Sex Robots Are The Future For Sex Dolls

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From amazing pleasure products like vibrators to dildos, and now a male sex robot?  Companies are making really great advancements on how to achieve pleasure and taking the role that only humans can do.  If women can get satisfaction from vibrators and dildos, how much more of that can she get with a male Sex Robot? Who wouldn’t like to have a 6-foot “man” with 6-pack abs to spend time with?  Dating a robot is not always a good idea, for some, it might even feel strange and even just wrong to do so. Maybe it is taboo or just plain unacceptable.

From women sex robots to male sex robots.  An interesting matter to talk about. It is only fair since not all men are equally good whether in having conversations, paying attention, giving affection, and performance in bed.  The creation of a male Sex Robot is no different in creating a female Sex Robot. Its main goal is to have someone to talk to and have an intimate relationship with each other and sex is just secondary.

Sex Robots Are The Future For Sex Dolls

Would You Date A Robot?

Critics are telling the people that someday robots will replace men, but according to Matt McMullen, the CEO of Realbotix and I quote “It does not replace people, but it is an alternative form of relationship” and “‘People call them sex dolls but mostly it’s about companionship.  In this world of computers, people are missing out on human interaction” which he also adds that he has been asked a lot about questions like that. Although we might find it impossible before with the latest trends in technology, it has come to reality.

Like men, women also suffer from loneliness, rejection, and worst some women are even beaten-up by their better half or lover. I think there are two main reasons why people purchase Sex Robots.  The first is for companionship and second if for fulfilling their deepest fantasies.

Latest sex robot technology has an app on the phone and can connect via Bluetooth of the programmed sex robot.  Since it is programmable, Sex Robots can always satisfy the user and meet the sexual desires that their partner fails to do.

Let’s be honest.  Nowadays it is not easy to find a “perfect man” of your dreams. Someone who is trustworthy, dependable, honest, compassionate, romantic, and sensual in bed might be gone now.  If we can download an app to meet men like Tinder and other dating sites, then owning a male sex robot is no different.

Sex robots won’t cheat on you.  It listens to you, converse with you, and they don’t complain about anything.  The best part is, it won’t say no if you want to be intimate and in the mood to have kinky sex. 

Worry no more! A male sex robot will soon hit the market.  

Sex Robots Are The Future For Sex Dolls

Meet Henry

After Harmony and Solana, let us all meet Henry.  Henry is the world’s first male sex robot. Unlike Harmony and Solana, which has movements like the blinking of the eyes, movements of the head and the ability to communicate, Henry is still a work in progress, at least women have something to look forward to.

Henry is a sexbot with a British accent from Realbotix, the younger sister company of RealDoll. says Henry will tower at 6 feet tall, complete with a hot six-pack and clients can choose the penis to attach to him. An app allows Henry to talk to you and can even talk about poetry and jokes, give you a nice welcome note when you arrive at your doorstep after a long day.

Meanwhile, D’Marge says Henry is the pride of this company from California which used to produce only female sex robots for male clients. They have since realized that the female market also needs some attention and may want to have a counterpart of their female sex toys. All their ideas were to fulfill the need of their clients for companionship.

Advancement of technology and popular trends are in, to influence the future of humans.

Henry’s Character

Although compared to a female Sex Robot like Harmony who communicates via an AI system, Henry is still not entirely automated.  They are still on the process to upgrade Henry, but Henry can be customized according to its user’s particular desire through physical appearance, sex appeal, or even its personality.

Do you now have an idea of an aesthetically perfect lover? Just like Harmony and other sex robots, you can customize Henry’s skin color, hair, build, height, and even to the size and shape of its penis to your preference which I know is an important decision to make.  The penis attachment varies from 5 1/2 inches long to 11 inches long. Does thinking of the muscular aspect and the penis makes heats you up? Don’t stop there. Everything the company offers does not come for free. The next part is how much will it cost you to take this seducer home?

Sex Robots Are The Future For Sex Dolls

How Much Is The Male Sex Robot?

Male sex robots are estimated to cost around £8,000 to £11,000 (that’s $11,000 to $15,000).  An investment you won’t regret a more satisfying orgasm. Start saving now and forever be satisfied.

Who knows? Women might find Sex Robots more attractive than men. So would you date a sex robot?

No more lonely nights for you. Spend it with a tall, dark, and handsome Sex Robot that you have always dreamed of and release that inner sizzle that you have been deprived of.  Besides Henry won’t judge you on your performance (wink).

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