Sex Robots Are Getting Smarter Everyday

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Have you been rejected by someone you a couple of times? Being in constant fight and misunderstanding with your wife? Are you alone and desire to have someone to talk to or just sitting right beside you? These are sample questions that might lead you to purchase a Sex Robot. Situations like these lead to loneliness, low self-esteem, and divorce to married couples.

How To Buy An Affordable Sex Robot?

How will you know which Sex Robot is the ONE? It is not only for a companion or for sexual pleasure and fantasies, but also an examination of your budget.  Don’t be too hasty and excited. There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing your own sex robot.  You might be disappointed spending a lot of hard-earned cash on one thing you might soon regret. Are you ready? So here is some information that might help you with your decision.

Sex Robots Are Getting Smarter Everyday

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Sex Robot


The more realistic looking your sex robot is, the more expensive it is going to be. Materials used and customization matters. The cost depends on breast size, butt size, body measurements, and the customization of your Sex Robot.  With a more detailed look and robust body features your money won’t go to waste. So think it over and plan your budget.

Material used

Over the years the Sex Robot industry is constantly advancing.  From rubber (obsolete) to TPE and now silicone. There are differences between TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) compared to Silicone:

TPE Silicone
Cost Cheaper Expensive
Durability Durable More Durable
Waterproof Yes Yes
Material porous – difficult to clean and cannot be sterilized non-porous – easier to clean and can be sterilized
Hypoallergenic Yes Yes
Softness Softer Soft
Appearance Realistic More Realistic

Both types of materials used are of good quality and have similar qualities. So what material do you think is right for you? It is up to you to decide.


For storage purposes, think of the possible places on where you will store your Sex Robot.  If you have a large space at your home, then you can choose a life-sized Sex Robot. If you have limited space in your cabinet, there is an option where you can choose a torso.


Sex Robots are manufactured in different sizes and shapes.  You can choose a petite or a medium-sized Sex Robot. The body, waist measurement, and even the breast and the butt size is a must. Exploring and touching these parts can aid in foreplay and feel the connection later on.

Sex Robots Are Getting Smarter Everyday


This is an interesting and at the same time exciting part. It is very important to choose from a wide variety of options on what your dream partner would look like. Customization of your Sex Robot will matter according to your preference. Sex Robot companies offer a wide variety of options to choose from. There is a lot to consider on this part depending on what is your dream girl is.

Here are some options to choose from:

  Head — Depends on your preference for what it would look like.  There is also ahead with a built-in tongue if you want to.

  Hair — Different kinds of wigs to choose from.  If you want your Sex Robot to have long or short, red or blonde, straight, or wavy hair.  You name it and the store can customize it for you.

  Eyes — Different colors to choose from black, brown, or even blue.

  Skin Color — There are four skin colors available from (White, Natural, Tan, or African Black). Oh Yeah! Different Nationalities from White, Asian, Latina, Black.  The stores can also provide that.

  Finger Nails — Different options to choose from if you want it simple, you can choose short or long if you think it is sexy.  You can also choose from a variety of nail colors available if you prefer to add some color for excitement.

 Breast Size – Most men are excited about this part. Flat-chested or Big-Busts? Not that hard to decide right?

  Nipple Color — Three colors to choose from (Pink, Natural or Tan)

  Vagina Color — Three colors to choose from (Pink, Natural or Tan)

 Vagina — Either Fixed or Removable.  Either way, it gives you the same sensation.

 Pubic Hair — There are 2 options with pubic hair or without pubic hair?  It is up to you.


You must choose a company with a lot of good feedback so your money won’t go to waste.  Some companies might have a low-quality Sex Robot. Verify the company’s profile also the reviews through the internet this way it is easier for you on where to order the item. There are a lot of companies who offer an affordable, realistic and most of all durable Sex Robots to choose from, and the ones that review them, so choose wisely.


Shipping of Sex Dolls is done by major companies, like FedEx, or UPS. Either way, it will be shipped right to your doorstep or you can have the option to pick it up if most of the time you are always out or working in an office. Some countries have an import tax, so additional payment for you.

Also, boxes shipped from the manufacturers are discreet.  They will not put any information and labels on the content of the box so no need to feel embarrassed.

Now that you have ideas on how to buy an affordable Sex Robot, the next step would be to choose from the different characteristics. Have you chosen your dream Sex Robot yet?  Have you thought about what it would look like? Don’t hesitate and order one now!  Choose wisely and have the greatest sexual experience you could ever think of.

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