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The Future is Now

There’s no doubt in our minds that people are starting to be more open-minded in the idea of having sex dolls as companions. We as humans all crave companionship, the unique thing about this is the fact that most cultures are not too particular where they get their companionship from. Take Japan, for example, they are a country that’s always at the forefront of what’s new in technology. They are probably the country that is most accepting of having things like robots in different areas of their lives. Recently, there was even a Japanese guy who got married to a VR anime girl. It was quite unexpected but this is the world we are living in right now. 

 Robots and humans always had this symbiotic relationship whether we agree with it or not. People are so attached to their phones nowadays that most never leave home without them. Having this said, it is not a surprise to see that we are now using technology to enhance our sexual desires. We are sexual creatures at our very core. We are wired to have sex and to have it often. Sadly, society has made things harder for the modern human to interact with potential sexual partners. This is where the sex toy comes into play. Sex toys are useful because they are discreet, effective and come in many forms. A person’s budget will not be an issue as there are toys for practically anyone who has a fair amount of cash. From common toys like dildos to the more exquisite sex robot, people of all walks of life can benefit a lot from these things.

What are sex robots?

Today we are going to talk about the sex robot. Sex robots are a variant of the sex doll. What makes it different is the fact that it is a lot more advanced in terms of functionality and interaction. The price is also a LOT higher.  There have been a few models that were released over the past few years, some were good and some were awful, what’s constant though is the attempt to use current technology to further improve the authenticity of the sexual experience.’s “Roxxxy” model is probably one of the first popular sex robots that came out. It was a technical marvel but was made with the limitations of the time. Roxxxy’s interaction was not the best and the build quality does not have this premium feel. It actually was kind of creepy in some ways. Failure or not,’s efforts became one of the first hallmarks for the sex robot industry. Fast forward a few years and we now have things like Harmony. Harmony is the flagship product of RealDoll. The founder of the company, Matt McMullen, designed the robot to fully replicate the features that make a woman beautiful. Harmony is a product of years of trial and error and is probably McMullen’s most influential creation yet. 


Harmony, in a nutshell,  is a modular robotic head with AI integration. The AI was originally an Android app similar to Siri, the technology was then used to be the brains of the popular robot we see today. The head is the only thing that is made with this piece of technology, the robotic head is attached to existing sex doll bodies, combine the two and you have a sex machine that’s fully capable of reacting to the user via voice commands. The AI is built in such a way that it “learns” the patterns of the user, this feature makes the robot reply to situations in more or less realistic ways. 

Let’s dive into the build of these robots, shall we? The first thing that attracts attention is the actual quality of these things. They are built with a lot of care and it’s very apparent. The robotic face is beautiful in every sense of the word. They really did a splendid job of making the face as realistic as possible. The body of the robot is not as exquisite as the head but it gets the job done. The body is made of high-grade material and it can withstand wear and tear for the most part. RealDoll is a reputable company known for their satisfactory products, all bases are covered as far as build quality goes. The robots are fully customizable. The customer can choose from a selection of AI personalities, which means that the robot can have a unique personality all her own. The vagina and nipple can be changed to further satisfy the user’s tastes. A male version of Harmony is also available, the model is named Henry. Henry is considered to be the next evolution to the ones that are in the market. His design is very representative of what popular culture finds attractive in a male model – he looks like a white model with a sixpack… Oh, and his penis and balls can be swapped for everyone’s convenience. We are truly living in exciting times!

In terms of pricing, it is understandable that cutting-edge models like Harmony will cost a pretty penny. It is advised to check a lot of customer reviews before buying one of these because it can be quite an investment. 

Is it worth it?

This is the question that most people are asking and with good reason. The robots really are amazing for what they can bring to the table. If you are looking to get the best sexual experience money can buy, there’s nothing better than getting one of the more recent robots. They are fully interactive machines that feel very similar to the real thing. 


But they are still just that, machines. Machines are meant to evolve over time and future prototypes will surely overshadow what we currently have right now. As with anything that involves technology, it is up to the buyer to decide if they are satisfied with the technology that’s present in Harmony, Henry, and Solana. If you think that these robots are more than enough for your needs, then go right ahead! If you are the type that’s more particular on value for money then these may not be the best options for you. 

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