Finally, extremely shy and awkward men can feel what having a sexual partner and companion is like. And very sexually active men can have a partner that is suited for their needs. The best thing is, they can have it through a single swipe. 

It will create an imbalance, however. With more men choosing synthetic partners, more women will have a lower potential of finding a match.

 This is why there is resistance to the development of sex robots. The activists say that they pose negative impacts on society. For instance, they claim that sex robots are objectifying women. Also, their production can possibly affect the reproduction rate. And since more women will struggle to find a human partner, they will also be forced to rely on sex robots for companionship. In that situation, sex is prioritized more than intimacy – which should not be the case. It ironically works against the essence of sex robots. Again, they are created to generate a feeling of companionship when it is not available. It should not replace the real thing completely.

Sex Robot Industry's Effect on Society

In short, the development of sex robots is not entirely good or bad. Depending on how they are used, they can act as an aid or hindrance to achieving sexual wellness. 

Sex tech products are now considered health products, so their production cannot be stopped. It falls upon the manufacturers and the consumers to properly manage these products so they would not harm the society.

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